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Astrology and Modes of Communication

We use astronomy to track the seasons and to navigate boats, but we use spiritual astrology to understand people and track human behavior. Astrology gives us the tools and insights to enhance communication in relationships as parents, wives, co-workers, and friends.

In today's world, communication skills are more important than ever. They are a major factor in informing people of current events, politics, and culture.

There are basic differences between all of us as communicators. Read the following classifications and then employ your astrological knowledge to determine the planet, sign, and house focus which would correlate with the characterization of each personality syndrome. Answers may be found on page 37.

1) The Entertainer is a wonderful conversationalist. His stories are impressive, and he has quite good dramatic instincts. He uses the pregnant pause, the art of exaggeration, and a powerful, dynamic voice to make his impact. People will notice his tendency to overinflate accomplishments or use a bit of drama, but, all in all, he is fun to talk to. He shines in the field of advertising, promotions, and sales. His manner of gesture is often greater than life. He can not be overlooked because he naturally gravitates to the center statge of conversations, and is rarely found off in the corner.

2) The Diplomat has an unerring instinct for what people want to hear. She is the perfect hostess, knowing whom to seat by whom. She is clued into all the feuds and fights among friends and foes and manages to keep feathers from being ruffled when parties are in her sphere. She is a master in soothing over awkward moments as well as defusing angry responses. Sometimes people wonder whose side she is on, or whether she may be about to change sides, but her ability to compromise and find common, middle ground is a great gift socially and spiritually.

3) The Verbal Duelist loves a good argument! He seems to seek them out and to thrive in an atmosphere of debate and confrontation. Anger does not faze him. Strong emotions seem to feed his competitive instincts. He is determined to be right and to prove himself surperior to other people, verbally and otherwise. He does well in a crisis and thinks on his feet, but his blunt, abrasive style is hard for many people to take.

4) The Wordsmith reminds everyone of their English teacher. She's the one who corrects people's grammar. She changes the wording of what you have written or what you have said to get just the "right" phrase. She is a stickler about spelling, punctuation, pronunciation, enunciation, and all those details most people overlook. She is great at making lists and spotting areas in need of improvement. Many people describe her as too critical and always passing judgment on others. Helping her to direct her critical faculty toward the physical world, rather than people's statements or personalities, is a good idea. She shines in focusing attention on details, ordering and organizing them, and in logical thinking.

5) The Rebel is an unconventional thinker who loves to shock people. This individual may make statements just to upset others, to "push their buttons," to challenge their assumptions, to cause them to question their stereotypic thinking. The rebel is a nonconformist who can be unique and

original in thinking and communicating. Computers and new age technology often appeal. This is the person who loves "email" and modern forms of sending messages. This is also the person who can be chaotic, weird, and "off-the-wall" at times in what s/he says and how s/he says it. Rebels will finish your sentences, interrupt, and speak in blurts and spurts because their minds are constantly leaping from idea to idea.

6) The Empath is intuitive and relates in emotions more than words. She is alive to all the nuances behind and between words. Because she values silence and meditation, you may have to draw her out. She understands a great deal, however, particularly about what motivations drive people. She has an imaginative and poetic mind and can make beautiful music with her use of language. She would rather hold back than hurt someone, and she is as aware of what could be as what is.

7) The Sage is an adventurer and an explorer—mentally as well as physically. He will travel any and every mental byway and highway. Questions pertaining to ultimate issues haunt his days and he finds philosophical or religious discussions irresistible. Speak to him of meaning and be prepared for hours of dialogue! He prefers talking to listening, and has a great sense of humor to make up for his occasional pompous remarks. Obsessed with truth, moral principles, and issues of value, he can be accused of "putting his foot in his mouth" due to his uncontrollable bluntness. Many people appreciate knowing exactly where they stand with him. Thanks to his natural optimism, he is able to find the silver lining in almost any dark cloud.

8) The Realist is the "solid citizen" and is focused on results. He will often communicate in terms of tasks. Indeed, he may be rather silent in social settings, but quite articulate when it is time to accomplish a specific job. He prefers communication that is sensible, unemotional, points toward a predictable consequence and will help produce tangible results. He believes in right and wrong answers and strives to support what he believes is proper.

As the foregoing descriptions suggest, the potential for human conflict abounds. The Rebel fights the Realist. The Empath finds the Verbal Dualist painful. The Wordsmith is turned off by the Entertainer's exaggerations and the Entertainer is frustrated by the Wordsmith's nit-picking. The variations on these possible conflicts are manifold. But it is possible to modify our own messages so that we may get closer to each other. Astrology enhances knowing and understanding. It is up to each of us to so adjust our communication skills that we may most effectively and amiably communicate with other people. With love all things are possible.

  — Renate Shoemacker

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September/October, 1995

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