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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
An Invitation to Health

If we do not always exhibit the radiant well-being which we should like to express, we may do well to ask ourselves if we are inviting health. We must definitely invite health, if we wish to possess it, by encouraging the necessary conditions. We must, in other words, endeavor to learn and obey the laws which govern well-being. This applies to each of the vehicles which make up the composite man. The condition of each vehicle reacts on the others, and what affects one will, in time, affect the others.

For physical health, the "invitation" obviously must be couched in terms of eating sensibly, exercising sufficiently, getting enough sleep, and otherwise cooperating with the laws operating on the physical plane. For emotional health, cultivation of a calm, serene attitude is essential. Material science, as well as occult science, has proved that a fit of anger poisons the body. All other emotional upsets are similarly harmful.

For mental health-particularly important, since the mind should be used by man to direct his other vehicles in ways of right living-the invitation implies the use of the will in thinking only positive, constructive thoughts. Thoughts may be used to build a barrier to life-giving forces, or they may become a foundation of good health. To think kindly, tolerantly, unselfishly, and lovingly, is to invite health-building forces so powerful that only health can result.

Equipoise on all levels is a prerequisite to perfect physical, emotional, and mental health. Equipoise can develop only in a climate of studied obedience to natural law and concern with spiritual values. When we have achieved complete equipoise, then we will be able to issue a permanent invitation to good health.

Visible Helpers are just as necessary as Invisible Helpers, and our friends and patients may share in a high privilege, as well as add much to the power of liberated healing force, by joining us in prayer for the sick. Our Healing Service is held every evening in the Healing Temple at 6:30, and in the Pro-Ecclesia at 4:15 P.M. when the Moon is in a cardinal sign on the following dates:

March — 7-13-20-27
April — 3-10-16-23-30

Relax, close your eyes, and make a mental picture of the pure white rose in the center of the Rosicrucian Emblem on the west wall of our Pro-Ecclesia, and concentrate on Divine Love and Healing.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, March/April, 1996

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