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Astro-Diagnosis — A Guide To Healing
by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 6)

No. 13G: Rickets and Tetany

   Female, born January 6th, 1911, 8:20 P.M.

   We have here the horoscope of a young girl who has the common sign of Virgo on the Ascendant, with the sun in the fifth house in Capricorn. We are told in The Message of the Stars, (click/touch here), that the sun rules the vital fluid which is drawn into the body through the spleen and how this life-giving fluid feeds the entire organism. The sun is afflicted in this case by an opposition of Neptune, which is placed in the sign of Cancer. Cancer has rule over the stomach. The sun is also afflicted by a parallel of Mars and Uranus. We here may see that the gateway of the body through which the solar force must needs enter in order to make it possible for the vital body to restore what the desire body destroys, has not worked normally even from birth. When the sun is afflicted by the spasmodic Uranus, the cramping effect of Neptune, and the inflammatory conditions of the fiery Mars, we may expect that at some time during the life of the native, when nature's laws have been broken and when the progressed planets start the afflictions into action, there will be trouble.

   In the beginning of the year 1923 the progressed moon was passing through the sign of Virgo and made a square to the radical Mars in Sagittarius. This disturbed the metabolism of the digestive tract, which on account of the resulting inflammation was unable to furnish the blood with the proper amount of mineral salts. This combined with the disturbed solar force caused by an afflicted sun deprived the bones and the muscles of their —

Birth Chart No. 13G

— nourishment. In January 1923 the new moon fell in conjunction with the radical Venus, Uranus, and Mercury, square to Saturn, and opposition to Neptune. This excited the latent condition caused by Neptune in Cancer, the sun, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury in Capricorn, and the malefic Saturn in Aries making a square to the last three planets. Added to all these afflictions Mars radical is parallel to Uranus, Neptune, Venus and the sun. Do we wonder that this young girl was afflicted with the dread disease of rickets, which is a malady in which the bones are lacking in mineral matter, and with tetany, which is a disease causing a nervous contraction of the muscles of the extremities?

   Had the parents known the tendencies in this horoscope when the child was quite young and carefully chosen her food so that she would have received the greatest possible amount of nourishment from the smallest possible amount of it, avoiding the excessive use of sugar, starches, and proteins, and had they used more of nature's pure, green vegetables, they might have helped her to build better bones and muscles. Unfortunately many of our northern countries do not have the pure green food all the year round such as we have here in sunny California, where it may be found in abundance twelve months in the year.

   In prescribing a diet for the patient suffering from the above malady we would eliminate all heavy proteins, giving her plenty of pure fresh goat's milk, carrots, lettuce, onions, and spinach, adding a very small amount of entire wheat bread each day to give bulk. Let her lie in the sunshine as much as possible; especially should the sun shine upon the spine. Give her friction rubs, which will stimulate the circulation.

XXV: The Nerves

No. 14A, B: Nervous Breakdown and Paralysis

In order to illustrate to the student why the same disease will leave different after-effects we will use two horoscopes. These two charts prove the claim which we have always made that there is no more perfect way of diagnosing the disease of a patient, nothing more reliable, than astro-diagnosis.

   Both patients have called upon the Invisible Helpers for healing, and both have been sufferers from that dread disease which has taken so many lives all over the world and has claimed more victims than did the world war, the disease which the doctors call influenza, or for short, the "flu."

No. 14A

Male, born June 3rd, 1855, 2:00 A.M.

   Here we have the ambitious, fiery sign of Aries on the Ascendant, with the sun in the restless, nervous sign of Gemini in the house of finances, in conjunction with the persevering, tactful, thrifty, grasping Saturn. The ruler of the horoscope, Mars, is in the last degrees of Taurus, square to Jupiter. Jupiter has great love for finance. He likes it and therefore can —

Birth Chart No. 14A

— do great things with it. He is large and benevolent in all his ways. We find that this man had a great desire for wealth, and after having had influenza he put such a strain upon his physical body in order to gain wealth that he brought about a nervous condition from which he is now suffering. He has the restless moon in the Midheaven trine to the irresponsible and inventive Uranus, giving a great desire for speculation and to engage in get-rich-quick schemes. But Neptune, the planet dealing with large corporations and speculation, is square to the sun and Saturn in the 2nd house, showing that he has always been speculating with large corporations and always losing.

   Venus in Cancer in the 4th house in opposition to the moon in the Midheaven gives an extravagant, frivolous, slothful, and dissolute condition in the home, indicating that money is wasted and used very foolishly, giving the native even greater desire to make money. He sacrificed his vitality for the almighty dollar. Being a telegraph operator, he used the brain and the fingers tips to excess, which caused inadequate nutrition of the nervous system. The result was a complete nervous breakdown.

No. 14B

Male, born April 15, 1865, 8:22 A.M.

   With the nervous sign Gemini rising and the restless, unconventional Uranus on the Ascendant in opposition to Jupiter, ruler of the arterial blood, this man was an easy prey to pneumonia, as the capillaries of the lungs were contracted, which made oxygenation spasmodic.

   The sun, the life giver, we find in the 11th house in Aries, in opposition to the retrograde Saturn in Libra. Saturn is in his exaltation in Libra and very powerful. We would ordinarily look for the greatest trouble in the corresponding part of the body. This man would some time have suffered with renal disorder as the body was very sluggish and charged with impurities and the kidneys had not been eliminating properly for a number of years. He has always been a hearty enter. With Mars in Cancer square to Neptune, he has been very immoderate and abnormal in the indulgence of his appetite, also too fond of liquids.

   The planets frequently work in opposites. In this case we find that the sign Aries is the seat of the principal trouble. This man was paralyzed after the effects of pneumonia were overcome.

   We can see the difference between these two men. 14A is more able to overcome disease, having the fiery, ambitious sign of Aries on the Ascendant. He has better circulation for he has Mercury and Jupiter trine. 14B has the restless, emotional Uranus in Gemini on the Ascendant badly afflicted, and it is very difficult for him to remain quiet and calm; his emotions constantly carry him to excesses and extremes. Both should be put —

Birth Chart No. 14B

— on a strict diet, for they have indulged too freely in the good things of the table. It should consist principally of vegetables, including raw onions, parsley, and celery.

   14A is suffering from a complete nervous breakdown, while 14B is paralyzed.

No. 14C, D: Defective Walk

A pair of most interestingly similar charts, both in aspects and symptoms, will now be considered. We will first take figure No. 14C, that of a boy born November 25, 1899, 0:30 A.M.

   We find the vacillating and negative moon in the 12th house near the Ascendant, as the ruler of the horoscope. This planet is square to the sun and Uranus. These last two planets are in conjunction in Sagittarius, the sign which has rule over the hips, the sacral region of the spine, and the coccygeal region. Sagittarius also has rule over the iliac arteries and veins, sciatic nerves, and locomotor muscles in hips and thighs. We also find Mars in this sign of the hips, in conjunction with Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. Venus rules the venous blood, and wherever this planet is placed and afflicted, the circulation in that part of the body is impeded. Mars burns up while Saturn restricts, contracts, and dries up. So we find that the circulation is interfered with by these two afflicting planets, and as Mercury rules the nerves we might expect that this boy would suffer from restrictions in the region of the hips. Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, works upon the nervous system and rules the spinal canal. In this horoscope Neptune is placed in the 10th house in an angle where his power is greater than when placed in a cadent or succeedent house. We also find him in the sign of Mercury (Gemini) which rules the upper spinal nerves. As Neptune is in opposition to Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, and parallel with Saturn, Mars, and Uranus, through this planet which has so many aspects and the greater number of them afflictions, we can locate the seat of the —

Birth Chart No. 14C

— trouble, obstruction in the nervous system and spinal fluids.

   This boy has never been able to walk without staggering like a drunken man. Gemini being the sign of speech, and Mercury the planet ruling speech, Neptune in Gemini has prevented his from learning to use the faculty of speech. With the moon, the life ruler, afflicted in Virgo (the moon having rule over the white fluids of the body, and Mercury, the small intestine), it will be doubtful whether this young man can overcome these afflictions, for a negative sign is rising and the afflictions from angles are stronger than the will of the patient.

No. 14D

   The second figure, that of a young man born March 17, 1900, 1:00 A.M., has the energetic sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant with Jupiter, the life ruler, in its own sign in the 12th house, in conjunction with the nervous and erratic Uranus, which is co-ruler of the horoscope. These two planets are also in conjunction with the Dragon's Head with is of a Jupiterian nature. They are afflicted by a square of Mars, from the sign Pisces, also a parallel of Neptune and Saturn. With these afflictions of Jupiter ruling the arterial blood, in the two Jupiterian signs, Sagittarius (hips) and Pisces (the feet), what may we expect but that the arterial blood would be obstructed in the limbs? As the action of Uranus is spasmodic, it shows that at certain times only does this young man suffer with cramping of the motor nerves. But we find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, ruling the knees, afflicted by the square of the moon from near the Midheaven, also by the square of Mercury in Aries. As the joints of the body are largely ruled by the sign Capricorn, especially when Saturn is placed in this sign and afflicted, we may expect a lack of power in and control of the lower part of the body.

Birth Chart No. 14D

   We find Neptune, the planet ruling the spinal canal and the spinal spirit fire, square to the life-giving sun. This aspect acts upon the body as a disconnected wire would upon a telephone; there would be no response. The vital fluids cannot flow freely through the spinal column; and the upper and lower part of the body may be likened to two disconnected wires. This boy, like the first one, could not walk without the support of crutches; but this affliction was very slight until he reached the age of seven years when the progressed moon reached the conjunction of the radical Saturn; then he lost entire control of his limbs.

   We are told in Galatians, 6th chapter, 7th verse, that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The question might be asked, "How could these poor young men he held responsible for something that came upon them as babes?" We are told that this life is not all, that we have lived many lives, and that we are born to parent with whom we have made ties in previous lives. They are the instruments through which we are to receive our lessons. As we look into the lives of these poor souls we see this exemplified. They have been attracted to parents who could give them certain bodies, the archetype of which they themselves were the builders. We note in Horoscope No. 14C that Neptune is in the 10th house, opposition Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in the 4th house, indicating lewdness and drunkeness of both parents; while in No. 14D the moon is afflicted in the 9th house by an opposition of Mercury, and Saturn in square to both Mercury and moon, indicating a drunken father and a nervous and neurasthenic mother.

   May the poor boys born into these miserably afflicted bodies learn their lessons, as afflictions are to the soul what fire is to gold — a refiner. Surely the experiences in this life will bring them much purification and soul growth.

No. 14E: Exaggerated Hysteria
Female, born December 5th, 1873, 8:45 P.M.

This horoscope has the positive, vital, and fixed sign of Leo on the Ascendant, with the ruler, the sun, in the fifth house in Sagittarius. The moon and Saturn are very strong in their own home signs. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, is in Capricorn in the sixth house, the house of sickness. We usually look to such a planet and its position for the key to the trouble. Saturn is square to the retrograde planet Neptune, which is in conjunction with the Midheaven and in the impulsive sign of Aries. Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury; it is in the ninth house, ruling the higher mind. In such a case we may expect to find brain storms or some abnormal mental trouble.

   The moon is in its own sign, Cancer, square to Jupiter. Therefore the native can expect little help from the moon, and so we must look to the planet Mercury to see if the mind is to receive assistance to overcome the square of Neptune to Saturn. Mercury is retrograde, which makes its influence latent, and in the sign of its fall, the common and negative sign of Sagittarius. Mercury, however, while weak by sign and retrograde, is helped by a sextile of Jupiter and by one of Saturn. This will save the native from insanity.

   Uranus, the planet of impulse, is retrograde and in the impulsive sign of Leo, in conjunction with the Ascendant and in opposition to the fiery Mars. Mars and Uranus are in angles, the first and seventh houses, and have a tendency to cause spells of temper and spasmodic emotions. This causes irregularity of the action of the heart.

Birth Chart No. 14E

   Neptune in Aries square to Saturn causes the mind to become very selfish, and from childhood this native has demanded that others grant her every wish. She would throw herself into a spasm in order to get what she wanted from her parents. This habit grew upon her, and when she reached the age of menopause, she had no control whatever over her emotions. The doctors diagnosed her case as exaggerated hysteria.

   As the progressed sun neared the conjunction with the radical Mars and the opposition to the radical Uranus, heart trouble developed as a result of the strain which she had put upon her body all through life by these selfish spells. With Neptune in Aries, square to Saturn, she is lacking in mental control and allows the emotional Uranus and Mars to entirely rule her life.

   Here is a case where the parents were much to blame by permitting her as a child to have her own way. If they had controlled her in these spells in the beginning, even though it had necessitated severe methods and caused the clashing of wills, it would have helped her to get mastery over the emotions. But as it is they permitted her to have her way, which has caused her untold suffering and may bring a fatal ending.

   This is a case in which the patient precipitated her trouble through violent actions. There is no reason whatever for poor health with only three afflictions, namely, Saturn square Neptune and the Midheaven, Uranus in conjunction with the Ascendant and in opposition to Mars, and Jupiter square the moon; while there are 15 good aspects in the horoscope, including the parallels and the sextile of the sun to Mars, and fixed and cardinal signs are on the angles. It may well be said that this woman is digging her own grave. Think of the archetype which she is laying the foundation for to be used in her next embodiment! Can it be wondered at that some souls are born with chronic and incurable diseases?

No. 14F: Obstruction of the Pneumogastric Nerve

Female, born April 4, 1915, 5 P.M.

In this horoscope we have the common sign of Virgo on the Ascendant, common signs on the four angles, and the afflicting planets are posited in the common signs. As a rule planetary afflictions from these weaker signs are more easily overcome than from cardinal or fixed signs, but when the patient also has common signs on the four angles he will not make the effort necessary to overcome planetary conditions.

   We find the sun in the martial and impulsive sign of Aries, sextile to Uranus. This latter planet is strong in its own sign of Aquarius. The moon is in the restless sign of Sagittarius, and the ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury, is in conjunction with the fiery and impulsive Mars. The positions of these various planets will give this child a most impulsive, restless, and ambitious nature, one which will keep her on the go constantly, and whatever she does will be done in a quick and impulsive manner. A lack of self-control is shown. She will eat hurriedly, failing to give proper —

Birth Chart No. 14F

— attention to the mastication of her food. This hurry and impulse will have a bad effect, for Mercury ruling the nervous system, conjunction Mars and square to the moon and the destructive Saturn, will cause the nervous organization to become deranged each time that the native gives way to great excitement, anger, excesses in eating, or anything which might produce a strain on the nerves.

   The moon has rule over the oesophagus and stomach, and Saturn, which is posited strongly in the Midheaven, has rule over the pneumogastric nerve. Saturn is in opposition to the moon, hence we may expect trouble from the branches of pneumogastric or vagus nerve. The two divisions of this great nerve, the esophageal and the gastric branches, are obstructed in their functions by Saturn, and this interferes with peristaltic action. The sluggish action of the oesophagus and the cardiac orifice cause the good to move too slowly through this tube before it reaches the stomach, and then it remains too long a time in the stomach before it is digested, for Saturn causes a sluggish condition of these organs. This may result in great distress.

   This girl suffered intensely with stomach trouble once every six or eight days, the time varying. These spells may be traced to the effect of the transiting moon as it passed through the common signs, forming the conjunction, opposition, or square of the planets in these signs. The moon transiting over its radical place in Sagittarius, over Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars in Pisces, and over Saturn in Gemini will bring these afflicted periods once a week.

   The parents consulted a number of doctors, each one giving a different diagnosis. One physician was positive of cancer and wanted to operate. Between these spells of stomach trouble the girl seemed to be in fairly good health.

   In a case of this kind undue excitement and all excesses should be avoided, at the time of the moon's transits over the afflicted planets. Caution in the choice of food should be exercised. All coarse foods which are hard to digest should be avoided, and everything that is eaten should be well masticated before it enters the esophageal tube.

XXVI: The Bones

No. 15A: Injury to Femur

  Male, born November 11, 1886, 6:36 A.M.

Sagittarius 24-24 is on the Ascendant in the present instance and the inflammatory and destructive Mars, the planet of impulse, is on the cusp of the Ascendant in the pleasure-loving and heedless sign of Sagittarius. This man was specially fond of horses. Mercury is in the 12th house in Sagittarius, sextile to the impulsive Uranus in the 11th house, friends, which shows a desire for swift action, racing, fast driving, et cetera. Mars, the ruler of the fifth house, which has rule over pleasures, is sextile Jupiter. This young man met with accident caused by horses.

   We find that at the age of 21 years the boy's progressed sun and Venus were in conjunction with the radical Mercury and sextile to Uranus, the progressed Mars having just passed the square to Uranus, and reached the sextile to Venus, indicating a most pleasurable time with friends. But the progressed moon was in square aspect to the radical Neptune, sextile to Mars, and opposition the Midheaven. This brought about an accident, the young man being thrown from a horse. From this he never recovered, the lower limbs becoming paralyzed as a result. He was rarely free from pain, and in 1916 the doctors removed part of the femur of the right leg, for the —

Birth Chart No. 15A

— fall had bruised the bone and it had rotted.

   We find Saturn in the 8th house in Cancer square to Jupiter, which is the ruler of the Ascendant. The moon is in its exaltation sign of Taurus, ruling the palate, and in the fifth house, hence there was a desire for drink. From the indications in the 11th house, friends, he was wined and dined until he had his body over charged with ash. Now when this is the case and the boy is unable to take care of the excess of rich food, the toxic products settle in the weakest place. With Jupiter afflicted in Libra, which has rule over the kidneys, these organs were overworked and not able to eliminate the toxins and poisonous matter. The bruised femur naturally was the point which attracted this toxic poison, and decomposition necessarily took place.

   After a number of operations the native passed out in June, 1918, when the progressed sun was nearing a conjunction with the Ascendant and the progressed moon was in Cancer in conjunction with Saturn in the 8th house, death; also the progressed Mars was then within one degree of an opposition to Saturn.

   Now had this young man been in touch with a physician who could have properly adjusted the misplaced femur and who would have placed him on a strict vegetarian diet, eliminating all meats and highly seasoned food in order to keep the blood pure, there would have been great possibilities that the life might have been prolonged and that he would not have become paralyzed. But unfortunately he was in a small town in far-off New Zealand where proper aid could not be obtained. The dislocated and bruised bone was neglected, and the diet was largely composed of flesh foods as vegetables were very scarce there at that time.

No. 15B: Arthritic Muscular Atrophy

  Female, Born December 4th, 1899, at 8 P.M.

This young woman has the watery sign of Cancer on the Ascendant, with the sun in the common sign of Sagittarius.

   It is the rule when looking for physical ailments to take the ruler of the 6th house, which rules sickness, and find the position of this planet and its aspects. In this horoscope we find 28 degrees of Sagittarius on the cusp of the 6th house, but the influences of this sign is almost spent before reaching this house. We therefore consider Capricorn, the sign on the 7th house, with 28 degrees on the cusp. The greater part of this sign is thus thrown into the 6th house; therefore we may consider Saturn as having rule over the house of sickness.

   We find this disturbing and crystallizing planet in 24-37 Sagittarius in conjunction with the inflammatory Mars and in opposition to Neptune and the Dragon's Tail. We are told in (click/touch here) The Message of the Stars that Neptune rules the spinal gas, or spinal fluid as the doctors call it. We find Neptune in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail in the sign of Gemini, which has rule over the arms and the region of the 6th and 7th cervical and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dorsal vertebrae. We find Mars and Saturn in the region of the lower end of the spine, the sacral or Sagittarian region.

Saturn when afflicted by Neptune gives very deep-seated disease, that which is difficult to understand. Saturn when afflicted also dries up the synovial fluid of the joints wherever he may be posited. When in conjunction with Mars in the sacral region we may expect trouble, for Mars is hot —

Birth Chart No. 15B

— and inflammatory and Saturn is cold and moist, with a restricting influence.

   We also find Uranus, the sun, and Mercury in conjunction and parallel in this same part of the body, namely the sacral or Sagittarian region. Wherever we find two hot, fiery planets such as the sun and Mars, we may expect that much of the heat and vitality of the body will be brought to this region, and when the restricting influence of Saturn is opposed to the abnormal and ossifying influence of an afflicted Neptune in the opposite region, namely the upper end of the spinal column, both exerting a harmful influence, we may liken the spinal fluid of the patient to a stream of water which has been dammed at both ends. No fresh water is allowed to flow in, and the old and stagnant water must remain and become polluted. As the greater number of afflictions are to be found in the sacral region, naturally the greater amount of impurity is also lodged there.

   This young girl developed arthritis of the hip joints at a very early age, partly on account of the neglect of the parents, who were very inharmonious. The father was a drunkard and libertine and the mother careless and neglectful of her home duties, spending most of her time away from home and leaving three little girls to shift for themselves. It was never definitely known whether the beginning of this disease was due to an accident; but the stars indicate a fall, which no doubt bruised the hip bone or the sacral bones and was probably the first cause of the disease. Gradually the right leg atrophied, and the spine became bent.

   In 1917 this girl called on Headquarters for the healing of her hand injured in an accident. Here we may again note the influence of Mars and Saturn in conjunction, which had their effect in the opposite sign, Gemini, and caused the breaking of one of the fingers. The bone became affected, and the doctors were unable to do anything to heal it. With the help of the Invisible Helpers, however, and a strict vegetarian diet she recovered. But the native has inherited tainted blood from the father, in conjunction with Saturn and in opposition to Neptune, which would indicate the affliction of the father, namely, the dread disease gonorrhea. Parents with this disease frequently attract souls for rebirth who must needs suffer from spinal diseases, blindness, etc. "The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small."

No. 15C
Osteomyelitis — Inflammation of Marrow of Bone

   Male, born January 9, 1898, 8:00 A.M.

This lesson is based on the horoscope of a man who has the fixed sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant, and fixed signs on all the angles indicating a nature that has the will strongly developed, and with the sun in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn there is indication that he has great persistence in resisting disease.

   How well he has succeeded in his fight is shown by the aspect between the sun and Mars, which often shows the extent of the damage which may have been done to the physical body. Any aspect between Mars and the sun, even though it be a square or an opposition, is better than no aspect. Strong signs on the angles and the sun in a determined sign is an indication of power to overcome physical restrictions. But in this case the sun is void of aspects to Mars showing that the disease has mastery over the man.

   Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn, is in conjunction with Venus, square to Jupiter, and elevated in the 11th house, indicating liability to accidents. Mars in the 11th house also shows that friends would be responsible for leading him into danger.

   We find a very prominent Uranus in this horoscope, which is near the cusp of the Midheaven, in conjunction with Saturn, sextile to Jupiter, and trine the moon, indicating one who wishes to shine, to be a good fellow among his friends; also one who would go to extremes in entertaining them. Uranus in Sagittarius shows impulse which finds expression through sports, —

Birth Chart No. 15C

— particularly in connection with four-footed animals. Saturn rules the bones.

   In 1917 the progressed Mars had reached a conjunction and a parallel of the radical sun, which is in 19-21 of Capricorn in the 12th house, the house of self-undoing. At the same time the progressed Venus was in parallel to the radical Saturn and Uranus. This indicates that during the year 1917, while with friends and horses this man sustained an injury to one of the bones of the leg, which although at the time seemed but a bad bruise, nevertheless was a deep-seated injury. We will see now how clearly and precisely the clock of destiny registers events. On December 3, 1918, there was an eclipse of the sun in 10-31 of Sagittarius, conjunction with this man's radical Saturn. The effect of an eclipse lasts during all the year which follows. In 1919 we find the progressed sun conjunction the Ascendant, progressed Venus opposition to the radical moon, and the progressed Mars conjunction the radical sun. We have here three afflictions during the year following the eclipse, and when the transiting moon on June 5, 1919, fell in square to the place of the eclipse at the same time making a square to the radical Uranus and Saturn, the young man was taken with severe pains in the right ankle, followed by chills and fever. From that time the leg began to swell and a large abscess formed, which was lanced by the doctor. As soon as one abscess healed another would form and in eight months he had been operated on for abscesses at least ten times. By 1920 pus began to run from small holes in the ankle and the doctors diagnosed the disease as "osteomyelitis."

   On April 26th, 1924, this man again entered the hospital for an operation, and at this time small pieces of bone were chipped away for seven inches up the leg.

   In August 1924, when he called upon Headquarters for healing he was returning to the hospital for another operation.

   It is unfortunate that many doctors do not realize that operations or removals of parts of the body will never permanently cure so long as the patient is not put on a proper diet.

   The writer visited a friend in a hospital a short time ago who was severely injured in an automobile accident. While she was strictly a vegetarian and disliked meat, the doctors compelled her to eat plentifully of meats and broths while her wounds were healing.

   In the horoscope of this young man under consideration we find Venus conjunction Mars in a Saturnian sign, and square to Jupiter. Venus and Mars are the rulers of the 4th and 10th houses indicating the parents, from whom he had inherited scrofulous blood. So we may realize that no matter how many bones the doctors may remove from his limb the real disease which is in the blood, can only be cured by the strictest vegetarian or fruit diet.

XXVII: Spirit Control

No. 16A: Spirit Control

   Male, born April 27, 1868, 6:37 P.M.

In the horoscope before us we consider first the mental qualities as shown in particular by Mercury and the moon. Mercury has three aspects, the conjunction with its higher octave Neptune, which occurs in Aries the sign of the head, a sextile to Venus in the Mercurial sign Gemini, and a square to the moon in Cancer. We also note that Mercury goes before the sun. This shows a kindly disposition and fairly good reasoning ability, though the native will not employ the ordinary processes of reasoning, but will use the Neptunian method in all his mental operations.

   The moon in the ninth house in the psychic sign Cancer, its home sign, and in conjunction with Uranus gives marked intuition. Saturn in Sagittarius, the 9th house sign, trine to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will help to bring order into the native's thoughts, with the result that he will be much more balanced than inspirational people usually are. Nevertheless he will always stand out from the crowd for he is marked as a dreamer. Uranus and the moon conjoined in the 9th house, the house of the higher mind, will overrule everything else. But the other configurations bearing —

Birth Chart No. 16A

— upon this matter save him from becoming foolish and a butt for jokes.

   With respect to his health, we note first that the ruler of Aries is near the cusp of the 6th house in conjunction with Neptune. Neptune makes a conjunction with Mercury, which will make this man very sensitive and irritable, offsetting in that respect at times what we said concerning the kindly disposition denoted by Mercury sextile to Venus. The moon and uranus in Cancer, the sign which governs the stomach, shows that it will be very difficult to please him with respect to food, and the square of Mars to this configuration shows that he is likely to have gastric trouble when the resistance of the system in broken down. Strong drink will be craved, and if this desire is indulged, the psychic experiences of delirium are inevitable.

   Spirit controls are very apt to take possession of the body of such a person even apart from drink because the square of the moon and Uranus to Neptune and Mars favors such a condition, and temporary insanity at least is liable to occur.

   Part of these statements have already been realized, for this patient has applied to Headquarters for relief from unwelcome attention of spirits which he had attracted at spiritualistic seances. He rebelled very much against the diet which was prescribed for him and could not be made to keep up the weekly letters. There is considerable hope, however, from the sun sextile to the moon and Uranus that the Ego will ultimately free itself from outside influences, though this will naturally cause the native a great deal more trouble than if he had remained on the healing list until cured instead of doing as he has done and as so many do.

   The moment such people feel the slightest relief they think there is no need for further help from others. That is not a bad attitude to take because upon the Path of Attainment it is continually held up as an ideal that "if thou art Christ, help thyself." There are too many leaners who do not wish to bear their responsibility, who shirk it whenever they can, who are always applying for help whenever they have even a toothache; some have even telegraphed because of a headache and other ridiculously small ailments. Therefore it is always best to encourage patients to help themselves as soon as it is possible, for in that way they gain spiritually even if physically their progress is more slow.

   In a case of this nature the simplest diet should be prescribed in order to soothe the nerves: lettuce if it is at all obtainable, and onions in the evening in any case. Such a diet, and exercises to limber up the spine, particularly in the lumbar region where Saturn in Sagittarius has a grip on the sciatic nerves, will in time restore such a patient to health provided he avoids liquor and stays away from spiritualistic seances.

No. 16B: Obsession; Tonsils

   Female, born August 17, 1881, at 9 A.M.

This horoscope is that of a woman who has the sign of Libra on the Ascendant, with cardinal signs on all four angles. The sun in the positive and fixed sign of Leo indicates that she will have determination well developed. This determination, however, may be expressed in he form of stubbornness, for Mercury is in Leo in the 10th house, square Saturn and Neptune, these last two planets being in the fixed and stubborn sign of Taurus. the squares of the above three planets, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury, are from the natural Capricorn or Saturnian 10th house, which is a dominant position, to the 8th house, which is the natural Scorpio or Mars house; so we may expect that this woman will be very fixed in nature and determined to follow her own inclinations.

   Her ideals or desires should have been expressed through Venus in Cancer, conjunction the Midheaven. Venus is sextile to Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus and parallel to the moon and Mars. This gives talent for art or music, also a love for dress and display, and Venus being ruler of the Ascendant, it should also give a sweet personality coupled with beauty of face and figure. According to the diagnosis of psycho-analysis this woman during the years of adolescence, when the life forces were welling up and the latent talents were seeking a means of expression, which would naturally be through art and music, was not finding her field. Her ideals were crushed as a result, and the spirit felt cramped and restrained.

Birth Chart No. 16B

   We may here see that Saturn, the ruler of the 4th house, indicating the mother, is restraining Neptune, the ruler of the 6th house, which indicates the service to be rendered. Mercury in the 10th, the house of the profession, is squaring Saturn and Neptune. We have here the proof that the mother was not in sympathy with this woman's choice of a profession, and forced her to express herself through channels where the spirit felt cramped and the artistic instincts were held in check. In the case of a weak and negative personality this sometimes works to advantage and the person does not feel the restraint. But with a fixed and positive nature such as we have in this horoscope, with five planets in fixed signs and cardinal signs on the four angles, the case is different; when a woman of this type has her ideals shattered, she finds it most difficult to adjust herself to the will of others. The impulses thus restrained most frequently find an expression in some other direction.

   In this case we find Neptune and Saturn trine Uranus; the psychic side must then be the means of giving this soul relief from its pent-up feelings. Uranus is square Mars, and the moon is conjunction and parallel Mars. These afflictions together with those of Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury gave this woman a negative development. Mediumship was most attractive to her. For a short time she had the greatest joy for she developed very rapidly, which we may see from Neptune trine Uranus, indicating psychism. But had this poor soul had a knowledge of astrology and could she have seen the danger signals in the planets she would not have meddled with the negative phase of spiritual development. She would not have forced her development as we have found that she did. Being a positive character the Invisible Helpers were able with her assistance to relieve her in a short time of a very bad case of obsession, which she had developed through the practice of mediumship.

   The advice given to this woman through Headquarters was to eat lightly of food consisting mainly of vegetables and fruits, eliminating heavy proteins and starches, and to keep her mind and body active, not forgetting to pray, for prayer is a wonderful help and a protection against adverse psychism.

   We also find in this horoscope a very helpful lesson relative to trouble with the throat. We find Neptune and Saturn in conjunction in Taurus, which rules the throat and larynx, square to Mercury in Leo; also Jupiter in Taurus is square to the sun in Leo, indicating that the circulation of the throat would be impaired at some time. Whenever we find Saturn and Neptune in conjunction there is some difficulty in the development of the corresponding organ. This woman developed a very bad case of tonsillitis, and submitted herself to an operation in which the tonsils were removed.

XXVIII: The Ductless Glands

No. 17A, B: Thyroid Gland Trouble

We will use a flat figure in both the following cases as the hour of birth is not known. This will not interfere with the diagnosis of disease, but knowledge of the rising sign is necessary, however, in determining the will of the patient. When the patient is facing a crisis it is well to know the exact time of birth in order to calculate the place of the moon and its relation to the transiting planets. These planets act as the minute hand of the planetary clock. They determine by their aspects to the radical and progressed planets whether the disease has reached a critical point. Especially do the new and full moons mark the time when changes may be expected.

No. 17A

   Female, born April 25, 1877.

   We are told in The Message of the Stars that Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury, and has rule over the pineal gland, while Mercury rules the thyroid. In this horoscope we find Venus, which rules the venous circulation, in its own sign of Taurus, ruler of the throat, in conjunction with Neptune and the sun, also square to Mars in the sign of Aquarius. Neptune when afflicted by Saturn as in the second horoscope, 17B, causes —

Birth Chart No. 17A

— atrophy or an undersized organ in whatever part of the body he may be found by sign. If in Leo, he may cause one valve of the heart to be smaller than the others, producing irregularity of circulation. In this horoscope, however, we find Neptune between Venus and the sun, which gives bulk, The sun brings heat and a large supply of blood to that part of the body in which it is placed by sign. In this case the throat is the part receiving the greatest flow of blood. When Mars is square to the sun or Venus we may find the corresponding organ enlarged abnormally. Mercury, the plant which rules the thyroid gland, is in Taurus, square to Uranus in the fixed sign of Leo. Uranus in this sign also has a tendency to enlarge the organ affected by it. Jupiter, which rules the arterial circulation, is square to the moon.

   This woman suffered from an enlarged thyroid gland, which reached such a size that it interfered with the circulation and caused poor heart action.

No. 17B

   Male, born September 26 1863.

   Venus is in conjunction with the sun, Mars, and Saturn, these four planets being in the sign of Libra and all in opposition to Neptune. This —

Birth Chart No. 17B

— configuration, particularly the obstructing influence of Saturn, caused a disturbance in the thyroid gland, which, however, was not enlarged as in the previous case, but its functions and circulation were interfered with. This caused the man to suffer from weakened memory, deranged kidneys, and enlargement of the prostate gland.

   What could be advised in order to help these patients? might be asked. In the case of the woman of the first horoscope, where an excess of blood is found in the throat and both Jupiter and Venus are afflicted, causing poor arterial and venous circulation, we would advise a brisk rubbing of the lower limbs with a pair of bath gloves, also hot foot baths to cause the blood to circulate more freely to the lower part of the body thereby taking the pressure away from the throat. We would also decrease the amount of food which makes for flesh, such as white bread, pastries, sugar, and the like. In the second horoscope we find the moon in Pisces, a watery sign, which gives a craving for liquids. It is square to Uranus. This together with the conjunction of Venus with Mars, sun, and Saturn indicates that the lower nature, especially sex, has been the native's undoing. We would advise elimination of highly seasoned foods, liquor, tobacco, and meat, and that he live a simple life with plenty of outdoor exercise.

No. 17C: The Thymus Gland

   Male, born August 16, 1918, 1:45 A.M.

This is the horoscope of a young boy who has the watery and cardinal sign of Cancer on the Ascendant. People with cardinal signs on the Ascendant are more tense, or we may call it more high-strung and sensitive than others. They feel more keenly. Not alone are their feelings more quickly hurt, but their bodies are more sensitive to pain, and heir suffering is more intense.

   This boy has the magnanimous and jovial Jupiter in conjunction with the Ascendant. Jupiter is parallel to the moon, which is the ruler of the Ascendant, and Jupiter and the moon are in mutual exception. The suave and loving Venus is in the first house, which will give the native a beautiful form and face and a most lovable and attractive personality.

   At the age of about twenty months he was taken ill with meningitis, which is an inflammation of the membranes enveloping the brain and spinal cord. He recovered from this illness, but his head began to enlarge, and he lost his sense of hearing. The enlargement of the head became so pronounced that it necessitated operations. At two periods a little past the age of three years (we judge the first to have been about when the progressed moon reached 27 degrees of Capricorn, which brought it to the opposition of Venus, or two months later when it reached the square of Mars) two operations were performed. A small piece of bone was removed from each temple, making an opening into the brain. This caused water to gush out of the brain, and seemed to relieve the child for a time; but later it was necessary to —

Birth Chart No. 17C

— relieve the back of the head by two operations just behind the ears, one on each side of the head. We are unable to give the exact dates of these operations. We believe, however, that the moon's aspects registered them. We find that about twenty-five months after the first operation the moon was in opposition to Saturn, which registered another disturbance that we feel probably marked the time of the operation on the back of the head.

   The parents brought this boy from the middle West to Los Angeles and placed him in charge of a noted osteopathic physician, who superintended the operations and treated him with the scientific manipulations of the modern and excellent method of healing, osteopathy. The parents also placed the child on our healing list with the hope that he might regain his sense of hearing, which he lost at about the age of one and one-half years. The writer was not made familiar with the past of the boy until after she had diagnosed the case to a friend, so we will see how closely the planets tally with the case.

   Venus, which has rule over the thymus gland, is strong in the first house and is afflicted by the square of Mars. Mars is close to the cusp of its own sign Scorpio. Mars indicates injuries. Scorpio is the sign which has rule over the physician. The birth of this boy was a very labored one. The life of the mother as well as that of the boy was despaired of. The present-day physician does not allow the birth to be a natural one if it takes too much of his time, for he is too busy and must hurry back to his office to see his other patients. Consequently a large proportion of births are hurried through the use of instruments. In this case the forced birth caused an injury to certain nerves and to the innominate blood vessels which carry the blood through the thymus gland to the brain. With Saturn in conjunction with the sun in Leo, which has rule over the spinal cord, and both in opposition to Uranus the spinal fluid was restricted and sluggish. Uranus, which is the higher octave of Venus, has rule over the pituitary body. This body is connected directly with the outer sheath of the spinal cord, the dura mater Uranus being afflicted by the sun and Saturn has interfered much with the functions of the spinal fluids.

   The thymus gland in a small child regulates the blood flow to and from the brain through the innominate artery and vein. At birth the neck of this child was in some manner injured, causing restriction of the flow of the blood. The circulation being restricted, the head consequently filled with water. The most interesting proof of this is that at the removal of the pieces of bone from the temples, also from the back of the head, there was no red blood in the wounds, at which the doctors marveled. The osteopathic physician had been very active in his manipulations and treatments of the thymus gland and the spinal column, showing that his diagnosis tallied with ours.

   The boy is seemingly in good health but has lost his hearing. There is some hope that this may be regained. When he reaches puberty and the thyroid gland takes up the work of the thymus gland, the nerves and the blood vessels which serve the ear may be stimulated, and through the aid of the Invisible Helpers the hearing may be regained. There is, however, some danger that the operations which were performed on the back of the head may have permanently injured the nerves, which would affect the hearing.

No. 17D: The Adrenals

   Female, born November 27th, 1905, 1:15 P.M.

This young woman has the watery and negative sign of Pisces on the Ascendant, and Jupiter, the ruler, retrograde in Gemini in the third house in opposition to the life-giving sun. This to begin with is a much hampered and restricted ruler, and is an indication that this soul has in its former lives contracted debts of destiny which have matured and await their payment in this life; for if the life ruler is afflicted by the most powerful planet, namely the sun, also the square of Saturn and the parallel of Mars, and is receiving little help, having only one helpful aspect, the trine of Mars from the twelfth house, then we may take it that this person will have her debts to pay in this life, and there will be no freedom until they are liquidated.

   We find a very well-aspected Mercury in the 10th house, in conjunction with the moon, the Midheaven, and Uranus, and sextile to Saturn. The moon, which has partial rule over the mind, is in conjunction with the Midheaven, giving the native a quick, keen mind. From a mental standpoint this girl should be able to accomplish anything upon which she sets her mind, and one wonders why such a mind is seemingly not accomplishing anything. What is the cause?

   We find common signs on all the four angles; the life ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde in the common sign of Gemini, which is the sign of its fall, and the sun also is in a common sign. These are indications that this soul is satisfied to drift with the tide. Whatever headway she makes in this life will be through the prodding influence of the father, signified by the tenth house.

Birth Chart No. 17D

   Jupiter has rule over the arterial circulation. His afflictions tend to restrict the free flow of the blood stream. Jupiter also has rule over the adrenals, the two tiny ductless glands which are over the kidneys. These two organs, like the thyroid gland, help to take care of the blood. As it passes through them, it receives its supply of adrenal secretion. This secretion gives energy to the body and causes the fluids to flow more freely. The adrenals are the organs which stimulate the body. When we find Jupiter, which has rule over these organs, as the life ruler and so severely afflicted, we may expect the patient to be lacking in energy, a negative and ambition-less person.

   Neptune, which is the higher octave of Mercury, works upon the nervous system, and rules the pineal gland and the spinal canal. It is retrograde and in opposition to the spasmodic and erratic Uranus, the planet which rules the pituitary body. Therefore we may look for a general derangement of the ductless glands. We find a disturbance of the adrenals, which are excited by the emotions, causing an uneven flow of their secretions, sometimes resulting in convulsions or the opposite, coma, according to the character of the uncontrolled emotions of the patient.

   This girl is the daughter of a wealthy father and a most self-willed and selfish mother, who is addicted to the use of cigarettes and liquor. While the mother was pregnant with this child, at times when she saw her husband coming from his place of business she would throw herself into a fit in order to work on his sympathy. In this manner she would get all her selfish wants supplied. We are told in he Rosicrucian Teachings that the Ego is attracted to a parent through whom it may receive its lessons, and it may well be said that this girl found in her mother one who could bring to her many sad lessons.

   If the girl is crossed she quickly flies into a rage which ends in a fit very similar to epilepsy. However, she does not froth at the mouth, neither do her jaws set, as is sometimes the case in the above disease. Temper causes the adrenal fluid to flow too rapidly into the blood. Excess of this fluid causes jealousy and envy.

   We find two different conditions expressed in the spells under which this girl labors. Jupiter is in opposition to the Sun, and parallel to Mars, which causes at times an excess of secretions, giving rise to the condition already mentioned. At other time she will swoon away, being perfectly lifeless and rigid. This last condition is brought on when the adrenals stop sending their fluid into the blood, indicated by Saturn square to Jupiter. When under the first mentioned condition she has all the appearance of one who is obsessed and becomes very cruel to those about her. This is also shown in the horoscope by the opposition of Neptune to Uranus.

   The father has spent a fortune trying first one doctor and then another, but to no avail. The girl is quite normal when not laboring under the influence of these spells. She, like her mother, also throws herself into them in order to work upon the sympathy of her mother, sisters, and father.

   The latest diagnosis of the doctors is that a tumor is growing in the brain near the cerebellum, and both the girl and her mother wish her to have an operation, while the father is bitterly opposed to it. What the outcome will be remains to be seen. Should she submit to the knife, as she is determined to do, she may spend the remainder of her life in an institution as a mental patient.

XXIX: Special Conditions

No. 18A: Deficiency in Lymph

   Male, born May 11, 1913, 6:59 A.M.

A child is the subject of this reading, who was about fifteen months old at the time the reading was originally made. Ordinarily it might seem superfluous to judge the character and mentality of one so young. Nevertheless, when we consider the body from a spiritual standpoint as the temple of an indwelling divine spirit, it will be seen that the builder and architect of that temple must be taken into consideration from the very first breath until the time when the silver cord snaps.

   The mercurial sign Gemini is rising, but there is not the ordinary Gemini nature, for Saturn in Gemini puts his obstructive hand upon this child and will give a tendency to melancholy and a retiring disposition, a desire to get away from society.

   Mercury and Venus in Aries, square to the moon and Neptune, give a tendency to secretiveness, but the sextile of Saturn to Mars and Saturn's trine to Uranus make the mind idealistic and energetic. Thus on the whole there is good material for the parents to work upon. They should by all means discourage the tendency to secretiveness, encourage idealism, and make the youngster play with his companions. It looks very much as though —

Birth Chart No. 18A

— he might be too much taken with himself, and from the very earliest childhood he should be taught to go among people. He should never be allowed to go out by himself more than can possibly be helped.

   Usually children of this age sleep largely from morning till night and from night till morning; as soon as they have received food they go out into dreamland that assimilation may be carried on better. But this is not the case with our little subject; sleeplessness, restlessness, and nervousness are the results of the opposition of the moon and Neptune to Jupiter and the square of these three planets to Mercury and Venus posited in Aries, the sign governing the head. Thus the whole nature is aquiver, the child cannot get the needed rest, hence it is sick.

   The main trouble comes from the fact that the moon is conjunct Neptune. This interferes with the distribution of the fluid indispensable to assimilation, the lymph. Jupiter is afflicted by these two planets, and he governs assimilation. On account of these two facts the child will not grow as fast as he might other wise. He has peculiar notions about his food, and these ideas will grow as he grows. This tendency is one of the things that must be dealt with firmly, for the square of the moon to Venus gives abnormal cravings, the moon and Neptune in Cancer will cause the child to long for something that he never finds, and this might lead to the formation of habits that would be extremely dangerous. No matter how he may protest and though it may seem that ordinary foods do not agree with him, he should be taught to eat everything of a good and healthful nature that comes on the table, for the formation of a healthy appetite will counteract the strange tendency that is dormant in his nature. Sweets in moderation will help.

   The circulation is interfered with by the affliction of Neptune and the moon to Venus and Jupiter. Saturn and Uranus are strongly configurated by trine and parallel from airy signs; this further reacts upon the circulation and makes it spasmodic. The heart has a tendency to flutter on account of the presence of Uranus in Aquarius. Thus the poor little child is considerably afflicted to start with. Nevertheless there is no need of worry, for the sun is trine to Jupiter and sextile to the moon and Neptune. The fact also that it is in the marvelously vital sign of Taurus will operate to preserve life, and even Saturn on the Ascendant gives persistence, resistance to disease, and tenacity of life.

   There will be crises in the life, however, which knowledge of the foregoing will make it more easy for the parents to prepare for. The most severe one will come at the time of puberty. Then the progressed moon will be working in the 8th house, the house of death, and in opposition to its own place, configurated with Neptune and square to Mercury and Venus. This is a serious position but not all to be feared on account of the fact that the sun is so strong in the horoscope. Moreover the trine of Saturn and Uranus and the sextile of Saturn and Mars give a wonderful elasticity and energy to the nature so that no matter though the boy be brought near the grave, he will have the resilience to recuperate with astonishing rapidity.

   At the present time it should be investigated as to whether the mother is nursing the child, and whether she has felt nervous and run down. If so, the child should at once be put upon a diet of goat's milk, which will give the needed ether to compensate for the lack of lymph, and though the child may not like the diet, he will grow accustomed to it.

No. 18B: Polypi and Kidney Trouble

   Male, born June 3, 1865, at 3:00 A.M.

We have here the horoscope of a man with the fixed sign of Taurus on the Ascendant, and the ruler, Venus, posited just above the Ascendant in Taurus and in the 12th house. Venus is making but two major aspects, a conjunction with the Ascendant, and a square to the inflammatory Mars, which is in the fixed sign of Leo and in the 4th house.

   The sign of Taurus rules the neck, throat, lower jaw, larynx, and tonsils, and its opposite signs, Scorpio, rules the rectum, descending colon, urethra, and also the nose. These signs of Scorpio and Taurus are the most vital signs of the twelve. Mark the strange coincidence which lies in the fact that Taurus rules the greater part of the lower head and neck, and the organs adjacent to the upper end of the spinal column, while Scorpio slips in with its influence by ruling the nose in addition to the organs —

Birth Chart No. 18B

— near the lower end of the spinal column. Leo, the sign which squares Taurus and Scorpio, rules the river of life, the spinal fluid, which connects the organs ruled by Taurus and Scorpio.

   Now in the horoscope under consideration we find the inflammatory Mars in Leo, square to Venus in Taurus. Venus, being at home in this sign, naturally attracts to herself the inflammatory influence of Mars whenever Mars is found either in Taurus or afflicting her in that sign. Then we may look for inflammatory troubles in the nose, generative organs, or rectum. We may also look for the polypus which is a small growth peduncular in shape that grows from the mucous membrane of the nose, and which often closes the nasal passages, causing difficulty in breathing. It sometimes also grows within the vagina or rectum. The habit of mouth breathing in children often lays the foundation for these growths in the nose when planetary afflictions are present in the horoscope. The mucous membrane of the nose is then abnormally sensitive and subject to irritation, which may result in these polypi, frequently causing hay fever or asthma.

   The patient whose horoscope we are considering suffered with these growths in both nasal passages, making it necessary that he breathe entirely through the mouth. The moon is in 4 degrees and 19 minutes of Libra in the 6th house, which is the house of health. The moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach. At the age of twenty-eight, when the moon by progression had reached its place at birth, this man became seriously ill with painter's colic, which later resulted in permanent injury to the kidneys. The latter is due to the moon and Saturn in Libra, which sign has rule over the kidneys. This general break in the health increased the small growths in the nose, which resulted in an operation when the moon progressed into Scorpio and was in opposition to Venus.

   By eliminating meat, tobacco, liquor, and all condiments and living as near as possible to nature's laws, this man is again enjoying good health.

No. 18C: Pyorrhea

   Female, born July 13, 1871, 5:30 A.M.

Leo, a fiery sign, here in on the Ascendant with the life ruler, the sun, in the 21th house in Cancer in conjunction with Mercury and Uranus and square to Neptune. We know from our reading of The Message of the Stars that Cancer rules the stomach, in which the greater amount of food must be digested. This organ is the central supply station through which the body receives its sustenance. Cancer also rules the esophagus, the tube between the pharynx and the stomach, and the thoracic duct, the principal duct which carries the lymph of the body.

   We note in this horoscope Uranus afflicted by a square of Neptune from the Midheaven and the sign Aries. With Mercury and the sun also in conjunction with Uranus and square to Neptune, we may expect an abnormal or a radical mind. When an idea is formed it is carried to an extreme. This woman could find no limit in anything, and we find this tendency indicated regarding food. With the sign of Cancer on the cusp of the 12th house, the —

Birth Chart No. 18C

— house of self-undoing and limitations, and with the above afflictions of Uranus, Mercury, and the sun we may expect great impulse and a decided tendency to overeat.

   The planets in the 12th and 6th houses when afflicted are the most detrimental to health, and in this horoscope we may look to the stomach as being the seat of the trouble. Let us find the reason for this assertion:

   The moon which is the ruler of the 12th house is in the house of friends, the 11th, and square to Venus in the 2nd in the 6th house sign, Virgo, ruling labor and sickness. This plainly shows us that this woman was most hospitable, loved to entertain her friends, was happy when she could regale them, and as indicated went to extremes in this direction. Venus square moon indicates an abnormal desire for pastry and sugar; it indicates one who having eaten a heavy meal, richly prepared, would indulge in chocolate creams and various other ash producing dainties. This is one of the types of women whom we often meet, whose greatest pride is in cooking and who are never so happy as when they are entertaining at a sumptuously prepared table. Cancer people are good cooks and usually take great pride in catering to the needs of the stomach.

   In this horoscope we find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in its own sign Capricorn and in the 6th house, health. Saturn is in opposition to Jupiter in the sign of the stomach and in the 12th house. Planets and their afflictions often show their effect in opposite signs, and when Saturn is in Capricorn we usually expect some derangement of the stomach, for his effects there are very similar to those of Saturn in Cancer. With Jupiter ruling the arterial circulation, afflicted by Saturn, we may expect trouble with the circulatory system of the stomach. And with the spasmodic Uranus in conjunction with mercury, the nerves are also sensitive and nervous indigestion is indicated.

   Now, when Saturn afflicts the stomach, there is a lack of pepsin and stomach fluids wherewith to digest the food. Saturn in Cancer or Capricorn gives abnormal appetite and makes one very fond of pastry, especially of sugar, as does Venus square moon mentioned before. As vegetarians, such people find it very hard to keep their bodies in good order for they will usually refuse raw vegetables, preferring the starches and sugars. As a result the body does not receive the proper amount of mineral elements, and the blood soon fills with ash. When an overabundance of refuse is stored up in the blood, the body must seek a means of eliminating the waste matter. If it is unable to find an outlet through which to throw off the impurities, and if the bowels also refuse to do their part as is often the case when an overabundance of food is consumed, then an illness is the result. We frequently find cases of catarrh, skin disease, ulcers, etc., which are merely an avenue the body uses to dispose of an excess of ash.

   In the case of this woman we find the gums eliminating pus and receding toward the roots of the teeth. This disease is commonly called pyorrhea or Riggs' disease and is increasing to an alarming degree in America. It was rarely heart of fifty years ago, but since there has developed such a craze for sugar and candy humanity is paying the price.

   To overcome this disease a well balanced, simple, vegetarian diet, free from sugars and starches is advisable, and the careful cleansing of the gums with lemon water each day.

No. 18D: Auto-intoxication

   Male, born November 4th 1882, 11:49 P.M.

  This horoscope is that of a man with the watery sign of Cancer on the Ascendant. In diagnosing it is customary to look to the sixth house, which has rule over disease, and its ruler for the key to the trouble. In this horoscope we have the sign of Capricorn on the cusp of the sixth house, with its ruler, Saturn, in the 10th house in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail, which is Saturnian in its influence. Saturn is also conjunction Neptune in Taurus. These are all in opposition to the inflammatory Mars, which is strong in its home sign Scorpio, having rule over the rectum and generative organs. This is a most dangerous and subtle affliction, increased by Neptune parallel the sun in Scorpio, and indicates an unrestrained passional nature which in childhood found its outlet through the secret habit of masturbation. This in time depletes the vitality, stunting the mentality, and also the physical growth, and later in life causes much physical trouble.

Birth Chart No. 18D

   Scorpio rules both the rectum and the vital organs, and when excesses occur they often cause inflammation in the rectum resulting in intestinal hemorrhoids, interfering with elimination and causing a general sluggishness of the excretory duet.

   We find the spasmodic Uranus in Virgo, the sign ruling the intestines; it is also the natural sixth house sign and the sign which rules sickness. Uranus is square to Venus, which rules the venous blood. Here we have indication of restricted circulation in the small intestine. Jupiter, the planet of opulence, the planet which wants things in large quantities, is in Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach, and in the twelfth house, the house of self-undoing, sextile to the ruler of the Ascendant, the moon, indicating that this young man has been a very hearty eater, carrying eating to excess.

   He dissipated the life forces during the period of life when he was in greatest need of them, and has also consumed more food than the organs could digest and distribute. Naturally, when the organs of elimination refused to work, as might be expected, the blood stream became charged with ash, causing granulation of the joints through the excessive clogging generated in the body from too much protein. This also burned up the natural body oils, causing a granulation of the eyelids, rheumatism, and a generally weakened condition of the entire system.

   Our advice to this patient would be to eliminate meats and starches, taking very little of the proteins, and to eat mostly fruits and vegetables; also to live a chaste, clean life. Care should be taken to have his surroundings clean and to sleep in a room with plenty of fresh air, for when we find Saturn afflicted by the Dragon's Tail and Neptune in Taurus, it indicates a tendency to neglect the sanitation of the body and surroundings.

No. 18E: Peritonitis

   Male, born August 4, 1862, 11:30 P.M.

Taurus, a fixed and stubborn sign, is on the Ascendant, with the ruler, Venus, in the watery sign of Cancer, square to the fiery and impulsive Mars, and parallel to the ruler of Cancer, and watery moon. Venus is also ruler of the house of sickness, the 6th house. Mars is in the 12th house in its own sign of Aries.

   We may look for the key to the trouble in the configuration and the positions of the above three planets, Venus, Mars, and the moon.

   The planets that are in a location corresponding to that part of the body in which the disease is found are not alone the cause of the disease. If a burglar has entered our home and carried away our jewels, the first step to be taken to find the culprit is to ascertain the place of his entrance. So also must we find the gateway or the cause of the disease.

   Venus, we know, is the planet ruling sweets, sugars, etc. Taurus is the sign ruling the throat, the palate; therefore Taurus has great influence over the appetites. Venus is in Cancer, the sign ruling the stomach and the thoracic duct, and is afflicted by a square to Mars. Mars when afflicted by Venus and when in its own sign of Aries causes dissipation and desire for excesses in eating, especially when Venus is in the sign of the stomach. Taurians are usually very fond of food things to eat and drink; they are hearty eaters and are apt to gourmandize. Therefore with the above —

Birth Chart No. 18E

— afflictions this native would eat and drink to excess.

   Uranus in Gemini is in a very nervous position. This excitable, restless, and nervous planet, especially as it is squared by Saturn and Jupiter from another mercurial sign, Virgo, will have a strong effect upon the nervous system.

   Now, with Venus, which has rule over the venous blood, afflicted by Mars, and with Jupiter, ruling the arterial blood, afflicted by the conjunction of Saturn and the square of Uranus, this man has a very sluggish circulation, especially of the stomach and small intestines. With both Jupiter and Saturn posited in Virgo, what could be expected but that when an affliction touches any of these planets sickness would result?

   At the age of thirty-nine the native's progressed sun reached the square to Uranus which brought on nervous trouble. At the same time the sun was within one degree of a conjunction of Saturn radical. The sun takes three years to pass a conjunction; one year applying, one year in conjunction, and another year separating. Therefore, this man passed through a double affliction at that time, and a severe spell of peritonitis was the result. He was unable to recover readily from this sickness, since through his ignorance of the causes he did not stop his heavy indulgence in food and drink. In 1918, when the progressed moon came to the square of Saturn and Jupiter and the opposition of Uranus, another illness occurred, which left him with a severe case of catarrh of the intestines.

   If a patient of this type should call upon a probationer for advice and help, what should he advise? He should first find the cause, and it is so evident there that excess of food and drink were responsible that he should advise abstinence from food for a short time, especially that ruled by Mars, such as highly seasoned articles and condiments. Liquor and tobacco should be entirely avoided. A strict vegetarian diet should be advised with plenty of fresh air and sunshine to assist in relaxing the nerves. Where the Venus and Jupiter circulations are sluggish, a friction bath would be advisable.

No. 18F: Arterio-sclerosis

   Male, born July 27th, 1856, 5:00 A.M.

As has been often stated in our astrological books and lessons, man is master of this fate. He has his whole life before him, either to make or to mar. Here we have a horoscope for diagnosis that speaks for itself, that of a man who has had everything in his favor, with but two evil aspects in the entire horoscope; everything else is good. We find the sun and Venus conjunction in the sign of the heart, Leo, one of the strongest signs of the entire twelve. Both these planets are sextile to the moon and trine to Jupiter, Jupiter being near the Midheaven. The mentality is decidedly strong and keen, especially along metaphysical lines. Neptune is in its own home (Pisces), sextile to Uranus and trine to Mercury. The moon is also well aspected and in a mental sign, Gemini. This man ha a wonderful start in life, and brought over with him from a previous life many fine qualities.

   As is often stated in astrological books by old and reliable writers, Jupiter in the Midheaven brings much good to the native. And surely this man had many opportunities to succeed. Now why did he fail?

   First, we find Saturn in Cancer. As stated in The Message of the Stars, (click/touch here), this "indicates that the stomach is weak and the gums subject to pyorrhea. There is inability to properly digest the food." The stomach is lacking in the fluids necessary to aid digestion. The native is also very peculiar in his likes and dislikes as to food. This is the key to his bodily afflictions. We find Saturn making a square to Jupiter, which rules the arterial blood, and as stated in (click/touch here) The Message of the Stars, —

Birth Chart No. 18F

— under this aspect the native is "indolent and inclined to drift with the tide; often a ward of society either in the poorhouse or prison. This aspect also gives a tendency to arterio-sclerosis."

   We find the coarse, combative, discordant, passionate, and hot-tempered Mars in Libra, a Venus sign. When afflicted it brings out its own lower nature and that of Venus, creating undue attraction to the opposite sex. As Mars is co-ruler of the 5th house and is making a square to the impulsive and egotistical Mercury, the native's in harmony and hot temper have led him to excesses. Instead of expressing the beautiful, artistic, and musical nature of the sun and Venus conjunction on the Ascendant in Leo trine to Jupiter, this man has directed an excess of love and vitality in the wrong direction. He has indulged too freely in rich food, and has expended much of his energy through the 5th house, pleasures. He has had much in harmony in the home, caused by himself and his temper. As a result the blood has become vitiated, and he now is in a very advanced stage of arterio-sclerosis.

   In order to find out the time of the affliction we will go to his forty-fourth year when the progressed moon had reached the 6th house in the first degrees of Capricorn. It there made an opposition to Saturn in the 12th house in Cancer, the stomach, and a square to Jupiter in the Midheaven. At the same time we find Mars progressed has reached 24-51 of Scorpio, making an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Impulse and excesses in fast living at that time broke down his system, and since then the man has been an invalid, perfectly helpless, wheeled in a chair and confined in hospitals, due to Saturn and Mercury in the 12th house, self-undoing. But he has always found some kindhearted woman friend to look after his wants. He has been a very difficult patient; his temper has been dreadful. Through his suffering he has allowed himself to drift into this state of irascibility. Instead of responding to the beautiful Venus influence he has given way to Mars square Mercury.

   In order to improve he should have a nurse with Saturn well aspected, one of an Aquarian nature, cool, calm, and collected, who could soothe him, quiet his temper, and with great diplomacy lead him into right living. At present he demands certain food and unless the nurse gives it to him he has a dreadful spell of temper. This man would have to be loved into doing things. To make a demand upon him or to tell him he dare not do a certain thing would only awaken the spirit of opposition in him. Brisk massage with a pair of rough bath gloves to open the pores of the skin and start the circulation would be beneficial. Proper food and assistance to control his temper would in time help him to overcome his condition.

No. 18G: Typhoid and Spinal Trouble

   Male, born December 29, 2900, 12:45 A.M.

Four cardinal signs are on the angles, with Mars trine to the sun and Saturn. These testimonies show the person to be endowed with good vitality and with an active and ambitious nature. But the counteracting aspects are also strong. The moon is square to the sun and Saturn, Mars is square to the ruler, Venus, and the majority of the planets are under the earth. This takes away from the general resistance of the person. The opposition of Neptune to Jupiter and Mercury in mental signs, Gemini and Sagittarius shows that the native is of a very nervous temperament.

   Neptune in the 9th house usually gives a tendency to be a dreamer of dreams, a visionary who grasps at the illusory things in life rather than those that are near by the tangible. Neptune's opposition to Mercury, the planet of reason, shows that this would be particularly accentuated in the present case. The moon in Aries square to the sun and Saturn would further make the mind flighty and unstable.

   Mars in Virgo configurated with Uranus, whether by good or evil aspects, makes a person liable to intestinal disorders. Mars is the planet of inflammation and fevers. He causes operations and other violence. Configurations of Mars with Uranus have been observed to result not only in typhoid and gastric fevers, but also very often Mars ruptures the peritoneum and causes the person to have a prominent abdomen. The young man whose horoscope we are considering had typhoid fever as an initial disease when the moon passed the conjunction of Mars by progression through the eleventh —


Birth Chart No. 18G

— house. Later she came to the square of Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury. Then the native's spine began to weaken. You will notice that the opposition of Neptune to Jupiter and Mercury is from Gemini to Sagittarius, covering the region of the spine. The moon later progressed to the opposition of her own place at birth, and as the radical moon in Aries has particular dominion over the cerebellum, which is the organ of coordination of movement, you will readily understand that this makes it difficult for the patient to walk.

   This is a curious case of interlocking afflictions and good aspects, for you will observe that whenever the two principal afflicters Mars and the moon, are struck by an adverse aspect there is always a good set of aspects to minimize the evil effects. Were this not so the severe afflictions would certainly have done away with this young man long ago. The square between the moon and Saturn is particularly inimical.

   The moon progresses around the horoscope in twenty-eight years as we measure a day for a year. Saturn in the heavens by transit actually moves around the circle of the zodiac in about thirty years. Thus the progressed moon and the transiting Saturn are always bound to follow each other pretty closely. When they are square at the birth of a person, they keep that same relationship for a considerable number of years. Thus good aspects in the horoscope are offset by the fact that the progressed moon is square to the transiting Saturn, and evil aspects are similarly accentuated by this unfortunate square. Therefore anybody who has this unfortunate configuration is certainly under the whiplash of Saturn all his life. Even the good aspects which we note in this horoscope and which are certainly very strong are to some degree nullified by the square of Saturn and the moon at birth.

   Saturn always indicates that part of our destiny which has been brought over from previous lives, and is almost unalterable. Therefore in this case there is unfortunately not much to do. Baths and massage applied by a healer who has Aquarius rising and whose Saturn is not in Libra or Pisces would be most helpful.

No. 18H: Narcotics; Cigarettes

   Female, born April 7, 1880, at 7:00 A.M.

We have here a most interesting case, that of a woman with the fixed sign of Taurus on the Ascendant, and with the ruler in the watery sign of Pisces, intercepted in the 11th house, in conjunction with the watery moon, and square to the fiery and destructive Mars. Mars is the ruler of the 12th house, the house of confinement, and Venus is the ruler of the 6th house governing sickness.

   About 1904 the patient was operated on and had one kidney removed. She could not give the exact year, but from planetary aspects we feel certain it was in 1904, when the progressed sun ha just passed a conjunction with the radical Neptune near the Ascendant, and the progressed moon was making a square both to the radical Neptune and the progressed sun. At the present writing this poor woman, who is forty-four years of age, expects to become a mother in three months, and is struggling to overcome the dread narcotic habit, which she has had about six years, also the cigarette habit.

   A most interesting principle is brought out in this horoscope. Neptune in Taurus near the Ascendant is trine to Uranus in Virgo in the 5th house. These planets are in signs of mutual reception; that is, Neptune being the higher octave of Mercury is in a Venus sign, Taurus, and Uranus the higher octave of Venus is in the mercurial sign of Virgo. The trine of these two mystical planets would indicate the development of the two ductless glands represented by them, namely the pineal gland by Neptune and the pituitary body by Uranus. When these two glands are for any reason awakened and the —

Birth Chart No. 18H

— soul does not respond to the higher life but is inclined to drift into sensual and worldly channels, their awakening then frequently leads to the grossest indulgence of the lower nature — sometimes to drink or narcotics as in the case of this poor woman.

   Venus and the moon in conjunction in Pisces, Venus being the ruler of the 6th house, governing sickness, and Mars the ruler of the 12th house, governing hospitals, indicate that some one in a hospital was responsible for her forming the habit of taking narcotics from which she is suffering and this person we believe to be a doctor friend who attended her. At the time when she claimed she acquired the habit of using narcotics we find the progressed Mercury trine to Uranus and the progressed Venus in conjunction with Neptune. This would have a tendency to awaken the above mentioned glands and cause a soul hunger, which in this case the woman mistook for a desire to indulge in soul flights through the use of narcotics instead of through living the Christ life.

   But the struggle now comes to get relief when she is in a most weakened, despondent, and generally rundown condition from a spell of influenza complicated by pregnancy, nerves, and insomnia; also the elimination through the one remaining kidney is now being interfered with by Saturn conjunction sun in Aries, which is producing an effect in the opposite sign of Libra.

   The one gleam of hope held out through the planets is the progressed sun within orb of a sextile to the radical Jupiter and the progressed Mars trine to the radical moon. These aspects are most favorable for the aid of the Invisible Helpers, who can accomplish much more under favorable planetary aspects than at other times. Especially is she likely to receive help because her spirit is most desirous of overcoming, although she is lacking in faith regarding our method of healing. She was persuaded to call upon us for help by her own doctor, who had been healed through our Invisible Helpers.

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