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Destiny and the Twelfth House — Part I

In the divine science of astrology, the twelfth house is definitely linked with "fate," or the individual destiny. It is the house which, more than any other of the twelve houses of the horoscope, reveals that part of the life's circumstances and activities which constitute "debts" to be liquidated. It is the house which governs confinement in hospitals and prisons, secret enemies and plots, sorrow and self-undoing.

Astrological influence does not come from the physical planets. It is the Life of God diffused through the Rays of the Sun and mingled with the vibrations of the Indwelling Spirits of the Planets and of the beings who live upon their surface. These composite vibrations, impinging upon the earth at the moment of a child's birth, stamp its finer vehicles with the pattern of its inherent character, and character is destiny.

Destiny, in metaphysical terminology, refers to the events, circumstances, and situations which come to an individual as a result of certain actions in past lives, and may be of an extremely fixed, or a more pliable nature. That is, the karma may be so definite and inevitable that it cannot be escaped; or it may be of a kind which can be averted by spiritual understanding and right attitude. Generally speaking, the twelfth house, judged specifically by the sign placed on its cusp, the ruler of that sign, and the planets it contains, indicates a type of "ripe" destiny-karma which will inevitably be manifested in the life.

In reading and judging a horoscope we must remember that this map of planets arranged at the native's birth according to a certain pattern is the sum and substance of all his past lives up to date. It is a revelation of the person in character and temperament as unfolded during all past incarnations on the earth, and it indicates the events and circumstances which have molded and will further mold the character. It also reveals the time at which the major events of the life will occur.

However, the horoscope does not reveal a man's will, nor his individual spiritual status, exactly. This we should bear in mind when we look into the sacred precincts of the chart. No astrologer can be certain that a person will eventually sink in the mire or rise to be a saint. Nor should he make categorical predictions, for it is apparent that our present knowledge of the great Star-Beings guiding our destiny is limited. But we can interpret the nature of the spiritual forces that are impelling an individual in his evolution and predict with considerable accuracy the principal events of the coming years. Max Heindel sums up this point in these words:

"In the final analysis we are arbiters of our destiny, and it is significant that while it is possible to predict for the great majority of mankind with absolute certainty that the prediction will be vindicated, because they drift along the sea of life directed by the current of circumstances, predictions for the striving idealist fail in proportion to his spiritual attainment of will power which rouses him to self-assertion and resistance of wrong."

The twelfth house in the grand circle of the zodiac is one of mystery. It is a "closed house," meaning that its affairs are more or less secret and hidden from the public. It rules limitation, not only of a physical type, but also of a spiritual nature. From it one may experience a definite sense of frustration or of being held down. A denial of self-expression may be felt in one or more departments of life. Natives of Pisces, the natural 12th house sign, often feel this restriction in many ways.

The forces of the signs indicate the duration and the type of destiny to be paid. The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are the most rigid of all. Payment of past debts of destiny indicated by these signs must and will be met. We cannot escape the events and circumstances indicated, and the sooner we realize this fact and the nature of the debts and take the right action, the sooner will fixed karma be liquidated.

Destiny covered by cardinal signs is of less duration but quicker in effect. Lessons in these signs are more easily learned than those of fixed signs.

Common sign destiny is the easiest to balance, but therein lies the danger. Because of the restlessness and changeability of natives of these signs, as well as their two-sided nature, with a hesitancy to make up their minds, they seek to evade the issue or to "put off until tomorrow" what could be done today.

The sign Aries on the twelfth house cusp brings Mars into the life to liberate karma by the native's actions. Aries is the beginning of the Divine Circle, and consequently, if Mars is afflicted, one must be careful that new karma is not created by rashness and impulsive action. The martial force may indicate a general "clearing up" of karmic conditions in the present life. There is likely to be karma connected with pioneering and reforms.

Taurus on the twelfth house cusp brings Venus as the ruler, and possessions and material things are likely to be instrumental in paying off past debts. Money affairs (Taurus is the second house sign) and their handling is important, and may carry a significant meaning to the native's personality.

The sign Gemini placed on the twelfth cusp designates Mercury, the mental planet, as the ruler. There is a mental understanding of one's karma, and a decision can be made as to how it can be worked out. Brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors, may be intimately linked up with the native and his life. If Mercury is afflicted, relatives can be secret enemies.

Cancer on the twelfth cusp brings rule by the emotional Moon. There is a possibility of the emotions being uncontrolled or extremely upset, denoting a lack of reign over oneself. Home conditions or one of the parents may be the focusing point of a debt to be paid off.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, placed on the cusp of the twelfth house indicates that people in authority, especially men, and one's children, are linked with karma. Sorrow through the heart's desire is experienced if the Sun is adversely aspected.

The sign Virgo on the twelfth brings Mercury as ruler. The ideal of "loving, self-forgetting service to others" thus becomes entwined with destiny. This is aptly demonstrated by those who serve in hospitals and institutions. Health is vitally important to one with this sign here, and he must take special care of the physical body because illness may result in hospitalization. Mercury points out that good health is prolonged by the right mental attitude.

Libra on the twelfth house again brings the influence of the cohesive and harmonious Venus into affairs of destiny. Partnership is emphasized. Problems involving others, either in business or marriage, will come into the life and have to be "balanced," as the scales of Libra signify.

Partnerships often carry a hidden motive or background, or one may be the silent partner in a partnership. Love possesses a deeper significance to the native with Libra here, and can bring a deeper sorrow, unless one is sufficiently evolved to understand its true meaning and tries to live up to its highest concept.

Scorpio posited on the twelfth house gives Mars as its ruler. Again, Mars action is emphasized, but here it is more secret than in Aries. All that comes under the rulership of Scorpio has importance in the life. The true keyword for this sign is "regeneration," and according to the twelfth house we reap what we have sown. Thus the destiny becomes involved with the powers of regeneration.

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive Jupiter, and when on the twelfth house cusp may denote a deep and philosophic understanding of the causes of sorrow and undoing in one's own life, and in the lives of others. Debts of destiny are apt to be paid off in an understanding, cheerful manner.

The sign Capricorn brings the conservative Saturn as ruler. Saturn is one of the most important signatures of the past. Because of his limiting power, Saturn's sign brings heavy responsibilities and crosses to bear, but through the carrying of these heavy crosses much soul growth may be made. Pursuing a career, or inordinate ambition not fulfilled, brings sorrow.

Aquarius is ruled by the altruistic Uranus. This twelfth house position places Pisces on the Ascendant generally, making the two spiritual planets, Uranus and Neptune, important in the chart. This may indicate the end of a cycle for the Ego, that he is getting ready to start the zodiacal pathway anew in the next life. Unusual and sudden events come into the life and carry a train of unexpected results.

Pisces is ruled by the spiritual Neptune, and the twelfth house is the home place for this sign. Here are many forces for good or evil, all presented in a subtle and mysterious manner. Neptune's aspects are important and can indicate great spiritual progress, or merely confused events in the life with a background of deceit and trickery.

(To be continued)

  — Edward Adams

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September/October, 1995

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