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All religions have an "exoteric" and "esoteric" internal theological division. The exoteric phase of religions may be found in houses of worship throughout the world. The esoteric phase of Christianity offers answers to the deeper questions of life for those who remain unsatisfied by church teachings. This site is devoted to the education of those who yearn for these deeper levels of understanding.

The Rosanista Team is at your service!

Introductory Core Concepts »

Each human being is a Spirit enfolding all the powers of God as the seed
enfolds the plant, and these powers are being slowly unfolded by a
series of existences in a gradually improving earthly body....

Advanced Core Concepts »

When a new philosophy is presented to the world it is met
in different ways by different people...

Independent Study Courses »

These Independent Study Modules are designed to aid you in understanding certain fundamental laws that may be used as a basis
for a happier, more successful and more useful life.

Philosophic Encyclopedia »

Take an alphabetized topical "grand tour" of the
Rosicrucian Philosophy!

Astrological Encyclopedia »

Take an alphabetized topical "grand tour" of the
Spiritual Astrology Encyclopedia!

FAQ's »

Here you will find a "Questions and Answers"
approach to the Rosicrucian Philosophy...

Bible Study »

The Bible has been given to the world by the Recording Angels
who give to each and all exactly what they need
for their development.

Rays Magazine »

Here you will find most of the Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine
issues published between 1913 and 2004.

Diagrams »

Here you will find a diagrammatic approach to Rosicrucian Christianity.


How the Rosicrucians Heal the Sick »

For Children

Children's Library »


Video Library »

Contemporary Mystic Christianity

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