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The Mystery of the Ductless (Endocrine) Glands
by A Student
(Part 2)

V. The Thyroid Gland
The Gland of Energy

   The thyroid gland consists of two maroon colored masses astride the upper end of the windpipe, close to the larynx. These are connected just below the Adam's apple by a narrow isthmus of the same tissue. This gland arises from the same tissue and almost from the same spot as the anterior lobe of the pituitary body. it weighs about an ounce. Each lobe of the thyroid is about two inches in length, and from an inch to an inch and a quarter in thickness. The thyroid is almost the first organ to become distinct in the human embryo. It is first distinguished as a groove in the floor of the mouth as early as the third week in the life of the fetus, and by the time the embryo is a fourth of an inch long, the thyroid tissue becomes severed and the cavity closed up.

   The importance of the thyroid is plainly indicated by the richness of its circulation. This gland receives about four times as much blood in proportion to its size as do the kidneys, which are noted for their high degree of functional activity. it is heavier in the female than in the male, and becomes enlarged during sex excitement, menstruation, and pregnancy. According to one noted authority, Gaskill, the thyroid was once a sex gland. Dr. Berman says: "In the lowest vertebrates and in the homologous tissues of the higher invertebrates the fractions of the thyroid are intimately connected with the ducts of the sexual organs. They are indeed accessory sexual organs, uterine glands, satellites of the sex process. From Petromyzon (lamprey) upward their relationship is lost. The thyroid migrates more and more to the head region to become the great link between sex and brain."

   Max Heindel states: "During the early part of the Hyperborean Epoch, while the Earth was still united with the Sun, the solar forces supplied man with all the sustenance he needed and he unconsciously radiated the surplus for the purpose of propagation.

   "When the Ego entered into possession of its vehicles it became necessary to use part of this force for the building of the brain and larynx, which was originally a part of the creative organ. The larynx was built while the dense body was yet bent together in the bag-like shape already described, which is still the form of the human embryo. As the dense body straightened and became upright, part of the creative organ remained with the upper part of the dense body and later became the larynx.

   "Thus the dual creative force which had hitherto worked in only one direction, for the purpose of creating another being, became divided. One part was directed upward to build the brain and larynx, by means of which the Ego was to become capable of thinking and communicating thoughts to other beings.

   "As a result of this change only one part of the force essential in the creation of another being was available to one individual, hence it became necessary for each individual to seek the cooperation of another, who possessed that part of the procreative force which the seeker lacked.

   "Thus did the evolving entity obtain brain consciousness of the outside world at the cost of half its creative power. Previous to that time, it used within itself both parts of that power to externalize another being. As a result of that modification, however, it has evolved the power to create and express thought. Before then, it was a creator in the physical world only; since then it has become able to create in the three worlds."

   A comparison of the discoveries made by the modern scientist and those of the esoteric investigator given above reveal a startling corroboration relative to the earlier formation of the generative organs of the human race. Max Heindel stated in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception that the esotericist hails with joy the discoveries of modern science, as they invariably corroborate that which esoteric science has long taught; and it is a remarkable fact that almost daily the careful student reads somewhere of a scientific discovery which proves particular statements made long ago in the recorded writing of some of our foremost esoteric scientists.

   It is believed by prominent biologists that the thyroid has played a prominent part in the change of sea creatures into land animals. Experimentally, thyroid has been used to transform one into the other. There is a small salamander that lives in the water and breathes through gills. Feeding this animal thyroid gland produces a change very quickly from a water salamander to a land salamander.

   Both the thyroid gland and its secretion are used as medicine. The secretion of the gland is called thyroxin. It is a gelatinous substance containing a large per cent of iodine, also arsenic and phosphorous. Thyroxin depends on iodine for its activity. There are other substances in the thyroid secretion with functions of their own, but their work is secondary and obscure. Thyroxin produces results in doses amazingly minute compared with the quantity of whole gland necessary to give to a patient. Moreover, a dose of thyroxin appears to last an organism in need of it over a period of time, while the whole gland has to be administered continuously.

   The thyroid is an energy gland, and its secretion is the controller of the speed of living. The less one has of this secretion the more slowly he lives; that isto say, the rate at which the chemical reactions go on that constitute the process of life, is dependent on the thyroid. When the reactions are speeded up more oxygen and food materials are oxidized, thereby liberating more energy, and the individual can think, feel, see, and act more readily. The thyroid seems to mix more oxygen with the cell food and at the same time frees energy to be used for heat and motion and other needs.

   Dr. Plummer has shown that what would amount to a grain of thyroxin would more than double the amount of energy produced in a unit of time. This gives some idea of the power of this internal secretion and its importance to normal life. To be exact, one milligram of thyroxin increases the metabolic action two per cent. When thyroxin is administered in a single dose there is a distinct slowing down in the absorption of it by the tissues. A single dose does not reach its maximum effect until the tenth day. its effect continues for about ten days; then there is a decrease in the intensity for another ten days. Accordingly the length of time a single dose of thyroxin functions in the body is approximately three weeks. Any disturbance in the thyroid secretion in quantity, that is, too much or too little of it, or in quality, that is, an abnormal change in its chemical composition, produces serious results which cause the person such severe suffering that he becomes a burden to himself and others.

   Not only is the degree of pressure energy in the cells of the body controlled by the thyroid, but the mobility of that energy is also controlled by it. Without thyroid secretion the output of large and rapid fluctuations of energy, and the elasticity and flexibility of energy mobilization for any sudden muscular act, let alone an emergency, would be quite impossible.

   The thyroid is the most important gland in the body for the reason that it controls the growth of the dense vehicle, also mental development, and it is very closely related to all of the other six glands under consideration. It is the great link between the brain and the organs of generation, and manufactures the secretion necessary to give the brain balance.

   Two of the principal disease connected with the thyroid gland are cretinism and myxedema. Both of these are caused by an imperfect connection between the brain centers and the vital body, which prevents the thyroid gland from secreting the thyroxin that would connect the thyroid with the brain and generative organs. Cretinism is infant idiocy. The same disease in the adult is called myxedema.

   A child may be born a cretin as a result of thyroxin deficiency, or it may develop it some time after birth. A baby may be born which appears to be normal with the exception that the nose is a trifle more squat than the average. There may also be abnormal sleepiness, greater than that of the normal baby during the first month or two, and no spontaneous awakening for food. After some months it becomes noticeable that the infant is failing to grow at the normal rate both physically and mentally. An examination reveals a curious thickening of the dental ridges. Then the tongue becomes unusually thick and prominent, projecting beyond the mouth at all times, and interfering with breathing when the baby is in a reclining position. The mouth is always filled with saliva, the skin becomes yellowish or else takes on a waxy pallor, becoming dry, rough, scaly, and bloated. The eyes become watery and the lids thicken; the depressed pug nose is wide and the nostrils thick; the ears are large and stand erect; the hair is thin, the eyebrows and eyelashes scant, sometimes entirely absent; the nails are short, thin, and brittle; the teeth are late in appearing, usually consisting of a few short points, which are irregular and decay quickly. All growth, which is slow, is disproportionate. The trunk, though small when compared with the head, appears massive when compared with the diminutive extremities. The back is inclined to be humped, arching at the waistline; the abdomen protrudes like a small balloon, and often there is hernia at the navel. The hands and feet are floppy, broad, and thick, the fingers stiff, short and spade-like, and the toes are spread apart by solid skin.

   These unfortunates manifest hunger and thirst by grunts, inarticulate sounds, or by screaming. They neither smile, laugh, nor cough. Their circulation is poor, the body cold, and the blood pressure low. All cretins do not have exactly the same peculiarities. There are many grades and varieties according to the severity of the disease.

   Be it noted that in the case of the cretin or myxedemist the gate is closed that furnishes the creative force to the brain and the generative organs and both begin to atrophy. In both cases the victim is apathetic, indifferent, dirty, and awkward — a pitiful idiot.

   In an adult one might be able to surmise some cause for such a loathsome disease, but why should it attack an innocent baby?

   To find the cause of the affliction one must look to the organs affected — the brain and generative organs. The creative, growth-producing force is practically shut off from them.

   The abuse of the creative force for the gratification of the senses is the sin against the Holy Spirit that is not forgiven, but must be expiated by living in vehicles the efficiency of which is impaired — a terrible lesson, and one that is never given to a Spirit to learn unless it has been found that it can get it in no other way.

   Scientists all unknowingly are trying to outwit the working out of this great Law of Cause and Effect through rebirth by robbing the helpless animal kingdom of its thyroxin and feeding it to diseased man. But God is not mocked: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap — and the feeding of animal thyroxin to a cretin or myxedemist will never effect a real cure. it only puts off the payment of the karmic debt until another time. The case is analoguous to that of hypnotizing a drunkard to cure him of indulgence in strong drink. That which the hypnotist does is to superimpose his own will on that of the drunkard, and as long as the two are alive the cure seems to be complete; but should the hypnotist die before the drunkard, his will power no longer controls the other man's appetite and the latter immediately returns to his former unfortunate habit. it is only when we overcome a bad habit through our own will power that we have mastered it. The same is true of cretinism and myxedema. The victims may take thyroxin all their lives, but they are never cured. They have only put off the payment of a karmic debt until another life, and when they return the debt will again come up for settlement.

   The first apparent success in curing myxedema was the case of an English woman forty-two years of age. The disease had produced a thickening of the face and hands, and had caused her to become slow of speech and gait, sensitive to cold, and languid and depressed in spirit to the point of inability to go about alone. The extract of the thyroid gland of a sheep hypodermically injected, twenty-four drops twice a week, gave almost immediate and marvelous improvement which continued steadily. It was found that this improvement could be maintained by feeding the gland by mouth. The features and skin returned to normal, and the woman became able to walk once more alone. She lived to the age of seventy-four years. during the time intervening between forty-two and seventy-four it was always necessary to administer thyroxin in some form regularly. The woman consumed nine pints of it, comprising the glands of eight hundred and seventy sheep.

   When the cretin baby is given thyroxin its circulation improves and the body gets warmer. In a week or so the usual stupor disappears, and the little creature begins to resent disturbances; soon it begins to recognize its parents and smiles and plays. The heavy blank face becomes normal in appearance, and the entire body begins to grow. All kinds of marvelous growth effects occur. For instance, as many as twenty teeth may be cut inside of six months. Coarse, rough, dry, shaggy hair becomes fine, soft, silky, long, and often curly. The skin becomes moist, soft, and rosy. Inches in height may be added every month, and the child becomes bright, active, and begins to talk. A complete remaking is apparently effected. But should the administration of the thyroid secretion cease, almost immediately reversion to the original condition is inevitable. After a short time reactiveness slows down, the child will speak only when spoken to, will sit quietly in a chair all day long and act as if it were semi-anesthetized. Gradually the skin and hair return to the previous state, and the whole picture of the cretin is in full bloom. Supplying the secretion again promptly repeats the transformation.

   Doctors are wondering what is to be the ultimate fate of these reformed cretins. Since the administration of thyroxin to these unfortunates has been going on scarcely a generation, there are no data yet as to the character of their children or their grandchildren. Those of whom the doctors have kept record appear to be normal healthy school children or adult workers, alive to the usual interests of childhood or adult occupations and social circles. Intellectually their only difficulty is with mathematics. Usually no one outside their family knows that they are cretins, and the most accurate observer in nine cases out of ten would never suspect it.

   Not only may there be an insufficiency of thyroid secretion in the blood and tissues but there are instances where individuals suffer from an excess of it. When the over-activity of the thyroid reaches a pathological state the condition manifesting as disease is called exophthalmic goitre. This disease is usually accompanied by enlargement of the gland and may be acute in its onset or it may assume a chronic form.

   Acute cases are usually caused by a severe shock or a great fright, and ofttimes disappear within a few days without any treatment. In the chronic form the disease is serious and should be given the best of care. Among its chief symptoms are excessively rapid heart action, pulse ranging from 90 to as high as 160, over-excitability of the nerves, increased blood pressure, shallow, rapid breathing; in fact, an over reactivity of the whole organism. The eyes, which are bright and prominent, are pushed forward in the sockets, and the lids are held wide apart resulting in a startled expression.

   A person afflicted with this disease has a high warm color, is restless, does not sleep well, becomes thin and remains so no matter how much he may eat. In some cases there is extreme emaciation. The goitre may be very large, but at times it is only moderately so. There are twenty-one known different kinds of goitre. Exophthalmic goitre is curable in most cases without an operation, but the others usually require the use of a knife.

   The cause of goitre is lack of iodine in the thyroid secretion. Iodine is rather abundantly present in sea water and in smaller quantities in the spring and soil water of most regions; but is some mountainous districts and in some other regions far removed from the sea, there is practically no iodine presesnt for the thyroid to use. It may then enlarge in an effort to do its utmost to function properly under the existing circumstances; but still it cannot supply the secretion in the absence of iodine.

   Iodine in the form of sodium iodide is small doses will act as a goitre preventive. prolonged physical, mental, and emotional rest free from all excitement and worry is often most effective in curing this disease. A surgical operation should always be the last resort, and in no case should all of the thyroid be removed as the result would be certain death.

   This mysterious gland which gives balance to the brain, aids in digestion, and mixes iron with the food cells, secretes the iodine which combats the poisons of the body, helps to control the amount of fat stored there, and in some mysterious way both prevents and cures goitre. The more thyroid, the more energetic one will be — the less thyroid, the less energetic and the lazier.

   It has been quite conclusively proved that the prisoners in San Quentin convicted of murder all have abnormal thyroid glands, Dr. Ralph Arthur Reynolds, San Francisco physician, stated following a two months' firsthand study of the prison's inmates in cooperation with Dr. Leo Stanley, resident prison physician.

   Dr. Reynolds said his study convinced him of three facts: That every murderer, potential and actual, exhibits over-secretion of the thyroid gland; that a murderer exhibits under-secretion of the pituitary gland, and that every social misfit displays mal-secretion of some gland. The doctor told of one youthful slayer who for no apparent reason attacked other prisoners with anything he could lay his hands on and as a consequence had spent one hundred and eighty days in the dungeon. The youth had an abnormal thyroid gland, said Dr. Reynolds, upon which "we operated and reduced to what we thought normality. Today that prisoner is entirely tractable." The results, he said, were surprising in sixty other cases personally treated.

   The following interesting statement is made by Dr. Louis Berman who displays remarkably keen insight in relation to the ductless (endocrine) glands and their function in the human body:

   "If crime is an abnormality scientifically studiable and controllable like measles, court procedure and prison management will have to be transformed radically. There is scattered throughout the world now a group of people who are applying medical methods to the diagnosis and treatment of crime. They are the pioneers who will be remembered in history as the compeers of those who transformed the attitude of the world toward insanity and its therapy. The insane were once condemned and handled as are criminals in most civilized countries yet. The criminological laboratory as an adjunct to the court of justice, so called, like that associated with several courts punishing crime now, remains to be universalized.

   "It has been shown that the greater number of convicts are mentally and morally subnormal (deficiency of thyroid secretion). To explain the subnormality, the criminologist has conducted and will continue to conduct investigations into the heredity and early environment of the criminal, his education and occupation, the social and religious influences to which he was subjected, and the intelligence test quotient. The conditioning of the vegetative system (involuntary or sympathetic) and the endocrine status of the prisoner, however, will without a doubt come to occupy the leading positions in any interpretation of crime in the future.

   "Introspective observation of pre-criminal states of mind by so-called normal persons reveals that in many of them there is an impairment of reason and will power, in others an exaltation amounting almost to hysteria. What are these but endocrine states of the cells, experimentally reproducible by increasing or decreasing the influence of the thyroid, the adrenals, and the pituitary? Crimes of passion can be traced in no small part to disturbances of the thyroid. A psychologic examiner of a Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) court, interested in this subject, has found enlarged thyroid in over ninety per cent of delinquent girls."

   Before man became upright he was double-sexed and his entire creative force was centered in the organs of reproduction; at that time the thyroid was a sex gland pure and simple. Max Heindel says that when the sexes were divided one- half of the creative force of each individual was turned upward to build a brain and larynx. The brain was built to give the Ego an instrument with which to gather knowledge and create in the physical world, and the same force is feeding and building it today. The larynx was made in order that man might have an organ with which to express his thoughts in words.

   The sex pervert or sex-maniac is proof of the correctness of the contention of the correctness of the contention of the esotericist that one part of the sex force built and sustains the brain and larynx and that there is a connection between these organs and the force expressed through the lower creative organ. The unfortunate pervert becomes an idiot, unable to think because of drawing and sending out, not only the negative or positive part of the sex force (according to whether male or female) which is normally to be used through the organs of reproduction for propagation, but in addition to that he draws down and uses part of the force that should be turned upward and used in building the brain, enabling it to produce thought; hence his mental deficiency. On the other hand it the individual is given to spiritual thought the tendency to use the generative force for propagation is slight, and whatever part of it that is not used in that way may be transmuted into spiritual power.

Comparison of Thyroid and Pituitary

   Again it is interesting to note that this same thyroid gland which was once a sex gland arises in the embryo from the same tissue and almost the same spot as does the anterior lobe of the pituitary body, the thyroid being an outgrowth in front, the anterior pituitary an outgrowth behind the same tissue. The anterior lobe of the pituitary body has been called the gland of intellectuality, meaning the capacity of the mind to control its environment by means of concepts and abstract ideas. All of which bears out Max Heindel's statement that the nature of the generative force is creative whether manifesting through the brain or the organs of reproduction.

   The thyroid bears more directly upon the inner and outer coverings of the body, the skin, the skin glands, the hair, the mucous membranes and the irritability and the preparedness for response of the nerves. The pituitary acts more on the framework of the body, the skeleton, and the mechanical supports and movers. The thyroid raises the energy level of the brain and the whole nervous system. The pituitary stimulates the brain cells more directly. The thyroid facilitates energy production, the pituitary its consumption. The thyroid is concerned especially with the regulation of the shape, form, and finish of organs in accordance with their archetypes.

   The life force necessary to create both thought and physical forms comes from the sun and the yearly liberated Christ force in the earth. This force is attracted to the individual by the thyroid gland. It is the spiritual solar life essence contained in thyroxin that gives balance to the brain and the life to the organs of reproduction. The secretion of this gland is as necessary to the proper mental activity and reproduction of species as ether is to the transmission of electricity. Without this spirit essence there can be no complexity of thought, no learning, no education, no habit formation, no responsive energy to meet situations, as well as no development of faculty and physical function; also no reproduction of any kind, with no sign of adolescence at the proper age, and no exhibition of sex tendencies thereafter.

Thyroid Type of Personality

   During childhood the normal thyroid type of individual is healthy, slender, yet strikingly robust, energetic, active, fair complexioned, eyes large, brilliant with an inclination to protrude, nose straight and high-bridged, teeth firm, regular, and white with a pearly translucent enamel.

   The thyroid-centered children are always active, never appear to get tired, and require little sleep. They are singularly immune to disease, contracting measles possibly, but seldom any other of the typical children's diseases. Adolescence is apt to be stormy and episodic for them and they find adjustment to the changes going on within them considerably disturbing which often results in acute wanderlust. The high-keyed cells of their bodies are so charged with vital energy that it must express itself in some normal activity or else explode.

   The thyroid youth is a live wire, bubbling with vitality, vividly magnetic, and the life of any group. He is, however, easily shocked by some unusual or

   sudden event like the unexpected death of a beloved parent, or the ruin of a cherished ambition. In such cases a break in the balance of the other glands may follow quickly, resulting in disablement or possible invalidism, which may be cured after a time, or remain stationary, or in some instances descend to the worst form of thyroid deficiency. These attractive, lovable, thyroid- centered children need most careful rearing.

   During maturity the thyroid type is characterized usually by a slender body. The features are clean-cut, complexion clear and slightly flushed, the hair abundant, often wavy or curled, eyebrows thick and long; large, frank, brilliant, keen eyes, a well-shaped mouth with regular, well-developed teeth. Shelley's face is a good example of the masculine thyroid-centered person. The oval shape of it, the excellent molding of its features, the wide, high brow, the large, vivacious, prominent eyes, vitally alive, and the sensitive mouth all belong to this type. of him Matthew Arnold said: "A beautiful and ineffectual angel, beating in the void his luminous wings in vain." Queen Elizabeth of England is an excellent feminine example of a thyroid-centered woman.

   Sexually this type is well differentiated and susceptible. Noticeable emotivity, rapidity of perception and volition, impulsiveness, and a tendency to explosive crises of expression are among their distinctive traits. Their restless, apparently inexhaustible energy makes them perpetual doers. They get up early in the morning, work all day, retire late at night, and plan the work for themselves and others for the next day, and then complain of insomnia.

   Shelley was only thirty years old when he was drowned yet the number of his literary compositions was greater than those of many who have spent a lifetime engaged in the same kind of work. Queen Elizabeth's reign was noted for its commercial enterprise and intellectual activity. Mankind owes much to these restless, energetic people, for in a certain sense they are the leaven that energizes the world.

VI. The Pituitary Body

   The pituitary body or hypophysis is a lump of tissue about the size of a pea, situated almost exactly in the center of the head at the base of the brain and just behind the root of the nose. It hangs suspended from the under side of the brain like a cherry from the limb of a tree. It is a grayish- yellow color. It increases in size until about the thirtieth year, and in the adult weighs about five grains, or 1/1400 of a pound. During pregnancy the gland increases somewhat in size. It lies in a saddle-like depression in the sphenoid bone called the sella turcica and is enclosed in a strong membraneous tissue called dura mater. The pituitary body can be traced from the most primitive form of life to man. Humanity has brought this gland and the salt of the blood in its development all the way from the sea to its present state.

   The pituitary body is a veteran in the ductless gland system. Its name is derived from a Latin word, pituita. This name was given to the gland because it was supposed to secrete a fluid which lubricated the throat. It was believed that the secretion filtered through the porous ethnoid bone that intervenes between the pituitary body and the nasal cavity.

   If the sella turcica, or cradle of the gland, is too small, there is an under development of the moral and intellectual sense. People so affected may be called pathological liars. Such unfortunates have no sense of truth, therefore they are absolutely unconscious of the fact that they are telling lies. Such an affliction may often be found among mentally disabled.

   The pituitary body is composed of two seemingly independent organs, distinct in their origin, history, function, and secretion. In the study of the human embryo we find the beginning of the pituitary manifesting as an outgrowth of the mouth cavity in the taste and smell sense area. This outgrowth takes the form of a pouch which gradually extends toward the brain. by the end of the fourth week this protruding pouch contacts a downgrowth from the brain called the infundibulum. The two parts then develop into the adult pituitary gland. The outgrowth of the mouth cavity forms the anterior lobe of the pituitary, and the infundibulum part represents an outgrowth of the oldest part of the nervous system, the involuntary or sympathetic system, and develops into the posterior or post-pituitary lobe of the gland. There is a space between walls of the anterior parts of the gland which persists throughout life as the cleft of the gland.

   At a certain stage in the life of the embryo the pineal gland protrudes through the brain, and the pituitary body forms an aperture to the mouth; the spinal canal cavity is also connected therewith. Through this media the spirit that is about to take birth in the physical world is still in close contact with the spirit world outside while the prison-house of flesh is being built around it. When other apertures of the body, notably the foramen ovale, close, the fetal blood stream is diverted from its former unimpeded way through the auricles of the heart directly to the spiritual centers in the head just mentioned, and the blood is forced through the ventricles of the heart into the lungs where it contacts the ether in the air. This ether contains an accurate and detailed picture of all the Ego's surroundings, not only of material things but all of the conditions existing each moment within the individual's aura, and all of these pictures are injected into the blood. This causes a clogging of the spiritual centers, spiritual sight wanes, and the consciousness of the Ego gradually becomes focused in the physical world.

   At the beginning of serious gland study it was believed that the pituitary was s single gland producing only one hormone or substance. After a time it was found that it had two distinct parts and that each produced hormones distinctly different from the other. It was further discovered that what at first was considered to be one hormone was found to consist of two or more separate ones, until at present it is believed that the pituitary produces at present it is believed that the pituitary produces no less than eight distinctly different hormones.

   The anterior lobe of the pituitary, called the prepituitary, is composed of a collection of solid columns of cells surrounded by blood spaces into which the cell secretion is undoubtedly directly poured. The posterior lobe consists of secretory cells producing a glossy substance which finds its way into the spinal fluid that bathes the nervous system.

   There is one chemical in the secretion of the prepituitary that stimulates the growth of tissue, particularly the bony tissue, and another which influences the sex organs and sexual activity. One of the extracts of the prepituitary has a definite effect on the reddish-yellow mass which fills the egg sacs in the ovaries, stimulating them to excessive growth. One scientist who grafted small pieces of the prepituitary into very young immature animals found that it produced puberty and brought about active mature sexuality including all the mating and reproductive instincts.

   In the light of the foregoing it is evident that the prepituitary is not only one of the chief controllers of grwoth but is the controller of the mysterious process in human development called puberty.

   It has been proved by experimentation that the normal functioning of the pre-pituitary is necessary during the period of growth and development and probably also during the period of maturity for the proper evolution and functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands. When the prepituitary is injured in young or growing animals there occurs a retardation of the growth and activity of the thyroid and adrenal glands as well as the sex glands. When the internal secretion of the prepituitary is supplied artificially by injection there is an activation of the thyroid and adrenal glands as well as the sex glands.

   The internal secretions of the pituitary undoubtedly have an effect on the energy production, especially the energy of the central nervous system, the gray matter of the brain, and the spinal cord. An overproduction of energy in the body may be due to an excessive amount of the internal secretion of the pituitary circulating in the blood and tissues.

   To summarize: The anterior or prepituitary produces a secretion that promotes the growth of the skeleton and connective tissues, causes the normal development of the creative organs and sex activity, and stimulates the well- being and action of the thyroid and adrenal glands. The secretion of the anterior pituitary, called prolactin, is essential to the production of milk in female animals.

   The posterior lobe of the pituitary body secretes several important hormones, two of which are in frequent use. One of them, called pitocin, has apowerful stimulating effect on the pregnant uterus and is frequently used in cases where labor is slow and ineffective. The other hormone is called pituitrin. In general this secretion controls the tone of the tissues of the involuntary or smooth muscle fibers of the blood vessels, and the contractile organs of the body like the intestines, the bladder, and uterus. When injected it will slowly raise the blood pressure and keep it raised for some time, and will increase the flow of urine from the kidneys and milk from the breast. it will also cause an intense continued contraction of the bladder and uterus. it is believed to control the salt content of the blood on which its electrical conductivity and other properties depend. Normally, there is a certain fixed ratio of salts in the blood which keeps them (the salts) like the ratio of sea water. it has recently been proved that the blood pressure rising effect is due to one internal secretion of the postpituitary, and the contracting propensity is due to another constituent in the secretion.

   Between the anterior pituitary and the posterior, there is an intermediate structure which secretes a hormone called intermedin. This secretion has proved very effective in the treatment of diabetes insipidus. It is generally administered by injection.

   The extraordinary well protected position of the pituitary, its persistence throughout life, and its abundant blood supply emphasizes its vital importance. No other gland of internal secretion can adequately substitute it. Its complete removal means death in two or three days, with a peculiar lethargy, unsteadiness of gate, loss of appetite, emaciation, and fall of temperature so that the animal becomes cold blooded, its temperature the same as the atmosphere around it. If only a part of the anterior lobe is taken away there occurs a remarkable degeneration of the individual — a fatty degeneration with a tendency to inversion of sex. A singular drowsiness, dry skin, loss of hair, dull mentality, sometimes epilepsy, and a noticeable craving for sweets appears.

   If a part of the anterior lobe is removed from a puppy in infancy there is a marked hindrance or slowing of growth — dwarfs are artificially created. Pathologists have shown that in several true human dwarfs the pituitary is rudimentary or inadequate. All this is evidence that the skeleton is directly under the domination of the pituitary.

   There are singular by-effects of the pituitary in relation to the periodic phenomena of the physical organism, like hibernating, sleep, and wakefulness. An active pituitary produces sleepiness and general dullness. In hibernation or winter sleep, the animal in cold weather passes into a cataleptic state in which it continues to breathe, more deeply but more slowly than when awake, but shows no other signs of conscious life. A lowered blood pressure and a marked insensibility to painful and emotional stimuli go with it. There is a preliminary storage of starch in the liver and fat throughout the starch depots of the body. These are so like what happens when a part of the pituitary is removed that a comparison of the two becomes inevitable. Common to both conditions is a drop in the rate of metabolism, which can be relieved by injection of an extract of the pituitary causing a rise of temperature to occur at once.

   The internal secretions of the glands of the hibernating animals show changes in all of them during the period of hibernating but most marked change is in the pituitary whose cells shrink as if they too were asleep or resting. These animals come to at the vernal equinox (spring) and the pituitary gland cells again become normally active. Some scientists claim that hibernation may be attributed to a seasonal wave of pituitary inactivity. In certain parts of Russia where there is a scarcity of food during winter months, the peasants pass weeks at a time in a sleepy, drowsy state, arousing once a day for a scant meal.

   There are plenty of people in the world today who are partial hibernators, and many of them are really in a state of what might be called — sub- pituitarism, for something is wrong with their pituitaries. They are slow, dull, sexually inactive, often sterile. They are sometimes tall but much more often they are dwarfish and are likely to be subject to epilepsy.

   All grades of overaction of the pituitary exist. This overaction has the peculiar power to act as a stimulant to the growth of the bones and the soft supporting, connecting tissues, like tendons and ligaments.

   If the excess of the pituitary secretions begins before puberty, it causes great elongation of the bones, resulting in giantism. Normal giants, persons exceptional in size and free from physical or mental deformities, are rare. There are, however, people with hyper-prepituitarism, who are possessed of the highest mental powers. In such individuals there is an increased activity of the posterior lobe in association with enlargement and hyperfunction of the anterior lobe. Their overgrowth is not so marked, and they are lean and mentally acute. The ordinary giant is one in whom there is degeneration of the pituitary after too much action of the anterior lobe and too little of the posterior. A tumor or diseased process in the gland is often responsible for this.

   If the overaction of the pituitary happens after puberty when the long bones have set and cannot grow longer, a peculiar, widely spread enlargement of the individual's face and body occurs, especially of his hands, feet, and head. The nose, ears, lips, and eyes get larger and coarser. As these people are rather big and tall to begin with, the effect produced is that of a heavy- jawed, burly, bulky person, with bushy overhanging eyebrows and an aggressive appearance. Such people often suffer from torturing, boring headaches,a consequent despondency, and a feeling of hopelessness which colors their attitude toward life. Up to a certain point they have a remarkable alertness and are very capable. When conscious of the malady it is characteristic of them to meet it with a courageous optimism, although women so afflicted do occasionally commit suicide. In the semi-hibernators, who remind on of cattle, and the giant type, who remind one of anthropoids, there develops a distinct diminution of sexual life.

   Oversecretion or undersecretion of the anterior gland may interfere with the proper functioning of the posterior gland, the secretion of which is a tonic to both the brain and the sex cells. In cases where the bony container is, or becomes, too small for the pituitary, along with undersize, obesity, et cetera, there develops conspicuous moral and intellectual inferiority. The person suffers from lack of self-restraint and an impelling desire to act according to whatever idea enters his mind, be it good or bad. Such people have little or no initiative and are instinctively immoral. They should have proper care.

   The secretions of the pituitary act on the framework of the body-bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Its secretions diffuse directly into the fluid bathing the nervous system, supplying beneficent stimulants, and aiding in the abstraction of harmful wastes. The pituitary secretion stimulates the brain cells directly, naturally, and normally in something like the way caffeine or cocaine stimulates them artificially.

   The pituitary assists in energy transformation expenditure and conversion, particlarly of the brain and sexual system. It works directly with the creative force both in the brain and reproductive organs, making it easy for them to consume energy. it is the gland of continued effort, and an inability to maintain effort is one of the prominent complaints when there is a destruction of this gland or insufficiency of its extract to enable it to perform its normal work. Overgrowth, undergrowth, and normal growth all depend on the normal functioning of the pituitary in relation to the brain and reproductive organs.

   The prepituitary: (1) stimulates growth of skeleton and supporting tissues; (2) influences reproductive organs and their activity; (3) stimulates excessive growth of contents of egg sacs in ovaries; (4) produces puberty; (5) injury to it causes retardation of growth in young.

   The postpituitary: (1) secretes pituitrin, which controls tone (vigor) of flat smooth muscles fibers of bladder and uterus; (2) raises blood pressure; (3) increases flow of urine, and milk in breast; (4) tonic to both brain cells and sex cells; (5) increases heart contractions but decreases force of systole.

Pituitary Types of Personality

   The pituitary body is a feminine-masculine gland. The feminine pituitary type is dominated by the post-pituitary lobe of the gland. The masculine type is dominated by the anterior lobe of the pituitary. The feminine pituitary type expresses tender emotions and refined sentiments. The skin is soft, moist, roseate, or creamy, hairless, and flushes easily; the brow are high, the eyes are large and prominent. These people are fond of children, and are in every way most womanly. They are of medium height, well-formed, medium- sized hands and feet, well modulated voice, fond of good poetry and music, and have a sensitive face; are much interested in the welfare of mankind. They are womanly with a suggestion of masculine force. mary, the mother of Jesus, is a good example of well-balanced feminine pituitary type. Florence Nightingale also belongs to this class.

   An over predominant postpituitary in a woman produces one who craves excitement, constant change, and has a desire for some kind of new pleasure every minute. These women are excitement-mad and thrill-crazy.

   The masculine pituitary type has superlative brain tone and action, a good all-around mental growth, and the ability to govern. Generally this type is tall, about sex feet, the ideal virile type, with a well-developed strong frame, firm muscles, and hands and feet proportionately sized. The head is long from front to back, the face sharp and clear-cut, the eyebrows thick, the eyes prominent and wide apart, and nose broadish and long, the lower jaw prominent and firm, cheek bones prominent. These people have a high brain power, great ability to learn, and the power to control. They are masters of their lower instincts, ruling themselves and their environment. To this group belong the brain men, practical and theoretical, the philosophers and creators of new thought. Men like Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, and George Bernard Shaw belong to this class.

   When a predominance of the post-pituitary occurs in men it produces a type that is short, rounded, and stout, the head appearing too large for the body, with the general distribution of the hair on the extremities and trunk poor, but that of the scalp and face plentiful, and early in life they acquire an abdominal pouch. They exhibit feminine tendencies, and often poetry and music have an almost morbid appeal to them. In fact a large number of poets and musicians are classified as feminine pituitary types. They are ofttimes beautiful characters, but usually lack self-assertion. They are often the henpecked husbands who should be understood — not bullied.

   The anterior pituitary dominating in woman produces a masculine type and counteracts her natural feminine trend. It inclines her to be large, spare, and bony; gives her a protruding jaw, broad teeth, thick skin, a hairy body, and large hands and feet. However, it does give her a brilliant intellect which ofttimes creates despair in the minds of her masculine associates. Such women become the aggressive type, and fill men's places in the business world. These women also need understanding and not ridicule and sarcasm which is usually directed toward them.

   Thrice blessed are the men and women who have normal, balanced pituitary glands.

VII. The Pineal Gland

   The pineal gland is most astonishing in its nature. As its name implies, it is a cone-shaped body (Conarium pinealis, pine cone). It is reddish in color, about a half inch in length, and not much larger than a grain of wheat. It is attached to the roof of the third ventricle of the brain. It weighs about two grains. It is hidden away at the base of the brain (to which it is attached by the hollow pineal stalk) in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary body. it is composed, in part, of nerve cells containing a pigment similar to that present in the cells of the retina which is an expression of the optic nerve — this strengthening the argument for its ancient function as an eye. The lower part of the gland points backward.

   The secretion of the pineal gland, called pinealin, acts as a restrictor for all the glands of internal secretion. By its checking activity on the other endocrine glands, it gives the baby time to grow in bulk, which is its chief business during the first two years of its existence. during these two years the baby should quadruple its birth weight. The pineal acts as a sort of general supervisor over all of the other glands.

   The accepted belief of the nineteenth century anatomists was that the pineal gland was a useless, wasteful, space-consuming vestige of a once important structure. For a long time, in fact, up to a few decades ago, the pineal was believed to have no present function at all, or at least no ascertainable one. That it might be a gland of internal secretion was a popularly despised theory. Late observations, however, have related the pineal to muscle function. There is a singular muscle shrinking and deforming disease, known as "progressive dystrophy," the cause of which has been an unsolved mystery to the medical profession. By means of the X-rays, late studies of the pineal in relation to this disease have shown it calcified, that is, buried in lime salts, which signifies that where it is weak, or no longer functioning, the muscles do not receive the proper amount of nourishment.

   It has further been discovered that the pineal regulates the coloring of the skin by varying the degree of light ray reaction. That is, it controls the action of light on the pigment of the skin. It is the light within that reflects the light without.

   The pineal also produces the normal physical and mental development of the brain cells and the normal development of the cells of the organs of reproduction. The rich blood supply of the pineal is suggestive of its active functioning raqther than that it is only the persistence of a vestigial organ which during the course of evolution has outgrown its original use.

   To summarize: The pineal gland secretion (1) prevents a too early sex development in the child, and thereby promotes normal puberty; (2) it favors activity of the creative force, which tends to develop both the brain and the organs of reproduction normally; (3) it gives the vigor which tones up the muscles; (4) it influences the body by varying the degree of light ray reaction; that is, it controls the susceptibility of the body to light; (5) it influences the skin pigment by causing a marked transparency of it due to a contraction of the pigment cells.

The Pineal Type of Personality

   Generally speaking, the pineal gland is masculine but there are some women who come under its domination, as we shall see when we take up the study of the spiritual activities of this organ.

   The typical spiritual pineal type is tall and has a well-built figure. The shoulders are square, and the body gradually tapers to the feet. The forehead is high and broad. The eyebrows are inclined to be straight, not too heavy, and are well shaped. The large, expressive, wide-open eyes are usually a deep blue, which, regardless of color, emit a glint of divine fire. The nose is quite Grecian in shape. The lips are medium full with a slight curve. The chin is well formed and prominent enough to show real strength of character, yet it is in excellent alignment with the other features. The neck is medium-sized, set on broad, shapely shoulders. The hair, usually light brown, is abundant and has a glossy sheen. As a whole, the figure is manly with a suggestion of feminine charm.

   The artist Raphael was a perfect example of the spiritually developed pineal type. It is said that his manly beauty, touched with an almost imperceptible feminine allure, was so perfect that when he passed unobtrusively along the street all who saw him stopped and gazed after him in astonished admiration. In person he was as beautiful as an angel. His disposition was sweet, kind, and gentle; in manner and conversation he was most charming, and he was celebrated for the nobility and generosity of his nature.

   The name of this unusual man still remains the greatest in the art of painting. In his Transfiguration the discerning eyes discover the mystery of his greatness, for here is plainly revealed his knowledge of and direct touch with supernatural realms. This marvelous picture, the beauty of which must be felt as well as seen, was Raphael's swan-song on canvas. He painted it while he was dying. When looking at this marvelous production, one wonders if he did not paint that beautiful, holy, compassionate face of the Christ just as he saw Him in the ethers, waiting to carry into paradise the spirit of the noble man who had done so much for the glory of Christianity both by the unsurpassed holy pictures that he painted on canvas and the noble unselfish life he led.

VIII. Spiritual Correspondences

   We will now consider the spiritual connection which the ductless (endocrine) glands have with the development of the latent potentialities of the Ego. Let us not forget that the principal ductless (endocrine) glands are seven in number, namely: the two adrenals, the spleen, the thymus, the thyroid, the pituitary, and the pineal. Max Heindel tells us that these glands have a great and particular interest for the esoteric student and that they may be termed the seven roses on the cross of the vital body, for they are intimately connected with the esoteric development of humanity.

   All that we see about us in our entire solar system had been created by the Word which is sound-music, the Voice of God. It was this great primordial Word which brought or spoke into being, in finest matter, all the different worlds with all their myriads of forms and these forms have since been copied and worked out in detail by innumerable creative Hierarchies chief among which, so far as our won particular solar system is concerned, are the Seven Planetary Spirits before the throne, namely: Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

   The Word of God sounds forth through the medium of these seven Planetary Spirits and forms all the various types which later crystallize into the manifold things which we behold in the Physical World. Thus we see that the

The Ductless (Endocrine) Glands and Their Rulers

   Word manifests in seven great tones sounded by the seven Planetary Spirits. Each planet has its own keynote and emits a sound varying from that of every other planet. These are all building tones. All the music in the world is based on these seven tones emitted by the seven Planetary Spirits, and all form is created by them, and after the form is created they assist the indwelling Ego in developing its latent potentialities, all of which are embryonic God-powers. This assistance is given to humanity largely through the medium of the ductless (endocrine) glands.

   Each ductless (endocrine) gland has a dominant keynote within itself, which when awakened, will develop certain latent potentialities in the Ego. Each of these keynotes is attuned to that of one of the Planetary Spirits and the sounding forth of the keynote of that particular Planetary Spirit is gradually awakening the keynote of the gland which is attuned to it. When the keynote of the gland is awakened it will develop in the Ego the specific energies which this particular Planetary Spirit expresses. These energies are forces which the Ego must learn to control and direct, for according to their use do they manifest as god or evil. Remember that all evil is misdirected good.

The Adrenal Glands — Physical World

   The adrenal glands are ruled by Jupiter. The energies expressed by Jupiter manifest principally as benevolence, vision, expansion, optimism, honor, philanthropy, courtesy, generosity, cheerfulness, ability to comprehend the working out of cosmic law, ideation (the power to form and relate ideas), and religious understanding.

   When one contacts the keynote of Jupiter it is found to be clear, full, round, and expansive. Its all encompassing power seems to enwrap and enfold the individual, awakening in him a sense of confidence, security, and the ability and desire to go out into the world and transform the hideous works of stumbling, half-awakened humanity into creations of beauty and intrinsic worth. His clarified vision beholds with joy the heights to be scaled, the greater spiritual powers to be developed; and his expanded consciousness, which recognizes in each of his fellow men just another part of himself groping and striving for a true understanding of the riddle of life, becomes fired with an urgent desire to render unto these hapless children of the one great Father, the loving, selfless service which will reveal to them, from the highest to the lowest, that the real purpose of life for each individual is the development of his latent potentialities into dynamic, godlike powers.

   Once having attained these powers it is possible for the individual to misuse them.This is one of the greatest crimes that it is possible to commit. The wrong use of spiritual power is black magic which can be indulged in to the extent that finally the bridge of mind which connects the Spirit with its personality is broken and after a time the Spirit automatically gravitates to the planet Saturn where it leaves a record of its past lives and is then by dissolution of its vehicles propelled outward toward chaos by way of Saturn's moons, there to remain until the dawn of a new creative day when it will have to begin its work all over again in an appropriate day of manifestation.

   The wrong use of these energies expresses itself principally in over- confidence, extravagance, self-indulgence, prodigality, showiness, bombastry, sportiness, conceit, lawlessness, dissipation, improvidence, and procrastination. All of which plunges the Ego into so much deep sorrow, suffering, and distress that in time it usually learns the lesson that only by the right use of these spiritual powers can it free itself from its self-made, distressful predicament. When this lesson is mastered, through pain and travail, the Ego is indeed ready for another forward step on the path of evolution. for, corresponding to the two adrenals, the first two roses on the cross of his vital body have burst into full bloom!

   No longer does the emergency energy of the adrenal glands express itself in belligerence, aggression, and combat, but rather it is directed by the power born in a chastened, contrite spirit into energies which manifest as benevolence, vision, expansion, and philanthropy.

  A knowing that the good of all is the good of each has developed in the consciousness of the Ego. This individualized spark of God now recognizes the unity which exists between all created beings and their oneness with the great Creator of our solar system; accordingly, to him the brotherhood of man has become an established fact.

   The work of Jupiter in relation to our humanity at present is connected with the physical plane. Through the medium of the spiritual power generated by the adrenal glands, he furnishes the Ego with the strength necessary to perfect its dense body and conquer the physical world, all of which completes its evolution on this mundane sphere. The spiritual center in the adrenals vibrates to blue.

The Spleen — Etheric Region

   The spleen is the entrance gate of the solar forces specialized by each individual and circulated through the physical body as the vital fluid without which no being can live. This gland is therefore ruled by the sun which is the source of all vitality. The energies of this great planet manifest chiefly as will, vitality, individuality, authority, courage, generosity, dignity, loyalty, faithfulness, parental instinct, leadership, and responsibility.

   When the great keynote of the Planetary Spirit of the sun, which contains within itself all of the other planetary tones, arouses into action the corresponding keynote in the spleen, the third rose on the cross of the vital body bursts into bloom.

   The development of this rose raises the consciousness of the individual to such an extent that he is able to contact the Etheric Region which is a vibrating, flowing stream of life. Here he actually sees the activity that is carried on by a class of invisible hosts who work through the media of the chemical, life, light, and reflecting ethers. He sees the vital forces which give life to the mineral forms of plant, animal, and man actually flowing into these forms.

   He sees the work of the forces that cause assimilation in the body and the process whereby they extract the different nutritive elements from the food and incorporate them into the bodies of plant, animal, and man, and he watches these same forces expel from the body the materials which are unfit for use. He learns that these processes like all others which are independent of man's volition, are wise and selective.

   He learns of the activities of the nature forces which work in the life ether making it possible for parents to bring children into the world. He contacts the great angelic life wave and watches how they work with this same life force and the way in which they place the dense seed atom of reincarnating Egos, which are to grow new physical bodies, into the creative force of the prospective fathers.

   He learns how the nature forces in the light ether produce heat in the blood, and how they operate the sense organs, making them capable of distinguishable sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling.

   This same development enables the individual to contact the reflecting ether and see the pictures contained therein. In contacting this ether he discovers that it is through the activities of a certain class of nature spirits that the Ego is able to make thought impression on the human brain. while examining this ether he contacts those subtle powers of the Spirit known as the conscious and subconscious minds, and in time he learns how to strengthen the first and read the records contained in the second.

   While exploring the Etheric Region the individual contacts Egos who are reviewing their after-death panorama and learns definitely just what the process is.

   The new powers developed by the individual enable him to see the gnomes made of ether that work with the soil, and the fairies which work with the flowers; and he is able to watch these little creatures extract coloring matter from the light ether and build it into the various blossoms just before they are ready to burst into bloom. He is also able to see the sylphs in the air and follow the process they use in bringing about wind storms or zephyr breezes. He is able to see the salamanders who start all fires, and he can study their activities which produce the lightning and send it flashing in zigzag tongues of flame across the blackness of an inky sky.

   To summarize: the powers developed through the influence of the sun upon the spleen open up to the individual the entire Etheric Region and make it possible for him to contact consciously all the denizens which inhabit that plane, and see the kind of work they are doing there as well as that which they are doing on the earth.

   When these powers have been developed it is possible for the individual to put them to wrong use. He may get so enamored with himself that he becomes arrogant, overbearing, ostentatious, proud, pompous, domineering — a veritable despot. But if he does, again he reaps a harvest of sorrow and suffering until at last, humble and contrite, he becomes a most valuable server ready and eager to apply his knowledge to the betterment of the world. The spiritual center in the spleen vibrates to golden yellow.

The Thymus Gland — Desire World

   Venus controls the thymus gland. The emotions are developed by the Venus love ray. The seat of the emotions is the desire body, and the desire body connects the individual with the Desire World. When the keynote of Venus arouses into activity the keynote of the thymus gland, the individual develops the highest form of love, artistic ability, beauty, harmony, cheerfulness, charm, attraction, cohesion, and coalition.

   The wrong use of these powers expresses itself as sensuality, dissoluteness, vulgarity, slothfulness, sentimentality, vanity, and inconstancy.

   Again we sound the warning, that spiritual powers when once developed can be used for evil, and that the unfailing result is always disaster for the wrong doer. The temptation to use spiritual powers for personal benefit is ofttimes so subtle as to be almost indiscernible.

   The keynote of the Venus planetary Spirit is sweet and clear. It brings to one who is able to contact it a feeling of unexpected happiness like unto that of an unanticipated family reunion where all past discords are forgotten and only the joy of renewed association prevails. When one begins to respond to this keynote, years seem to drop away from him and he feels young, joyous, and happy.

   The keynote of Venus impinging upon that of the thymus gland begins to gradually awaken a response, and after a time this fourth rose on the cross of the vital body bursts into bloom. This accelerated vibration puts the individual in touch with the higher realms of the Desire World, where soul- life expresses in the beauty of living colors, in perfected form, in the poetry of motion, and the exquisite harmony of sound; where soul-light reveals to love its higher octave — altruism, and where soul-power manifests itself in philanthropic activities.

   Here, also, the individual consciously contacts the Archangelic life wave, of which Christ is the highest Initiate, and learns of its various activities, particularly of those which pertain to the work of the various group and race spirits who although unseen here are nevertheless very closely associated with the activities of animal and man. he watches the two great forces of attraction and repulsion in action, and sees the drawing power of interest and the withering effect of indifference. Here he learns a truth whose value is beyond all estimation — that nothing but good ultimately survives, and all energy expended for any other purpose is not only wasted, so far as actual accomplishment is concerned, but that it reacts disastrously upon him who tries to divert its use for evil. The spiritual center in the thymus gland vibrates to yellow.

The Thyroid Gland — World of Thought

   The thyroid gland is ruled by Mercury's planetary Spirit. The powers of this great Being when developed in man, manifest principally as reason, intellect, thoughtfulness, good memory, studiousness, quick wit, eloquence, dexterity, self-expression through speech and writing, the acquirement of knowledge by means of reason, and self-mastery. the wrong use of these powers expresses itself chiefly as conceit, cunning, shiftlessness, carelessness, lack of principle, gossiping, profanity, dishonesty, gambling, indecision, and nervousness.

   Mercury's keynote stands out clear and strong, and awakens in the individual a desire to know the reason for it all — why are we here? whence did we come? where are we going? who is God? and, what are the secrets concealed in His mighty creations? The thyroid is the fifth rose on the cross of the vital body. When its keynote is awakened, the individual, assisted by the music of the spheres, contacts the World of Thought where he consciously sees the archetypes of all that exists in the physical world, learns of their use, and how his own future lives are mapped out by the great recording angels. He contacts definite information relative to the Lords of Mind of which life wave the Father is the highest Initiate. He learns the nature of the germinal idea which produces form in the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. He discovers the germinal idea of life which manifests in plant, animal, and man; also the germinal idea which results in desire and emotion in animal and man. He sees how all these germinal ideas become archetypes or patterns in the Region of concrete Thought for all that exists in the Physical World, and that nothing manifests here until its archetype is created in the World of thought by the rhythmic power of the music of the spheres. Here he learns the value of thought and actually sees its power for good or evil demonstrated, and he now realizes how necessary it is for the Spirit to gain control of the mind and direct its activities in accordance to the divine plan governing evolution.

   He now fully realizes that his own creative force is a God power implanted in him by his divine Creator; and that all this spirit essence that is not used for the building of bodies for incoming Egos, should be consciously directed to the brain, and there expended in forming those germinal ideas which, when developed into concrete realities are of such eternal value to his fellow men in developing their own divine potentialities into that dynamic spiritual energy which is so necessary for the overcoming of evil and the promotion of good.

   The individual has now gained control of his mind and holds the balance of power between the organs of generation and the brain. The Spirit is now the ruler of his lower self and is able to direct all of its activities into fields of endeavor that will produce true spiritual growth. The spiritual center in the thyroid gland vibrate to violet.

The Pituitary Body — World of Life Spirit

   The pituitary body is under the rulership of Uranus. The keynote of this great planetary Spirit expresses itself on the physical plane as originality, universality, love of liberty for all, compassion, ingenuity, independence, reformation, progression, inventiveness, sudden action, intuition, clairvoyance, mysticism, and altruism.

   Debased, we find these lofty expressions manifesting as eccentricity, Bohemianism, fanaticism, licentiousness, irresponsibility, spasmodic action, riotousness, perversion, impatience, and anarchy.

   The clear, celestial keynote of the planetary Spirit of Uranus lilts high above that of Venus and in time awakens its corresponding keynote in the pituitary body. Then the sixth rose on the cross of the vital body unfolds its golden petals and comes into bloom. This heightened vibration of the pituitary lifts the consciousness of the individual into the realm of Life Spirit where all of God's children eventually become united in oneness with Him, and he sees the life force of God which permeates the whole of creation uniting each with all. This is the region of pure altruism.

   In the realm of Life Spirit is a record of all that has taken place since the dawn of creation, and to this great storehouse of knowledge the individual now has ready access. From it he may glean definite information relative to the evolution of our own world and also to that of all the other planets of our solar system. Here, too, he consciously contacts his own superconscious mind which reveals to him the story of all his past lives from the time when he was conceived in the great body of the Father-Mother-God down to the present day.

   In this realm the individual contacts the great Lords of From who have special charge of evolution during our Earth Period and from them he learns the true meaning of dynamic spiritual energy and how it is used to create form.

   The pituitary body is one of the links in the spiritual chain that connects man with the great Christ Spirit who ordinarily functions in His life spirit vehicle: heart, pituitary body, light ether, Uranus, intellectual soul, life spirit. And all of these are used by the individual in developing the Christ within which is his own life spirit. The pituitary is the primary seat of the life spirit, and the heart is the secondary seat. By seat is meant the medium through which the individual works in developing the latent potentialities of his own life spirit which is the feminine pole of his being — the imaginative, nurturing, protecting mother energy of his Spirit. The color of the life spirit is yellow; the color of Uranus is yellow; the color of light ether is yellow; and when the pituitary body is awakened, it shines with a yellow light.

   The pituitary body is closely connected with the mystic path leading to Initiation.

   Thus it is clearly to be seen that the arousing of the pituitary body into action is one of the most important accomplishments to be attained in the development of the feminine, love-wisdom powers of the Spirit.

The Pineal Gland — World of Divine Spirit

   The pineal gland is ruled by Neptune, the light bearer for the spiritual sun which is the Father. By nature this planet is esoteric, prophetic, and spiritual.

   Intellectuality, ruled by Mercury, lifted humanity above the animal and made man man. Spirituality, ruled by Neptune, will in time raise him above the human state and make him divine.

   Neptune manifesting on the physical plane results in knowledge above reason yet explainable by it, contact with superphysical entities of all degrees, spirituality, inspiration, clairvoyance, prophecy, devotion, ability to contact celestial music, ideation, will, occultism, philosophy, divinity, the initiator.

   Debased, we find its abnormal expression appearing as delusion, chaotic mental conditions, morbidity, incoherence, unreliability, vagueness, scheming, spirit-obsession, intrigue, and black magic.

   When the dominant, spiritual keynote of Neptune's planetary Spirit is sensed by the individual its indescribable beauty and power awaken a true knowledge of God and His purpose for creating our solar system; for at last he sees His divine will in action and knows Him as He is.

   The pineal gland is the seventh rose on the cross of the vital body. When its keynote is aroused into action by the vibration of the planetary Spirit of Neptune it lifts the consciousness of the individual to the World of Divine Spirit. Here he contacts those mighty Beings known as the Lords of Individuality who assisted with our involuntary work during the Moon Period, and are now working with the life spirit of man. Knowledge of other solar systems than our own is contacted by him in this high region, and something is learned of other Gods and the worlds and beings that have been created by them.

   The World of Divine Spirit is the region of pure will. There the positive energy of God expresses itself as the motive power which keeps all creation in action.

   The esoteric path of development is closely connected with the intellectual activity developed by the Moon, Mercury, the pineal gland, and Neptune. The ray of Neptune carries what the esotericists know as the Father Fire, the light and life of the divine spirit, which expresses itself as will. the color of the Father Fire is blue; Neptune's light is blue; the reflecting ether correlated to the Father is translucent blue; and when the pineal gland is aroused into action its color vibrates to a beautiful dazzling blue.

   The awakening of the pineal gland is of the utmost importance in developing the masculine, positive will power of the Spirit.

   The awakening of the keynotes of the ductless (endocrine) glands is very closely associated with Initiation, and is one of the spirit's most valuable aids in its preparation to receive initiatory work.

   Three great lessons have been given to man to assist him in his development. The first one was presented in the form of pictures and images which represented the physical powers to be developed by humanity in order that they might conquer the material world. The second was given by Jehovah God and delivered to the people by Moses. This lesson was embodied in laws in the form of the Ten Commandments. These laws work directly on the Desire Body and assist the individual in gaining control of it. The third lesson is Initiation brought to us by the Christ Spirit, the Lord of Love. The work leading up to Initiation is done on the Vital Body, which is the vehicle of love. The ductless (endocrine) glands belong to the vital body and their spiritual activity is a tremendous help in assisting the individual in his preparation for the various initiatory degrees.

   To progress spiritually it is imperative that the individual get control of his mind and this can be accomplished only through eternal vigilance. We all know that with most people the mind and the desires work in the closest relationship. But the mind should be under the control of the Spirit and assist it in directing the desires, which then become a mighty force for good. Persistent concentration is the power used by the individual in getting control of the mind. When concentrating the Spirit, has its will power focused on the mind and is directing it toward a certain ideal. The longer the Spirit can hold the mind centered, the more control the individual is getting over it, and the more readily it will follow his dictates.

   When the mind is not occupied with the work of the day it should be constantly watched and directed toward things that are of spiritual value — like the analysis of what constitutes beauty, what is real charity, what is kindness, gentleness, justice and truth? The Spirit cannot get control of the mind by expending just a little effort. It is engaged in a battle royal with the desire body for its possession, but it is the stronger and wiser of the two, and if it will use its will power it can win.

  The mind is the link between the Spirit and its vehicles by means of which the Spirit gets the spiritual food necessary for the development of its divine potentialities; and until the Spirit gets control of its mind it can make no real spiritual progress.

   In the future the ductless (endocrine) glands are destined to play an important role; their development will accelerate evolution greatly, for their effect while most important physically is of far greater importance mentally and spiritually.

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Contemporary Mystic Christianity

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