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    "Female, born February 7, 1866, 3:30 A.M.

    Sagittarius is on the Ascendant in this chart. In The Message Of The Stars, it states that this sign produces two distinct classes, the high and lofty type which aims its arrow at the stars, and the type which responds to the animal instincts and indulges the animal desires. The latter type will not think of the future. Like a child it will enjoy itself to the fullest, living only from day to day, never laying aside anything for a rainy day. Give such a person a million dollars and he will become a pauper in spite of it. His greatest enemies are his own appetites.

    In the horoscope which we have under consideration we find the ruler, Jupiter, in the sign of his fall, Capricorn, in the first house. Jupiter is also conjunct the fiery Mars in its exaltation sign of Capricorn. This gives Mars greater power for evil than otherwise. Planets have a reflex action and often affect the signs opposite them, as in this case where the sign Cancer receives the effects of Mars conjunct Jupiter. These planets denote bulk, and when affecting the sign of Cancer the person is apt to make a god of his stomach. His food must be of the very best, rich and highly seasoned.

    The ruler of Cancer, the Moon, is afflicted in the fixed sign Scorpio (which has rule over the generative organs) by a conjunction of Saturn and a square of Venus and the Sun. The Moon is the planet of fertilization, of impregnation, and when found in the sign of Scorpio in a woman's horoscope it is an indication that she will be apt to have several children." ...MORE »

    "As food for thought, we suggest consideration of this statement, as introduction to a discussion of relationship-patterns: There are only two basic qualities of relationship: (1) Measurement — "Time-Space" (which does not concern this study); (2) Vibration — which is our subject. Of the vibratory quality there are only two basic types: (1) That of macrocosm and microcosm to each other; (2) the fraternity of microcosms to each other.

    The first type is so considered because the Unknowable has no fraternity with anything else; it encloses all that is — "all that is" is its expression. However, on every lower octave the Unknowable expresses itself in myriads of types of microcosms, each of which is fraternal to the others and each of which is "macrocosm" to the octaves lower than themselves; i.e., "their own microcosms."

    We will consider a hypothetical "line-up" in order to picture these myriads of microcosms. First, the Unknowable Itself. Its picture will be a dot — of theoretically no dimension — placed in the exact center of a piece of paper. We have no simpler way of out-picturing the Source of All. Then, the central dot is enclosed by the circumference of a perfect circle. The circle is then seen to represent the perfect, existence of the Unknowable: Life and Nature; Creativity and Manifestation; Positive and Negative; Cause and Effect. Polarity, then, can be thought of as the "Life- action," the "Being-ness," of the Unknowable. It is the macrocosmic dimension; all other dimensions are its microcosms. It is the essential bi-unity by which unity expresses its potentials.

    The mandala, so far, pictures with utmost clarity and simplicity the ALL-ness of Life, in composite. Now we will consider the mandala in its essential picturing of 'Macrocosm-to-Microcosm.'" ...MORE »

    "'Child-hood' simply means "being in a state of involution" — on any octave of experience or unfoldment.

    There is not much poetry but there is a great deal of truth in the statement that "the child is father to the man." The man is the result of all of the processes of involution which emanate, in sequence, from the time of conception to fullest incarnated maturity. All involutions are, of course, phases of the one life-direction: evolution. They are timings for organization and focus of faculties; they culminate at the "points" when the faculties can be consciously used and directed. "Conscious directive" is just another way of saying "Maturity."

    Before we can undertake a technical approach to analyzing the charts of children, we must get a picture of what our various "childhoods" are; the structure of the Great Mandala will be used for illustration of the involution — and evolution — of human being-ness. The Law of Correspondence will be seen, here, to apply in this way: from Virgin Spirit through incarnations to liberation-from-form corresponds to from Virgin seed through incarnation to transition. From virginity — or innocence — on any Life- octave — we proceed through a succession of emanations, which we call "child- hoods," to cyclic maturities. A concrete example — the process of education: students on the first day of kindergarten, the first grade, the ninth grade, and freshmen in college are "virgin spirits" in relationship to the phase they are entering; the "most virgin" are, of course, the kindergarten students — they have no educational experience in this life at all. All of these are "children" because they are still in the process of becoming educated. The "childhood of being educated" stops when the person first puts to use that which he has learned; on entering this phase, he enters into the "childhood" of his work-experience; as he applies that which he has learned, he "emanates toward" his maturity as a worker.

    So, let us remember that "childhood" is the process between relative points of maturity on any — or all — octaves of Life- expression, as — let this be added — unfoldment of potentials is the process between relative points of happiness." ...MORE »

Table of Planetary Keywords:

Sun sextile or trine — The vital, venturesome, dignified and authoritative Sun.

Sun square or opposition — The lazy, ambitionless, despotic and cowardly Sun.

Venus sextile or trine — The harmonious, artistic, beautiful, lovely, cheerful and suave Venus.

Venus square or opposition — The dissolute, sensual, vulgar, slothful, loud and lazy Venus.

Mercury sextile or trine — The quick-witted, versatile, eloquent, literary, adroit and dexterous Mercury.

Mercury square or opposition — The restless, shiftless, profane, gossipy, demagogic, dishonest, untruthful, forgetful, and clumsy Mercury.

Moon sextile or trine — The magnetic, imaginative, plastic and changeable Moon.

Moon square or opposition — The negative, procrastinating, dreamy, vacillating, visionary, frivolous, childish and worrisome Moon.

Saturn sextile or trine — The cautious, deliberate, methodical, persevering, tactful, thoughtful and thrifty Saturn.

Saturn square or opposition — The malicious, materialistic, melancholy, pessimistic, avaricious, obstructive, secretive and worrisome Saturn.

Jupiter sextile or trine — The law-abiding, charitable, conservative, reverent, optimistic, opulent and benevolent Jupiter.

Jupiter square or opposition — The indolent, procrastinating, bombastic, ostentatious, prodigal, dissipated and lawless Jupiter.

Mars sextile or trine — The gallant, enterprising, energetic, enthusiastic and constructive Mars.

Mars square or opposition — The coarse, combative, egotistic, discordant, destructive, passionate, audacious, impulsive and hot-tempered Mars.

Uranus sextile or trine — The advanced, romantic, original, independent, liberty-loving and inventive Uranus. Uranus square or opposition — The licentious, unconventional, fanatical and irresponsible Uranus.

Neptune sextile or trine — The esoteric, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune.

Neptune square or opposition — The fraudulent, vague, deceptive, dishonest and mediumistic Neptune. ...MORE »

    "The Twelfth House indicates the confining influences in life. Mercury there in conjunction with the Sun limits the spirit, and deafness hampers its search after knowledge. The same happens if Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune afflict, also when the mercurial signs, Gemini or Virgo, are on the twelfth cusp and Mercury is afflicted, (no matter where in the figure it is placed). We append horoscopes of people who are suffering from this malady; No. 7 is the horoscope of a woman who is gradually losing here hearing. Mercury, Venus and the Sun are in close conjunction in Pisces, the twelfth sign, which is in the Twelfth House. Blood, lymph and the invisible vital fluid, called "nerve force" by science, are the builders of our bodies; each planet, except Uranus and Neptune, has dominion over one of their constituent parts.

    Mercury rules the nerves, particularly the cerebrospinal system, and the invisible rose colored vital fluid which flows in the visible nerve sheath.

    The Moon also rules the nerves in a general way, but has special dominion over the nerve sheaths of the body, the sympathetic system and the lymph.

    Jupiter governs the arterial circulation.

    Venus rules the venous blood.

    Mars rules the iron in the blood.

    The Sun rules the oxygen.

    Saturn has dominion over the mineral deposits carried by the blood, which causes the arteries and other parts of the body to harden.

    When a planet is in very close conjunction to the Sun, three degrees or less, it is said to be combust; its ray is, so to speak, burned up in the terrific heat of the Sun, and thus the afflicted planet is unable to properly exercise its function in the life of persons born under that configuration. It is also evident that as the weakest link of a chain is the first to give, so the disability would show itself in a part of the body otherwise afflicted." ...MORE »

    "This discourse, pertaining to a specialized human identity, will be dealt with by considering a correlation of mandalas. Three will be required: (1) The Great Mandala — Aries Ascendant; (2) The mandala of Love-Power — Leo Ascendant; (3) The mandala of archetypal Fatherhood-identity — Capricorn Ascendant. For each of these, apply the zodiacal sign-symbols in sequence, the circular symbol of the Sun at the center and the personal-Sun symbol (the horizontal line and semi-circle of the rising Sun) in each Leo-house.

    First — to consider the significance of Fatherhood- identity as a factor in the pattern of the Great Mandala, the horoscope of the archetype, Humanity. Capricorn, the upper of the two signs of the parentage-line (the vertical diameter) is the exaltation-sign of the male principle, Mars. Exaltation, vibratorily speaking, is maturity, and the maturity of the self-conscious, separative quality of Mars is found in the assumption and fulfillment of legitimate responsibilities. The responsibility implied in Capricorn as one of the two factors of the Cancer-Capricorn diameter, is that of providing form as an expression of Love-Power. The diameter of Cancer-Capricorn is the polarization of the Principle of Matrix; it is, in human terms, the essential design, or pattern, which identifies the human form.

    The arch-symbol of matrix, is, of course, the maternal sign Cancer; it is the Mother who provides the essential seed from which the human form is emanated in gestation. The polarization of this arch-principle of Capricorn is the impregnation of the form-seed by the male aspect of the Principle of Form-begetting. As such, the human identity is Father — the male personification of that which represents, to the Begotten, the security of recognizable Form. Insecurity is one of the two arch-roots of negative conditioning; frictional and congestive aspects involving Moon and Saturn, are, in astrology, insecurity-patterns. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is initiator of the Earth-trine (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) — the principle which identifies this trine is stewardship of begotten form. This refers to the begetting and guidance of children (Capricorn), life-sustainment by material exchange (Taurus), and work-expression (Virgo). Moon-Cancer is the security-symbol of the immature human; the immature ones find security in the nurture, protection and sympathetic affection represented by the Moon as symbol of the mother-instinct. Saturn-Capricorn is the security-symbol of the mature human; the mature ones assume and fulfill responsibilities, they perfect their expression of potentials in contributive action relative to the large family, Society." ...MORE »

    Horoscope No. 2 shows one of the most remarkable psychic conditions we have ever come across. Its portents in some respects are plain to any astrologer, but investigation by one of the writers into this person's past life adds sidelights and gives depth to the meaning of configurations not otherwise obtainable; also to the writer, who made the spiritual investigation two years before the horoscope was cast, it was a revelation to note how the mystic facts he remembered so well, were inscribed in this little wheel of life. To enable the student to properly appreciate the remarkable case we relate the story of how we came into connection with the person, what we attempted to do, and what actually happened.

    In the fall of 1910, a friend told us the sad case of a young boy confined to his bed, lying upon his stomach and elbows, persistently gazing at a certain spot in a corner of the room, as if fascinated, his whole frame continually shaking with sobs and moans. At request of the friend we visited the unfortunate boy, and found that the object which drew his gaze, with a power similar to that whereby the snake charms a bird into its fangs, was an elemental of the most horrible type we have ever seen. Standing by the bedside we directed a stream of force towards the base of the poor victim's brain, and thus drew him towards us in an endeavor to break the spell, but the fiend held the consciousness charmed to such a degree that there was evident danger of rupture of body and soul. We therefore desisted, and, with the fearlessness born of inexperience, decided to fight the elemental upon his own plane of being. But the Elder Brother who is our Mentor sought us that evening; he advised caution, and investigation of the genesis of the monster before we took action." ...MORE »

    "The masculine Sun is the particular significator of the marriage partner in a woman's horoscope, and the feminine Moon signifies the spouse in a man's chart. Hence when the Sun and Moon are in good aspect to each other, or to Venus, the planet of love, or Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, happiness and joy are assured in the married relationship, particularly if these planets are placed in the Seventh House.

    On the other hand, Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune, afflicting the Sun in a female figure, or the Moon in a man's chart, indicate sorrow and trouble through the marriage relation. If they are placed in the Seventh House the testimony is all the more potent, and it is also foreshown that the marriage will be dissolved.

    In this respect, Saturn and Mars indicate death of the marriage partner; Uranus may also bring about this ending if afflicted by Saturn or Mars, but otherwise it points rather to a clandestine relationship which will probably bring about the dissolution of marriage by desertion or divorce." ...MORE »

    "Astrology, at its simplest, is complexity piled upon complexity. In the minds of many students, however, the problems of interceptions proves to be a complication of back-breaking quality. This material is offered as food for thought in an attempt to clarify the purpose and meaning of signs and planets being placed in such a way that their vibratory "area" does not touch house-cusps. "Interceptions" can mean "woe is us" until we perceive the possibility of a philosophical meaning behind this particular pattern. When we do, we are well on our way to achieving an organized approach to its interpretation.

    First a break-down of horoscopical structure. Use a twelve-housed wheel; connect by straight lines the pairs of cusps as follows:

    Four horizontals — parallel to the horizontal diameter: cusps of 11th-9th, 12th-8th, 2nd-6th and 3rd-5th.

    Four verticals — parallel lo the vertical diameter: cusps of 12th-2nd, 11th-3rd, 9th-5th and 8th-6th.

    The mandala as it now appears symbolizes the symmetry of astrological structure. These lines connect points of the circumference of the wheel that are equidistant from the arch-structure lines of the horizontal and vertical diameters. These, in turn, form the composite of the lines of force that are basic to the contents of the wheel. These two diameters symbolize the cross of incarnation. Now create a symmetrical square by connecting these "cardinal points" by straight lines. This square is the abstraction of relationship-structure, our "field of experiences" by which we unfold our potentials in incarnation. Create another symmetrical square by connecting the mid-points of the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses. This forms the symbol of the static square — the arch-symbol of congestion of spiritual potentials. This congestion is decrystallized by the symbol comprised of the diameters of 1st-7th, 3rd-9th, and 5th-11th. This symbol — the sextile aspect — is a symmetrical open symbol representing the "lines of force" inherent in the composite of two closed equilateral triangles; these two triangles are formed by straight lines connecting (1) cusps of the 1st, 5th, and 9th and (2) 7th, 11th, and 3rd." ...MORE »

"In astrological symbology, the sextile aspect is the mechanism for translating the "pain-potential" into the "happiness-potential." When a human exercises his sextilic powers joyously he makes the most rapid translation of his congested energies into that which will register next time — or in a future incarnation — as the trine. The trine aspects are patternings of consciousness which register the results of previous spiritualizing exercise and they are "bank-accounts" for future-and greater-spiritual exercise. Every planet, as an "organ in the vibratory body" is a potential releasement of the joyousness-consciousness because each planet, as a "focalizer" of a zodiacal sign, is a "distributive point" for the expressions of spirit. Each planet in a given chart, must be understood in this way if the astrological reader and interpreter is to determine intuitively the spiritualization which the person's evolutionary needs require of him in this incarnation." ...MORE »

    "The system herein set forth is an analytical method of reading the horoscopic chart. It is developed along the lines indicated by Max Heindel in The Message of The Stars. It consists simply in combining the keywords of the planets, signs, and houses to form key-phrases, key-sentences, and key-paragraphs; then the final summing up of these to arrive at a composite judgment.

    By this method anyone can read the message of a chart in a fairly intelligent manner. There has been an idea in the past that a high degree of intuition was necessary before one could hope to do this. But this idea has largely been disproved. Anyone who can combine simple elements and reason from cause to effect can combine the keywords in a chart to ascertain at least the essential part of its message. Reference to dignities, exaltations, retrogradation, interception, and other minor factors is omitted, as only the advanced student needs to consider them." ...MORE »

    "Since there are twelve houses which indicate the environmental patterning for the aspects made by the ten planetary points (Sun, Moon, and planets) there will be, in every chart, some unoccupied houses. The houses symbolize the externalization of the signs, just as the planetary points represent the focalization of the signs as expressive powers. Those houses which do contain the planetary points represent the exterior patterning in terms of relationships and places of the life-activities. Part of the "over-all evolutionary assignment" of all humans is to learn to relate the self wisely to environment so that environment be rightly understood and rightly used as a "tool," but is never allowed to become a bondage to the person or an impediment to unfoldment. Each relationship and environment externalizes particular principles of consciousness and spiritual responsibility and the objective to be gained by experience in a relationship or environment is the apperception of a Truth of Life. All factors of Principle, Powers, and Externalization must be co-related for evaluation.

    Since regenerative transcendence of the past is the assignment assumed by each human for each incarnation, it is a practical idea to begin your study of the planetary aspect of a chart by relative evaluation. This is done by tabulating the various types of aspects and computing the orb of each, starting with the one that is closest to ninety degrees by orb. Avoid concentrating on this aspect as being "the most evil aspect in the chart." Rather, study it from the standpoint of what it tells about the person's consciousness and tendencies: it is the pattern that indicates the greatest need for regeneration of consciousness, it indicates the point of minimum internal equilibrium and maximum tendency to resist evolution. Therefore, it pictures those experiences — or that general type of experience — in which the person will have to make his maximum internal effort to learn his spiritual and evolutionary lesson." ...MORE »

    "A mandala is an abstract design which is used as a focus for concentration and meditation by a creative artist. The mandala depicts the essence of an artistic concept; by meditation on it the artist concentrates his inspirational faculties which are subsequently released into form through painting, sculpture, or whatever medium the artist uses for his expression.

    The astrologer is an interpretive artist whose essential mandala is the design commonly known as the natural chart. On a wheel, place the symbols of the zodiacal signs on the cusps in regular sequence, starting with Aries on the cusp of the Ascendant, Taurus on the second, etc. Then the symbols of the Sun, Moon, and planets are placed in the signs and houses of their dignity: Mars in Aries, first house; Venus in Taurus and Libra second and seventh houses; Mercury in Gemini and Virgo, third and sixth houses; Moon in Cancer, fourth house; Sun in Leo, fifth house; Pluto in Scorpio, eighth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius, ninth house; Saturn in Capricorn, tenth house; Uranus in Aquarius, eleventh house; Neptune in Pisces, twelfth house.

    The design resulting from placing these symbols around, and in, a circle containing twelve equal sections is considered by the writer to be the greatest mandala created by the mind of man. It is the composite symbol of the vibratory nature of the entity we call humanity. The horoscope calculated for the incarnation of any human being is a variation of this mandala; the same essential elements are found in all horoscopes of human beings, qualified in calculations only by the specializations of date, time, and place of birth.

    This "Great Mandala," as we shall call it, is a composite symbol of such magnitude and complexity that the imagination reels in contemplation of it." ...MORE »

    "Thy will be done. It is by this phrase, or one of its many equivalents, that the human being recognizes that he is an instrument in the hands of the Over-all Forces, either White or Black. In an attitude of adoration or consecration, he surrenders his personal will in order to serve his concept of the purposes of those Forces. Also, those who are qualified to act as agencies for the releasing of Power are driven by irresistible urges to do so, even though they may not be conscious of their instrumentality.

    Of the former group, Jeanne d'Arc, the warrior-saint of France, is a good example. Through her devotion to her "voices" she became an instrument in the hands of those spiritual agencies which were concerned with the development of the French nation. An extraordinary example of conscious instrumentation was Isadora Duncan, the American dancer; her inspirational responsiveness made possible a dynamic liberation to the concept of the art of Dance in modern times. Among the many people in recent years who demonstrated instrumentation we may consider Bernadette Soubirous, the French peasant girl, through whom the establishment of the healing-grotto at Lourdes was made possible; Max Heindel, the late Father Flannagan, and Mother Frances Cabrini were "instruments" for the establishment of institutions for instruction, human regeneration, and healing.

    Of the second group, humanitarians who work along the more secular lines of government, science, economics, etc., are good examples. Of these we might mention Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Albert Schweitzer." ...MORE »

    "Osteomyelitis — Inflammation Of Marrow of Bone: Male, born January 9, 1898, 8:00 A.M.

    This lesson is based on the horoscope of a man who has the fixed sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant, and fixed signs on all the angles indicating a nature that has the will strongly developed, and with the Sun in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn there is indication that he has great persistence in resisting disease.

    How well he has succeeded in his fight is shown by the aspect between the Sun and Mars, which often shows the extent of the damage which may have been done to the physical body. Any aspect between Mars and the Sun, even though it be a square or an opposition, is better than no aspect. Strong signs on the angles and the Sun in a determined sign is an indication of power to overcome physical restrictions. But in this case the Sun is void of aspects to Mars showing that the disease has mastery over the man.

    Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn, is in conjunction with Venus, square to Jupiter, and elevated in the 11th house, indicating liability to accidents. Mars in the 11th house also shows that friends would be responsible for leading him into danger.

    We find a very prominent Uranus in this horoscope, which is near the cusp of the Midheaven, in conjunction with Saturn, sextile to Jupiter, and trine the Moon, indicating one who wishes to shine, to be a good fellow among his friends; also one who would go to extremes in entertaining them. Uranus in Sagittarius shows impulse which finds expression through sports, particularly in connection with four-footed animals. Saturn rules the bones." ...MORE »

"The Western Wisdom teaching of the Rosicrucian states that man-in-the-making was plant-like and bisexual during the Hyperborean Epoch and thus able to create from himself without the necessity of cooperation with anyone else. But at that time he was without a brain and unable to think, therefore in the Lemurian Epoch the angels directed one-half of the sex force upward to the part which is now the head and used it for the formation of the brain and larynx. The process is plainly traceable in the antenatal development of the fetus which accounts for the intimate relation between the sex organs, the larynx and the brain, observable in the change of voice which takes place when the boy reaches puberty and the mental disability which follows the unrestrained abuse of the generative function. Thus it may be said that the sex function whereby new bodies are created in the physical world, and become our physical children, is closely connected with the brain and larynx which man uses to conceive the children of his brain and mind and give them vocal expression by the larynx. It is a matter of common knowledge to astrologers that man is incited to perform the generative function of the begetting of physical children by the love-ray of Venus; likewise that the ray of reason emanating from Mercury is responsible for the begetting of the children of mind and their vocal expression by the larynx, so that both Mercury and Venus are creative in their functions, one upon the physical plane, the other upon the mental plane." ...MORE »


    "Planetary retrogradation, as studied in astrology, is a periodic, rhythmic action which illustrates the great evolutionary principle of recapitulation.

    In ordinary mundane usage, retrogradation is considered to be synonymous with retrogression, which implies a process of decline, degeneration, going toward inertia, devolution, or counter-to- evolution. However, this interpretation is wrongly used when applied to life within form or to the orbital movement of the planets. It is true that when a vehicle of manifestation has fulfilled the purpose for which it was created, its substance, form, and organic function do enter upon a process of retrogression; the withdrawing of the Life-forces initiates a process of disintegration of the vehicle. But the Life-essence, which cannot die or disintegrate, awaits a suitable new vehicle for its further evolutionary expression and experience.

    When we observe and thoroughly consider the great principle of recapitulation we recognize that it is a pattern or mode by which Nature insures the thoroughness of evolutionary processes. That which was accomplished on one round of a given cycle is recapitulated or reviewed at the resumption of the new activity in order that the complete integrity of organic powers may be established. When recapitulation is undergone, that which was established is made the base of that which is to be established; the evolutionary program of the organism or entity is thereby made continuous, without holes or breaks. This principle is Nature's great safeguard for completeness and thoroughness of evolutionary processes. On the plane of human mentality, this principle is revealed in the faculty of memory; on the plane of organic functioning it is revealed in the cyclic pattern of birth, growth, maturity, and transition which is undergone by every evolving entity in each incarnation or cycle of manifestation. Max Heindel gives a most wonderful exposition of this principle in his writings concerning the great periods which mark the involution and evolution of our planet and the life it nurtures. With the inception of each new period, the previous period is recapitulated in order that integrity of function may be established." ...MORE »

    "A fruitful method of acquiring knowledge is by comparison of similars and contrasts of opposites; thus lights and sidelights are brought out, which otherwise may escape attention.

    Applying this method to the Sun and Saturn, we remember that the keyword of the Sun is "Life," and at the vernal equinox when the Sun is in Aries, the sign of its exaltation, we may readily note the powerful effect of the crest-wave of vital fluid then poured over the earth. Nature is vibrant with life, which races through the forms of all kingdoms and endues them with such abundance of vitality that they are compelled to generate in order to take care of the overflow. Life manifests as motion; but the keynote of Saturn is Obstruction, therefore that is the planet of decrepitude and decay, and consequently when the Sun is in Libra, the sign of Saturn's exaltation, at the fall equinox, Nature is tired and ready for its wintry sleep. The human frame also is energized by the solar life contained in our food, which enters our system through the head and throat, governed by the exaltation signs of the Builders, the Sun and Moon, and is eliminated by the activity of the liver and kidneys ruled by Saturn and his exaltation sign, Libra.

    In youth, when the Sun forces surge through the frame, assimilation and excretion balance, but as time goes on, "Chronos" or Saturn accumulates obstructions in the organs of excretion, and elimination is gradually restricted, the avenues of life are dammed up, and decrepitude and decay turn the scales of life (Libra) towards the realm of death.

    Similarly in other departments of life; where the Sun makes the social favorite, by imbuing him with optimism and a bright sunny smile, Saturn makes recluses and sours existence with frowns and pessimism; where the Sun furthers our worldly affairs and makes things run smoothly, Saturn causes provoking delays of the most inexplicable nature; all the world seems to conspire to frustrate our plans." ...MORE »

    "Among the points in Astrology which bother the beginner, is when the Moon is increasing in light or decreasing. Astrological works frequently use these expressions when tabulating the effects of various configurations. But so far as we know, no explanation has been given elsewhere, and we trust the following may make the subject clear to students.

    Each month the Moon comes into conjunction with the Sun, and this conjunction of the luminaries is called a Lunation or New Moon. After the conjunction or New Moon, she may be seen in the western sky close to the horizon as a tiny crescent; day by day the lighted surface grows larger; at the time of the opposition to the Sun she has increased her light to the fullest capacity, and at that time we speak of her as a full Moon; she then rises in the eastern sky at the same time as the Sun sets in the west. From that time for another fortnight it will be observed that she rises later and later in the night; at the same time the illuminated part of her disc decreases until just before the next conjunction or new Moon, early risers may observe her in the eastern sky just before sunrise as a tiny crescent upon the vault of heaven. Thus the Moon is increasing in light from the time of its conjunction or new Moon to the opposition, or full Moon, and from the full Moon to the next New Moon it is decreasing in light. The times of the New Moon, Full Moon and eclipses are given each month in our Simplified Scientific Ephemeris, which see.

    Transits of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are important, and when the student has become familiar with the mysteries of the progressed horoscope but not before, he may profitably write the ephemeral position of these planets outside the progressed horoscope and watch their effect, also the aspects of the New Moons. But be sure, at first, to keep the progressed horoscope down to first principles, for fancy aspects are "the stuff dreams are made of," the warp and woof of astrological romances which fade away into moonshine and leave the astrologer discomfited. It is comparatively easy to wield the shuttle of imagination with natal, progressed and transiting planets, each set with its corresponding houses, and a multitude of aspects to choose from, but simple judgment based upon the prime essentials of a horoscope is almost invariably justified by events." ...MORE »

    "The love ray of Venus goes out to the mate and blood relations but by a good aspect of Uranus it is raised beyond the realm of sex love to cosmic proportions, to love such as that which Christ must have felt when he wept over Jerusalem and said that, as a hen gathers its brood under its wing, so would he have loved to gather them to his bosom. The people who have this Uranian love therefore become builders of society; associated with every good and uplifting movement. An adverse aspect of Uranus to Venus on the other hand, has the most degrading effect on the Venus function, for it leads to disregard of the laws and conventions of society and to perversion of the sacred creative function.

    Love is a much abused word, and the emotion thus miscalled is usually so tainted with desire that it is Martian passion rather than Venusian love. Coalition, the keyword of Venus, suggests a most intimate union, a blending of the very souls of two or more people who compose a family. But altruism, the keyword of Uranus, hints at such an all-embracing love as our Saviour felt. Thus Uranus is the octave of Venus and anyone ready to enter the path of preparation which leads to initiation must gradually learn to outgrow the Venus love which makes the immediate family all in all and begin to cultivate the all-embracing Uranian altruism.

    This goal is high and those who aim so high often fall very low. When we essay to transcend the Venus love and cultivate the Uranian altruism we are thus in great danger, and the most promising live are sometimes wrecked by the pernicious theory of soul-mates, which leads to clandestine love affairs and perversion of the creative function. But remember this — altruism does not require return of the love bestowed upon others, it has absolutely no concern with sex; it will not lessen the love for our family, but they being nearest to us will feel the increase of our love to a greater degree than those further away, and unless our love brings forth such fruit it is not Uranian and will not further us upon the path of attainment.

    Seeing this is so, we may readily understand that the great majority of humanity cannot yet respond to the higher side of Uranus, and its effect upon the morals is therefore principally perversion of sex, clandestine love affairs, free love, and disregard of conventionality; that is, of course, when aspected by squares and oppositions. Under such conditions it makes people unconventional and erratic, rebellious at the least restraint, very independent and brusque in manner, fond of pioneer work, and investigation of unusual things. They take to the higher mechanics, electricity, aviation, and the like, as a duck to water, and are rather proud of their attainments. They find prominence in literature, science, philosophy, and especially in the esoteric arts. Uranus also gives a high grade of musical genius when configurated with Venus, and if Uranus is well fortified by position and aspects it qualifies the person for leadership in an unusual way. It may also be said that the effects of the Uranian ray are very sudden and unexpected, whether for good or ill, it comes like a bolt out of the blue, and as we respond most easily to its evil side, these effects are generally disastrous in nature. When Uranus is on the Ascendant it adds length to the body, so that the true Uranian are usually very tall." ...MORE »

    "Venus, feminine and magnetic, is the consciousness of harmony resulting from the alchemy of emotional transmutations.

    Harmony may be defined as the "consciousness of fulfilled union" — the antithesis of Ego-separateness. Through primitive Mars, as individuals, we live in, and for, self; Mars, regenerate, is that expression of self which is based on the courage of individual integrity. A human being cannot "give to others" if he has not established an awareness of what and who he is within, an awareness of his potentialities and the determination to fulfill them. This Mars urge toward self-maintenance is the necessary stage by which the Ego identifies itself with the streams of life through "projection" and the resultant karma. Each of us has one soul body to create; we cannot create it for another and no one can create it for us. Every one of us has — in each incarnation — at least one phase of the soul body to fulfill; we cannot fulfill another's and no one can fulfill ours. That, in essence, is the purpose of the Mars vibration — awareness of individuality.

    However, we find that experiences are the objectifications of our own inner states which are "ignited" by our contacts with other people. When the Mars vibration tends to predominate, we are urged to use our self-awareness to interfere in another's life, to push him around, to subjugate him for our own purposes. This is Mars as a disrupter of relationship; fulfilled relationship is self-expression that contributes to another's good at the same time. The Venus vibration is our capacity to act — to draw to ourselves — in terms of harmonious interchange with other people, in cooperation and assistance, with good will and constructive purposes. In this way our projections are fruitful and mutuality of development is assured. The streams of experience are fed and progressively sustained." ...MORE »

    "If letters of fire that would burn themselves into the consciousness of the reader were obtainable, we would spare no effort to procure them for the purpose of warning students on some particular points in connection with the practice of medical Astrology; these are:

Never tell a patient a discouraging fact.
Never tell him when impending crises are due.
Never predict sickness at a certain time.
Never, never predict death.

    It is a grave mistake, almost a crime, to tell sick persons anything discouraging, for it robs them of strength that should be husbanded with the utmost care to facilitate recovery. It is also wrong to suggest sickness to a well person, for it focuses the mind on a specific disease at a certain time, and such a suggestion is liable to cause sickness. It is a well known fact that many students in medical colleges feel the symptoms of every disease they study, and suffer greatly in consequence of auto-suggestion, but the idea of impending disease implanted by one in whom the victim has faith is much more dangerous; therefore it behooves the medical astrologer to be very cautious. If you cannot say anything encouraging, be silent.

    This warning applies with particular force when treating patients having Taurus or Virgo rising or the Sun or Moon in those signs. These positions predispose the mind to center on disease, often in a most unwarranted manner. The Taurean fears sickness to an almost insane degree, and prediction of disease is fatal to this nature. The Virgos court disease, in order to gain sympathy, and though professing to long for recovery, they actually delight in nursing disease. They beg to know their symptoms, the crises, and delight in probing the matter to the depths; they will plead ability to stand full knowledge and profess that it will help them; but if the practitioner allows himself to be enticed by their protestations, and does tell them, they wilt like a flower. They are the most difficult people to help in any case, and extra care should be taken not to aggravate their chances by admissions of the nature indicated." ...MORE »



"Aries — Brain, cerebral hemispheres, cranium, eyes, face, upper jaw, internal carotid arteries.

Taurus — Neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, axis, external carotid arteries, jugular veins, pharynx, thyroid gland, cervical vertebrae.

Gemini — Shoulders, arms, hands, upper ribs, lungs, trachea, bronchi, capillaries, breath, oxygenation of blood.

Cancer — stomach, esophagus, diaphragm, the mammary glands, lacteals, upper lobes of liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, serum of blood, peristalsis of the stomach, chymification.

Leo — Heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava.

Virgo — Abdominal region, large and small intestines, lower lobe of liver, spleen, duodenum, chylification, peristalsis of the bowels.

Libra — Kidneys, adrenals, lumbar region, skin, ureters, vasomotor system.

Scorpio — Bladder, urethra, genitals, descending colon, prostate gland, sigmoid flexure, nasal bone, pubic bone, red coloring matter in blood.

Sagittarius — Hips, thighs, femur, ilium, coccygeal vertebrae, sacral region, sciatic nerves, ischium.

Capricorn — Skin, knees, joints, hair.

Aquarius — Lower limbs, ankles.

Pisces — Feet, toes, fibrin of blood." ...MORE »

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  • References: The Message of the Stars (MOS), by August Foss & Max Heindel; Simplified Scientific Astrology (SSA), by Max Heindel; Astro-Diagnosis, A Guide to Healing (ADH), by Max Heindel; Studies in Astrology (SIA), by Elman Bacher
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