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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
The Year of the Paradigm Shift

  1995 is a pivotal year in the last decade of the 20th century. We find six factors at work in 1995 that dramatically shift the balance of energy in the planetary psyche:

1. Jupiter returning home in Sagittarius 1994/12/10 to 1996/1/4

2. Pluto entering Sagittarius 1995/1/15 to 2008/1/26

3. Uranus returning home in Aquarius 1995/4/2 to 2003/3/11

4. Chiron entering Libra 1995/9/10 to 1997/1/1

5. Node entering Libra 1995/8/1 to 1997/1/6

6. Mars retrograde (2 yr. cycle) Virgo/Leo 1995/1/1 to 1995/3/24

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September/October, 1995

Contemporary Mystic Christianity

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