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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
Fruit as Medicine

Proper food given at the right time and under the right conditions will not only cure but prevent disease. The truth of this statement is becoming apparent to an increasing number of people. Of all foods, fruits seem to rank first in the medicinal qualities needed by most people. A several-day diet of a particular fruit has proved effective countless times in curing tonsillitis, appendicitis, colds, and various other ailments. The citrus fruits, in particular, help free the body cells of poisons, accumulated largely by eating too much lifeless, starchy food.

Occult philosophy teaches that fruits are an ideal diet. They are, in fact, evolved by the fruit trees to induce animal and man to eat them. Fresh fruit contains water of the purest and best kind, capable of permeating the system in a marvelous manner. Grape juice is a particularly wonderful solvent. It thins and stimulates the blood, opening the way into capillaries already dried and choked up.

It may be said generally of the solid foods we take into our system, that fresh vegetables and ripe fruits contain the greatest proportion of nutritious matter and the least of earthy substances. Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc.) are powerful antiseptics.

The king of all antiseptics, the pineapple, has been used very often with complete success as a cure for the dreaded diphtheria, which is only another name for a septic sore throat. Fruits cleanse and purify the system, and the pineapple is one of the finest aids to digestion ever known to man. It is far superior to pepsin, and no fiendish cruelty is used to obtain it. Of fruits we assimilate about 85 per cent of the proteins, 90 per cent of the fat, and 90 per cent of the carbohydrates.

Visible Helpers are just as necessary as Invisible Helpers, and our friends and patients may share in a high privilege, as well as add much to the power of liberated healing force, by joining us in prayer for the sick. Our Healing Service is held each evening in the Healing Temple at 6:30 P.M. (7:30 P.M. when Daylight Time is in effect), and in the Pro-Ecclesia at 4:15 P.M. when the Moon is in a cardinal sign on the following dates:

September: 4-10-18-25

October: 1-8-15-22-29

Relax, close your eyes, and make a mental picture of the pure white rose in the center of the Rosicrucian Emblem on the west wall of our Pro-Ecclesia, and concentrate on Divine love and Healing.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September/October, 1995

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