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The Pursuit of Peace

   Christ Jesus said: "I come not to bring peace, but a sword." Many people have been unable to reconcile this statement with the Christ Teachings of Love and Peace. An explanation of the statement does exist, however, which enables us to know its true meaning as well as to know what will be necessary before peace can reign on Earth. In John 10:16, we read that Christ Jesus also said: "..there shall be one fold and one shepherd." This indicates that all people eventually must arrive at a state of unity under His leadership.

   History has been a record largely of conflicts and wars among races and nations. Differences of ideals, religions, physical characteristics, languages and government fostered separativeness, and this fact, coupled with the innate selfishness of unperfected man, resulted in continual competition and turmoil down through the centuries.

   The first race was established at the end of the Lemurian Epoch, when "there was a small part of nascent humanity who were sufficiently advanced so that a germinal mind could be given them and the Spirit could commence slowly to draw into its vehicles." The beginning of separate nations was fostered during the middle third of the Atlantean Epoch. Groups of people who had similar habits and tastes came together and founded new colonies. Races were placed under the care of Race Spirits (Archangels), who gave their charges strict laws and instant rewards and punishments. They guided their charges to different climates and different parts of the Earth. Race Spirits foster patriotism and instigate wars when such drastic measures are necessary, thus intensifying the separativeness that exists among different peoples.

   Obviously, as long as humanity remains divided into races and nations, each aggressively fostering its own aims and purposes, "peace on Earth" and "good will among men" is not possible. Only when all nations and races have united in brotherhood will peace be possible.

   Man, whose destiny is to grow, progress, and unfold his inner potentials by responding to the spiritual influences directed toward him, must become self-reliant, emancipated from all external influences, including those of the Race Spirits.

   The coming of the Christ Ray as indwelling Planetary Spirit of our Earth began the emancipation of human beings, not only from the enveloping powers of the Race Spirits, but also from their own Lucifer-tainted desires. The vibrations of the Christ Love-Power radiating from within the Earth cleansed the desire stuff surrounding our planet and made it possible for man to secure purer desire stuff for his individual desire body. His Love-Power works particularly through the etheric or vital body of man, and "when we release ourselves from the toils of the desire body and live up to the vibrations of the vital body, we become imbued with the Christ Spirit. Then and only then do we rise out of the national principle and become capable of being brothers to men."

   Herein lies the key to establishing peace and harmony on our Earth. As the power of God's divine Love, manifested to us through the Christ, grows and expresses from within the individual, he is able to release himself from his bondage to a national consciousness. His patriotism is no longer the narrow "my country, right or wrong," but it now embraces the welfare of all other people in the world. He loses the competitive urge and comes to consider the interest of others as much as his own.

   We know that the immutable Laws of divine Love and Justice operate in our universe, bringing to each person his own due. Every individual has created that which has come to him, only he can change it or redeem it. This applies to nations also. Unless we fully acknowledge these facts and act accordingly, we cannot bring peace into the world.

   Ours is truly a divine heritage. We are essentially Spirit, differentiated within God to unfold the latent godlike powers in us. We are Gods-in-the-making, and we can claim our divine inheritance only by learning to live according to the Law of Love. This Law moves all manifested life to ever greater perfection. Life is; it cannot die. Only the form perishes, or changes. We come again and again to Earth life, to redeem our unrighteousness of the past and to unfold the divine Spark into a more glorious Flame.

   Always with us are the Forces of Light and Love. "Whosoever will" may open his heart to the divine inflow and send it out again to humanity. The wise will look on the life of Christ Jesus and take courage. His was the perfectly positive Life. He lived in the constructive way. He loved; He healed; He taught. He provided the power and pointed the way toward the unification of all men in peace and love. His way is the only way to permanent peace.

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