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Astro-Diagnosis — A Guide To Healing
by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 7)

XXX. Insanity
No. 19A: A Mental Case

   Female, born June 12, 1897, 9:00 P.M.

We have at all times tried to impress upon the minds of students of the Rosicrucian Philosophy the great necessity of always looking at the bright side of life, and ever to hold out hope to unhappy and afflicted ones. If we aspire to be helpers of humanity, workers in God's great vineyard, we must always throw the life line to the drowning man, that is, give him that hope, that help, which means life to him. The astrologer who voices the doom of his patient and takes the last ray of hope away when one who is suffering comes to him perhaps as the last resort is little less than a murderer. This may be putting it very strongly, but the writer feels that this point cannot be emphasized too much.

   To illustrate the danger that lies in the prediction of death: a woman wrote to Headquarters stating that she had but two more years to live, for the astrologers had predicted this. Would we advise her, she asked, to take up the Rosicrucian Philosophy and astrology, and should she go ahead with the school which she had started, or would it be best to give everything up and prepare herself or the coming event, her passing out of the physical

Birth Chart No. 19A

body? We can assure you that this woman received a letter from Headquarters that as surrounded by strong vibrations which scattered effectually the thoughts of death. As a result of the letter she became a student of the Philosophy and is today an active and healthy woman, destined to reach a ripe old age. The astrologer who predicted this woman's death might have been guilty of murder, but fortunately through her coming in contact with one of our pupils who advised her to write to Headquarters, this was averted.

   In 19A we have a patient who has so many weak and afflicted planets that the astrologer must use the greatest diplomacy in order to encourage her. On the first house is the gloomy, pessimistic Capricorn, with the ruler, Saturn, in the Midheaven afflicted by the conjunction of the negative, visionary, worrisome moon and the irresponsible and fanatical Uranus; and to make it even more unfortunate these three planets are in conjunction in the fixed and martial sign of Scorpio, the natural eighth house sign, the house of death. Mercury, the ruler of the mind, is in the gloomy and stubborn sign of Taurus in opposition to the afflicted planets in Scorpio. Could we find anything more unfortunate for mental trouble? When Taurus is afflicted he assists Capricorn in magnifying the gloom side of life and increases his brooding over imaginary ills, so you can imagine the temperament of this poor woman. She was sadly in need of help.

   Her request for help came to us in November, 1916. She was at that time in such a mental state that she had threatened suicide, could do nothing but weep, and was surrounded by imaginary troubles. But she was very faithful in writing her weekly letters and did all possible to cooperate with the healers. When she requested healing her progressed Mars was square to the radical moon, Uranus, and Saturn in Scorpio, which caused this mental disturbance. But fortunately the progressed moon at that time was in 25 degrees of Cancer trine and sextile to the afflicted planets in the 10th and 5th houses respectively. This was the life line that was ready to be thrown to help her.

   Note that the artistic harmonious, and musical radical Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, trine to the reverent and optimistic Jupiter. The one window of light open to her was this good aspect — music and art. It was necessary to bring harmony into this poor inharmonious mind, and we prevailed upon her and her friends to provide her with music in the home and to interest her in art. At the time of her request for help her progressed sun was in 9 degrees and 50 minutes of Cancer, making a good aspect to the radical Venus. This as the means of saving her reason. In May 1917 she wrote us she was feeling so much better that she did not need the help of the healers any longer.

   Here we can see what a wonderful work can be done through a true knowledge of astrology. Had an unscrupulous astrologer met this woman and predicted suicide, the danger of which as shown so plainly in the figure, he might have been her murderer. Therefore, dear friends, we hope you will take this as a lesson to use astrology to help and to heal and not to wound.

No. 19B: Insanity

   Female, Born January 7, 1868.

Although we are unable to predict the dates of crises in her illness on account of the lack of the birth hour, still the aspects between the planets in this woman's chart, show sufficiently well the nature of the illness and the yearly crises. We find the erratic and eccentric Uranus in the psychic sign of Cancer, in opposition to Mars, the planet of impulse and recklessness. Uranus is also in opposition to the life-given sun and to Mercury, the planet of reason, both placed in the belligerent and violent sign Capricorn. All four of these planets are square by Neptune in Aries, the sign which rules the head and the brain.

   We find that the benevolent ray of Jupiter is quenched by its placement in the twelfth house sign of Pisces, indicating sorrow, trouble, and self-undoing. There is is conjoined with the saturnine Dragon's Tail and squared by the moon, the giver of visions and imagination, making the mind morbid. He is also squared by Saturn, the planet of gloom and melancholy. As a result of all these adverse, perverse, and perverting influences the poor woman has always been weak-minded, impulsive, reckless, gloomy, erratic, and visionary. In the year 1915 matters cam to a crisis when the sun was in the twelfth house sign of Pisces, ruling hospitals and asylums. The progressed moon also was there in conjunction with the sun and th saturnine Dragon's Tail, and all of them square Saturn, with the result that the woman as taken violently insane and had to be confined in an asylum, where she has —

Birth Chart No. 19B

— been ever since. There has been little or no improvement so far as the mental condition is concerned, and the condition of physical health is also delicate.

   It is not a hopeless case, however, for the principal inimical influences are from cardinal signs, whose force is comparatively soon spent, and the remainder are from common or flexible signs which are subject to modification. Not that Neptune, the planet of the spiritual mind, is sextile to Venus, the planet of music, and to the moon, the planet of impressionability. Venus and the moon are trine; this shows that the native loves music and that she may be helped by it. With respect to health we find the moon in Gemini, the sign that rules the lungs, which gives a tendency to colds in the lungs. Uranus is in Cancer, squared by Neptune and in opposition to the sun, Mars, and Mercury, which shows nervous indigestion, for Cancer rules the stomach. This can be minimized by proper food, and if this can be provided it will help considerably to clear the mind.

   In dealing with the question of insanity students should remember that it is a rupture, complete or partial, in the chain of bodies linking the spirit to the physical vehicle. When the rupture occurs between the dense body and the vital body, or between the latter and the desire body, we have the harmless mentally disabled individual. When the break is between the desire body and the mind, the reckless, impulsive, and violent desire nature takes charge of the lower vehicle, and we have the violently raving maniac who must be restrained by a straight-jacket and padded cell. But when the rupture takes place between the mind and the spirit, the cunning and craftiness of the mind exert themselves to take charge of the lower personality; an insane person of this order may go about among us for years plotting and scheming with such consummate cunning that we never suspect him of being abnormal until he carries out some diabolical plot and then laughs and glouts over the ruin, sorrow, and suffering which he has brought upon his victims.

No. 19C: Insanity, Obsession, and Tuberculosis

   Male, born January 30th, 1889, at 12 noon.

This horoscope was sent us by the relatives of the native, with permission to use it as a lesson. We find some very interesting points in it, which may be of interest in the study of the science of diagnosis.

   Two special points must be taken into consideration in the horoscope of a patient: the sign on the Ascendant and Mercury. The Ascendant shows the strength of the personality. If fixed signs are on the four angles, namely, the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth cusps, then the patient will be apt to help the healer with his will to overcome disease. If, however, common signs are on the angles, then the patient is apt to drift with the tide, and is prone to lean upon the Invisible Helpers, expecting them to do all the work, failing usually to do anything for himself. To get the best cooperation from the patient it is most necessary that the mind be willing to help. Where there is a weak or a stubborn mind, the patient can do much to thwart the efforts made in his behalf, as we find in this horoscope.

Birth Chart No. 19C

Mercury being in a fixed sign in the tenth house and square to Neptune here gives a most dominating and stubborn mentality. This is a person who will bear no interference or domination from others.

   He has naturally a very devout and religious nature, but instead of following the soul's ideals, which are expressed by Jupiter in Sagittarius sextile to Mercury in Aquarius, his stubborn and ambitious mind led him to respond to the vibrations of Venus square Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune, and moon square Uranus.

   Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of self-undoing, and in the eleventh house, square to Jupiter, which is strong in its own sign of Sagittarius, the sign of religion. This indicates that a woman friend with her flattery and attention, signified by Venus, was responsible for leading him from his religious ideals into negative metaphysical speculation. In addition, the versatile and restless moon makes a trine to Neptune in the esoteric twelfth house, which gave him the desire for esoteric knowledge, but the moon, being square to Uranus, led him to his undoing. A person with the planetary positions and aspects which we find in this horoscope is not satisfied to follow instruction or heed the warnings of those who know about esoteric matters, but he must needs rush in and investigate for himself. the sun in the Saturnian sign of Aquarius in opposition to Saturn in the sign of Leo gives a vein of skepticism, a nature which demands evidence and which must prove all things. This spirit was his undoing. The sun and Saturn being in mutual reception in the tenth and fourth houses respectively, strengthened this tendency.

   With the moon trine Neptune and square Uranus this man developed mediumship very quickly and was able to contact the invisible realms. But he heedlessly sought his knowledge along dangerous paths. While the yogi teachings may be safe for Eastern humanity, to one of the sensitive Western type these Eastern teachings are most dangerous. This poor man became attached to a group of Hindus, from whom he received instructions in breathing exercises and psychic development. He as also active in spiritualism wherein mediumship was encouraged.

   After a few years the progressed moon reached the opposition to the radical Saturn and later a conjunction with the radical Mercury. Neptune, being the higher octave of Mercury, works largely upon the nervous system, and any undue stimulation will sometimes cause mental unbalance if Neptune squares the mental planet Mercury, often expressing itself through religious mania. This poor man repeatedly claims that he is the reincarnated Jesus. Especially will Neptune give this tendency when in the twelfth house, where it often causes incarceration in an institution for the insane. The moon in the ninth house in Capricorn, square to Uranus, here increased the evil by attracting undesirable entities to this already weakened mind, which was easily driven out of the body, giving the obsessing entities freedom to take possession of it.

   To top off this most unfortunate condition the poor man, who has been in an insane asylum for some years, is slowly dying of that dread disease tuberculosis. This is shown by Jupiter in Sagittarius (Jupiter ruling the arterial blood) square to Venus (which has rule over the venous blood) in Pisces, two common signs.

XXXI: Asthma

No. 20A: Asthma

   Male, born August 15, 1915, 2:00 P.M.

We find the fiery sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant, and its ruler, Jupiter, at home in Pisces. This planet is at home in two signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. When planets are posited in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses, their influence is much more potent, much stronger for either good or evil than elsewhere, and especially if they are in fixed signs or in their own homes. Jupiter is in its own home and in the 4th house, an angle, and rules the arterial blood. It is in square aspect to the fiery Mars, which is in the sign of the lungs, Gemini. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, ruling the air passing through the lungs, is in conjunction with the sun, and these two planets are in the fiery sign of Leo ruling the heart. Now that would be the physical effect of the two afflictions noted above?

   It is necessary that a certain amount of air be taken into the lungs in order to supply the oxygen which is needed to give life to the blood which feeds the heart. With the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, burned up by the heat of the sun and the capillaries of the lungs filled with the fire of the feverish and afflicted Mars, we have a congested and feverish chest, and the —

Birth Chart No. 20A

— blood is clogged and becomes sluggish, causing spasmodic action as it passes through the aorta. The lungs become feverish and breathing laborious, causing spasms. We find Mars parallel to Saturn, which is in the sign of the stomach, Cancer, and in the 8th house, indicating poor assimilation of the food. We find the planet Venus, which rules the venous circulation, in the hot and fiery sign of Leo in opposition to the spasmodic retrograde Uranus, which is strong in its own sign Aquarius, giving uneven action to the heart.

   This boy will suffer more or less all through life with what is commonly termed by the doctors, asthma. The first few years he suffered very much from spasms. He will also be subject to coughs and colds, which will, however, never develop into consumption as is often the case. With Mars ruling the lungs there is frequently a congested, feverish condition in the capillaries which burns up the oxygen. But here Mars is in sextile to the life-giving sum in Leo, hence this boy will recuperate very rapidly. He will be above the average in health in spite of the many afflictions, and he will reach a ripe old age.

No 20B: Asthma; Morphine Addiction

   Male, born August 15, 1869, 9:00 A.M.

We will judge first the character of this person and for this purchase we note that there are four cardinal signs on the angles. This is a great help toward making people mentally alert and well balanced, but unfortunately here we find that mercury, the significator of the mind is combust, and the moon is in conjunction with Saturn. This renders the mind slow and melancholy, subject to fears, which of course never materialize. Uranus is elevated and square to Neptune, which gives a tendency toward spirit control, but we have the trine of the sun to Neptune to minimize the danger. The native has a strong love nature as shown by the trine of Venus and Jupiter, but the conjunction of moon and Saturn shows that the marriage partner is likely always to wet-blanket and resent advances. Mars opposition Neptune from the first to the seventh house makes it plain that there will be quarrels and trouble, all of which have an important bearing upon the sickness and its cause.

   The Sun in Leo afflicted by Jupiter in Taurus shows that the arterial circulation is poor, a condition which is somewhat minimized by the trine of Jupiter and Venus, the two planets which govern the circulation. But the rhythmic motion of respiration is seriously interfered with because Uranus is in Cancer and elevated. This planet is spasmodic in its action and affects the diaphragm when placed in Cancer. Here it is, as said, highly elevated and square to Mars and Neptune, both in angles, a configuration that is very strong. The rhythmic rise and fall of the diaphragm is —

Birth Chart No. 20B

— absolutely essential to proper and regular respiration, an as this action is interfered with to a degree by the afflictions here shown, we have the condition known as asthma.

   It is well known that sufferers from this disease sometimes go a very long time without sleep because of their inability to lie down. Morphine is often given to relieve their condition and give them the rest they crave with all their being. The danger of this drug cannot be overestimated in any case, but it is greater for a patient who has Jupiter in Taurus afflicted by the sun like this one, for this always gives an inherent abnormal appetite, a tendency to go to extremes in whatever is taken by way of the mouth. Hence it is no wonder that this person has become addicted to the use of morphine.

   There is hope, however, as shown by the horoscope. The moon rules the alimentary canal and is responsible for the passage of the food through the digestive tract. She is conjunct Saturn, and naturally this results in a sluggish condition of the bowels. Uranus in Cancer operates upon the stomach in such a way as to distend it periodically. With a full colon, a distended stomach, and the diaphragm moving erratically what wonder that the heart refuses to force the vital fluid into the lungs and take it from them? Heroic methods should be taken to clear the system and keep it clear. While this will not relieve the spasmodic action of the diaphragm, it will at any rate take the pressure away from the apex of the heart and thus materially help to reduce the condition. Mars is sextile to the sun, therefore, the heart can be strengthened. He is also sextile to Saturn showing the possibility of securing at least better action and circulation in the digestive tract.

   The worst condition in this horoscope, the one most difficult to overcome, is Jupiter in Taurus square to the sun. It has been our experience that even though it is pointed out to people that they have abnormal appetites and they acknowledge it, they usually refuse to mend their ways. As the above affliction is in fixed signs, it is exceedingly difficult to overcome. The best assistance, however, would be from the trine of Venus to Jupiter, which excites the love nature and makes the native amenable to kindliness. The tender care of a woman would perhaps do more than anything else to help him overcome the habit he has formed. A healer with Aquarius rising and whose Saturn is not in Pisces would very likely have a beneficial effect in this case.

No. 20C, D, E: Asthma

The disease designated by the name of asthma is one of the most difficult to diagnose, for many are suffering from symptoms which are diagnosed by the doctors as those of asthma because of the shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing when frequently the person does not in reality have asthma. There are various kinds of this disease. For instance there is hay asthma, which comes in the fall of the year when the hay and grain are ripe. Sometimes it comes from the noxious pollen of poisonous flowers, which causes a contraction of the passages to the lungs; these when inactive fill with mucus, causing labored breathing. Then we have the heart or stomach asthma, which is often the result of irregularity of the blood flow through the valves of the heart, resulting in labored breathing and contraction of the chest and lungs. Therefore the astrologer may find the diagnosis difficult.

   We will in this lesson endeavor to give a few helps showing according to the afflictions the differences in diseases which may have similar outward symptoms but the causes of which may be different.

   Case 20C is that of a man born March 6, 1831, 4 P.M. The horoscope for this case is 10A. We find the disturbing Saturn in Leo, the sign ruling the heart, square to Mars in Taurus, which has rule over the throat, and opposition to Mercury, which is in the nervous sign of Aquarius. Mars is also square to Mercury and parallel to Neptune. This configuration of planets in fixed signs, would indicate spasmodic heart action, for Mercury opposition Saturn would cause contraction of the valves of the heart, thereby interfering with the excessive blood flow caused by Mars square Saturn. We also find the Sun in Pisces, a common sign, square to the moon in Sagittarius. Common signs when afflicted interfere with the organs of respiration, given a tendency to trouble with the lungs. This man suffered greatly with what some doctors diagnosed as asthma and others as heart trouble, and he also frequently suffered from severe colds. Astrology shows that he had valvular heart trouble and that is was not a true case of asthma. He died from an abscess of the liver. For details regarding this condition see No. 10A.

   In the case of horoscope 20D, that of a man born August 25, 1867, we find Saturn in Scorpio, a fixed sign, square to Venus and Mercury in Leo, the sign ruling the heart. We again find some trouble with poor heart action; but the most disturbing affliction is found in th stomach, for the moon and Uranus are in conjunction in the sign of Cancer, which has rule over this organ, and both are square to the inflammatory Mars, Uranus also being square to Neptune, all in cardinal signs. In this horoscope we find the seat of the trouble in the stomach, showing impulsive and unnatural habits regarding food, with a tendency to bolt the food and also excessive drinking with meals, which would cause the stomach to become distended, thereby pressing upon the heart and interfering with respiration.

   In horoscope 20E, that of a woman born June 23, 1898, we find a very —

Birth Chart No. 20D

— different cause, and we may diagnose this as a real case of hay asthma. Neptune is conjunction Mercury in the sign of Gemini, which has rule over the lungs. From the indications of personal appearance we should think that this young woman had Virgo rising with Gemini in Midheaven, giving Mercury as the life ruler. Neptune, being the higher octave of Mercury, has rule over the nervous system. Neptune's influence is similar to that of Saturn — constricting, astringent. When in Gemini, we may expect a —

Birth Chart No. 20E

— disturbance in the bronchioles, especially during the summer months, as was the case with this young woman, whose trouble was caused by the inhalation of the pollen of certain grasses and flowers.

   You will, however, find that in most cases of asthma there is impaired circulation. The blood stream is sluggish, showing an affliction to Venus or Jupiter. When the blood is impure, elimination will also be sluggish.

   Great care should be used in the selection of food. The patient should eat very lightly and only such foods as are easily digested but which give the proper nourishment. Especially is this true of the evening meals, for attacks of asthma invariably follow a heavy meal at night. Raw onion sandwiches eaten the last thing at night and cut the phlegm and insure a sound sleep.

XXXII: Cancer

No. 21A: Cancer

   Female, born July 14, 1897, 4:00 P.M.

Sagittarius, a common sign, is on the Ascendant, and the life ruler, Jupiter is in the 9th house in the sign of Virgo; Jupiter is also square to the Ascendant. People with common signs on the four angles rarely make sufficient effort to surmount the obstacles of life, and when we also find the afflicting planets in these common signs, and the sun in the watery sign of Cancer an in the 8th house, we have as in the case of this woman one who would rather be an invalid than make the effort to keep the body in health, and we can see how weak the effort will be to overcome.

   First, people with the sun and moon in Cancer are very fond of good things to eat, and when the moon is also trine to Venus this enhances their love for food and there is a tendency to overeat. Let us see what will be the result.

   We find the planet Venus, which has rule over the venous blood, in the sign of Gemini, and in the 7th house, square to the inflammatory Mars and to Jupiter. Jupiter, which has rule over the arterial blood, is afflicted by a —

Birth Chart No. 21A

— conjunction of Mars, hence the circulation is very much obstructed, especially as Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo, which has rule over the small intestine. When the patient eats very heartily (especially as Cancer people are very fond of starches), with the obstructed circulation and the disturbed assimilation of food in the small intestine what may we expect but that the bowels are filled with putrid matter. Fermentation set in, causing derangement of the entire circulatory system. Saturn, the obstructor, in conjunction with Uranus in the sign of Scorpio, which has rule over the rectum, and in the 12th house, the house of self-undoing, also the house of hidden things, is an indication that the young woman had formed secret habits which caused much irritation to the organs of elimination and which had their result in causing cancer of the rectum.

   She was ailing for a long time with dreadful pains across the lower bowels and at the lower end of the spinal column. The question may be asked, Is there not a cure for this dread disease of cancer? Yes, when in its first stages, it may be cured by eliminating all food for a few days, drinking only pure, distilled water flavored with lemon juice, and giving the bowels a thorough cleansing with high enemas. Then start with the mono-diet, continuing this for three weeks if the patient is able to stand it, but not to exceed three weeks. The patient should eat nothing but carrots. This vegetable may be prepared in various ways to make it palatable, grinding it and drinking the juice, baking or steaming it or making it into salads flavored with a little olive oil and lemon. The carrot has a pronounced healing effect, especially when used as a poultice, and it has a wonderful healing power for ulcer and cancerous growths.

No. 21B: Cancer

   Male, born December 14, 1857. Place and hour of birth unknown, but from personal appearance and traits of character we have placed Sagittarius on the Ascendant. Planets' positions for noon, G.M.T.

The doctors had told this man that he had cancer, and nothing could shake his belief that he would some day pass out with the dread disease. He kept up his letters to the Healing Department regularly for several months, but they were always filled with doubt of our methods and discouragement regarding the future. He also rebelled at the restrictions in diet, claiming that he was too weak and sick to live without his daily beefsteak and fried potatoes.

   Later through the instrumentality of his son, who was working in our office as stenographer, this man with his wife rented a cottage on a tract which adjoined the Headquarters grounds. In order to make it possible for his father to partake of the health diet served in our dining hall, the son applied for a job as gardener for his father.

   The first few weeks this poor man as a great trial to the cook. When he failed to get what he demanded, he left the table hungry. This lasted for a few days until hunger forced him to eat what was served. His demands were for two eggs fried in butter, a large bowl of soft, boiled mush with several teaspoons of sugar and plenty of cream, fried potatoes, white bread, and two or three cups of strong, black coffee with several teaspoons of sugar in each. The sugar bowl was emptied at each meal. He greatly tried the patience of both Mr. Heindel and myself. But the young son, who had —

Birth Chart No. 21B

— supported his father for a number of years was desperately anxious to help us to help the latter. After a few weeks the patient adjusted himself, and immediately his health began to improve. The eruptions on his face and his breast began slowly to disappear, and his general health and strength began to return.

   During the day it was observed that he was constantly eating candy; his pockets were filled with this sweet. Before coming to Headquarters he would eat one to two pounds of candy every day, and thought it necessary to do so to keep up his strength.

   We note the conjunction of the moon and Venus just above the Ascendant in the negative sign of Sagittarius. The moon and Venus conjoined, no matter where they may be in the horoscope, give a desire for sweets, pastry, etc.

   In this case we find Saturn posited in the sign of the stomach, Cancer, and retrograde to a square aspect with Mars, which is placed in a Venus sign. this man had for years filled his body with an excess of starch, protein, and sugar. With his afflicted progressed Saturn in Cancer he was not able to extract the vitamins from his food, and he was in the habit of overeating and of bolting it. Naturally the body stores up excess amount of food taken. His stomach refused to digest such quantities of food, or rather was too weak and lacking in the juices necessary in digestion. There was also a large amount of waste matter which the organs of elimination were unable to throw off. Mars has rule over the rectum, being the ruler of Scorpio which governs this organ. With Mars afflicted by the obstructive progressed Saturn we might expect that the man would suffer from constipation.

   With all this ash stored up in the body can we wonder that the system has to find some means of throwing out this poison? The result was that the skin of the nose, throat, face and breast (Mars ruling Aries the face, Scorpio the bridge of the nose, and Saturn in Cancer the breast) was used as a dumping ground for the body waste. After eight months of Mt. Ecclesia diet this man moved back to the city with not a trace of cancer on his body; all sores had entirely healed. Mars sextile to the life-giving sun brought vitality. Wherever a good aspect between these two planets is found, there is great hope of overcoming disease.

   Saturn in Cancer in the eighth house, the house of death, will eventually be the case of the native's demise, together with the moon and Venus in a common sign and in the house of self-undoing. In time his desire for sweets and rich food will probably lead to excesses which will be the cause of his death.

XXXIII: Rosicrucian Healing

How the Rosicrucians Heal the Sick

The Rosicrucian work of healing is carried on by the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through a band of Invisible Helpers whom they are instructing.

   The work is conducted according to the commands of Christ Jesus, namely, "Preach the gospel and heal the sick."

The Elder Brothers

   These are high spiritual beings through whom the Christ Spirit is working for the benefit of humanity.

The Invisible Helpers

   The Invisible Helpers are those who live a worthy life of helpfulness during the daytime while in their physical bodies, and whose evolutionary development is such as to earn the privilege of being helpful through the instrumentality of the Elder Brothers at night while functioning in their etheric bodies, as indicated in the words of the Rosicrucian Evening Service: "Tonight while our physical bodies are peacefully resting in sleep, may we as Invisible Helpers be found faithfully working in the vineyard of Christ." These Invisible Helpers are gathered together in bands according to their temperaments and their abilities. They are under the instruction of other Helpers who are physicians, and all of them work under the guidance of the Elder Brothers, who naturally are the moving spirits of the whole work.

   Not infrequently patients are aware of the presence of the Invisible Helpers.

Right Living Necessary for a Cure

   The Invisible Helpers never refuse to answer an appeal for help, but in order to respond to the Divine Healing Force patients must adopt the gospel of right living; they should observe a pure meatless diet; they must fill their living and sleeping rooms with pure air, their minds with pure thoughts and their daily lives with pure actions. The Divine Healing Force is pure; if you ask for it in order to be relieved of your ailments, you must be willing to conform to the natural laws of purity. Pure air, pure food, pure thinking and pure living! If you ignore these great health giving factors you may have called in vain upon the Divine Healing Force.

Healing Force

   All healing force comes from God, our Heavenly Father, the Great Physician of the universe; it is latent everywhere; by prayer and concentration it is liberated and directed to the sufferer; it manifested through the Master, Christ Jesus; it goes forth from the weekly healing meetings held at the Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters. Through the workings of this supreme force the Invisible Helpers raise the vibrations of the patient to a higher rate, thus enabling him, first, to eliminate the disease poison from the system, and second, to rebuild every blood corpuscle, fiber, tissue, and organ until the whole body is made new. This is done, not in a miraculous manner but in accordance with nature's laws. If the patient continues to break these laws and by a wrong mode of living to accumulate poisonous substances in the system, he frustrates the healing work.

Cause of Disease

   The wonderful organism called the human body is governed by immutable natural laws. All disease results from willful or ignorant violation of nature's laws. People are ill because in this earth life or in a previous one they have disregarded the fundamental principles on which the health of the body depends. If they wish to regain and to retain their health, they must learn to understand these principles and to regulate their daily habits in conformity with them.

   This is what the Master Healer, Christ Jesus, meant when he said to the man who was a cripple: "Thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5-14.) Even the Christ could not give lasting health unless the recipient of the healing force refrained from indulging wrong habits which cause disease, and lived in obedience to the God-given laws that rule man's body as well as his relations to his fellow creatures.

The Right to Health

   Some people "demand" perfect health and claim they have a right to it. They forget that either in this or a former life some have forfeited their God-given right through disobedience to nature's laws, which are God's laws. Through suffering they have to learn obedience. When they have mastered their lesson and are willing to "sin no more," their right to health will be restored to them.

Violations of the Laws of Health

   The Divine Healing Force is constructive; wrong methods of living which disregard the laws of nature are destructive.

   The omissions and transgressions responsible for wrong living and consequently for disease are many; the following are the principal ones: Unnatural food; too much food; ill-proportioned food; lack of fresh air and sunshine; lack of cleanliness; lack of exercise; lack of rest and sleep; lack of self-control; sleeping in unventilated rooms; harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, and resentment; yielding to a hasty temper; gratifying low desires; harming fellow creatures whether human or animal; abusing the sacred generative function.

   Since all the organs and functions of the body are interdependent, the abuse and consequent affliction of one part hurts all the others, furthers the accumulation of disease poison throughout the system, and lowers the vitality of the whole. The local symptoms are only evidence of the whole body being at fault. Therefore, all true healing, in order to achieve lasting results, is directed not to the suppression of symptoms but to the removal of the cause that made the symptoms appear.

Spiritual Healing

   Spiritual healing operates on the higher planes of being but is effected in strict adherence to natural laws which prevail below as above; consequently all natural therapeutics applied on the physical plan are in harmony with the work of the Invisible Helpers on the higher planes.

Right Food is Natural Medicine

   As the body is built up of the physical substances introduced into the blood by the daily food, right food is the natural medicine which the patient must take in order to cooperate with the Invisible Helpers in their task of reconstructing his system.

Effluvia Transmitted in Weekly Report

   Before the Invisible Helpers can work with the patient they must have effluvia from his vital body, which is the etheric counterpart of the physical body and the operating sphere of the vital forces. The effluvia are obtained by having the patient write every week a letter consisting of a few words or a few lines with pen and ink. This is important as a pen charged with fluid is a greater conductor of magnetism than a dry pencil. The ether which thus impregnates the paper upon which the patient writes week by week gives an indication of his condition at that particular time and furnishes an entrance key to his system. It is something which he has given voluntarily and for the express purpose of furnishing access for the Invisible Helpers. Unless the patient does his part to do anything for him; so it may be seen that it is of the utmost importance to keep up the weekly letters to Headquarters.

Time Required for Cure

   Instantaneous cures are frequent where the Invisible Helpers are called upon to assist in cases of acute disease. In the case of a chronic ailment which is of long standing and has taken years to develop, a certain amount of relief may be experienced immediately; complete recovery, however, which is equivalent to a renewal of the whole system, can usually be achieved only in gradual stages. As said before, the healing work of the Invisible Helpers is not suppression of symptoms but reconstruction of the whole system, and in order to be accomplished it requires time as well as the patient's faithful and constant cooperation along the lines indicated above.

Healing Meetings at Headquarters

   Healing meetings are held at Rosicrucian Headquarters on the nights when the moon enters cardinal signs in the zodiac. The hour of service is about 6:30 P.M. The virtue of the cardinal signs is dynamic energy which they infuse into every enterprise started under their influence, and therefore the healing thoughts of the helpers all over the world are endowed with added power when launched upon their errands of mercy under this cardinal influence.

   If you would like to join in this work, sit down quiet when the clock in your place of residence points to the given hour, 6:30 P.M., meditate on health, and pray to the Great Physician, our Father in Heaven, for the restoration to health of all who suffer, particularly those who have applied to Headquarters.

   At the same time visualize the Ecclesia, the healing Temple at Headquarters, where the thoughts of all aspirants are finally gathered by the Elder Brothers and used for the stated purpose.

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Astro-Diagnosis — A Guide to Healing

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