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The United Nations: A Star Portrait

Ten weeks after history's bloodiest war ended, the official inception of the U.N. occurred in New York City. Since the Moon of activity is in the second decan of its sign, this organization was not entirely new on October 24, 1945. America's Aquarian President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had pushed for it in 1941. Shortly before his death in 1945, Aquarian Wendell Willkie had published the book that greatly influenced the U.N., One World. The U.S. embraced the concept.[1]

The Moon's last transit and its relationship to it reveals quite a bit about what preceded the event depicted in the chart. Here, its last transit was over Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is the planet of mental focus; Scorpio is the sign of regeneration. The U.N.'s aim has always been global regeneration, as well as regeneration in yet another sense: the U.N.'s forerunner, the League of Nations, set up in the wake of World War I, had lacked sufficient power to keep the peace.

Accordingly, the U.N. was invested with far more power than the old League. This is shown in the chart. The most powerful sign, Scorpio, occupies the Ascendant; it is also the Sun sign. The solar orb is in the 11th house and Scorpio's most powerful 1st decan. A planet thus placed tends to be "original" in some way.[2] The U.N. can be said to be "original" in the sense that never before had an organization been endowed with so much power over so much of the world.

Pluto dominates the map, being also its ruler. It is in the 9th house and 2nd decan, where it tends to be "pioneering,"[3] supporting what was noted above concerning the Sun's "original" nature. Pluto being in a critical degree adds to its impact. It is in Leo, a strong sign. Moreover, planets in the 9th sector have a "higher vibration."[4] Sun and Pluto are in mutual reception-tantamount to doubling their impact. Pluto is also "entirely exclusive."[5] Nothing else on earth was or is the U.N.'s equal.

The chart's pattern is that of a Bowl-all planets within 180 degrees, but more than 120. The owner of a Bowl is said to scoop deeply into life; he does not take a superficial approach. He has something to give. After all, the purpose of a bowl is to hold or contain something.

But there are several kinds of an astrological Bowl. It could be all in the east, master of its own destiny. In the west, its fate is in others' hands. In the bottom half, it is very subjective, turned inward. It could be in parts of two hemispheres or three quadrants. This one is 100% in the top half. The Bowl is turned upside down. What happens to any bowl thus posited? Its contents fall out completely, nothing is held back. There is complete giving, "intense" giving, augmenting the Plutonic vibrations.[6]

This is confirmed by the chart's 10th house; in a mundane map, that of government. Here, close to the M.C. in Virgo of service, is Venus, planet of love, sextile Pluto, with added strength since in its own sign of Libra, the only orb thus placed. True love gives, even as an upside down bowl gives of its contents. Venus' degree's symbol: "A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks."[7] Can there be a more fitting symbolic description of the U.N.'s function? It is literally "feeding" multitudes as well as clothing, housing and generally providing for them; millions over the years owe their very lives to the U.N. It is also "protecting...from the hawks"—the aggressors. The world most definitely is a better place because of the U.N.

How is this altruistic effort being received by the world? Its people are represented by the lunar orb, located in the 7th house of adversaries, closely conjunct (the chart's closest conjunction) to retrograde Uranus. The extra-Saturnian planets generally do not act "helpfully" in mundane charts, since the masses at present are unable to respond constructively to their high vibrations,[8] even when aspects to them are said to be supportive, like sextile or trine. But this is a conjunction to a malefic, rarely easy to handle even in charts of evolved egos. And negatively, Uranus is the planet of rebellion, due to exaggerated individualism.

Uranus, negatively, has its degree in this chart described as "a thorough dissipation of selfhood."[9] Undoubtedly the "chickens" described as being fed in Venus' degree are grateful, but not the "hawks," which are more powerful and better able to express their sentiments. And it is a well-known fact that there are many places the U.N. has gone to keep the peace and perform other services it alone could provide and its people have been attacked. Admittedly, nothing man-made on earth is perfect. Despite valiant efforts and high ideals, the U.N. is no exception. Does the chart shed light on the cause of the U.N.'s shortcomings?

Venus' closest aspect is to Neptune-negatively impractical, unrealistic.[10] This is augmented by the absence of planets in earth, which would provide "down to earth" stability. This lack could be to some degree compensated by a strong Saturn, the most "earthy" orb. But here it is intercepted, in its detriment, and its major aspects are a conjunction to "malefic" Mars and an "overlapping" or "out of sign," square to the Sun, also not helpful.[11]

Of course, in defense of the U.N., it must be said that it has no precedent to go by, one reason why pioneering efforts generally are difficult even if driven by the best of intentions. The difficult Mars-Saturn conjunction helps explain the U.N.'s problem: In mundane charts, Mars represents the military, Saturn ever is the planet of limitations. In this natus both planets are posited in a sign they are weak in, and it being intercepted, they don't work too well together. And it is difficult to deny that at times the U.N.'s effort has been excessive, while at other times insufficient. In the Gulf War, conducted under U.N. auspices, numerous civilians got killed; in the former Yugoslavia it has been unable to prevent bloody fighting.

Not only those at the receiving end of U.N. activity have been less than 100% satisfied therewith, as portrayed by the Moon-Uranus conjunction discussed above, there has also been disaffection at the giving end. Somewhere in the U.S. is a huge military base from which men and material have been moved to the site of numerous U.N. operations. But in the county where they are actively engaged, there have been times when there were no funds for paper and chalk and other supplies for the local schools. Can one blame soldiers' wives for resenting the fact that while their husbands are risking their lives abroad, there's insufficient money to properly educate their children at home?

It should be noted that the Venus-Jupiter-Neptune cluster is in Libra of balance. Balance affects destiny. Saturn of destiny is exalted in Libra. There is no surer way for natives of this sign to know they are living constructively than when their lives are well-balanced, students of the sacred science of the stars deduce from the message of the "Scales." Yet does this not also apply to all other signs and to all human activity?
—A Probationer

1. There is a close tie between the charts of the U.S. and U.N. Eight planets, the M.C. and the nodes in the U.N. natus are also occupied in that of the U.S. The closest tie between the two charts is the U.N.'s Saturn just 12 minutes from exactly conjunct the ruler of the U.S. chart, Mercury. The former has been a heavy responsibility of the latter.

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  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, March/April, 1996

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