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  To help spread the Rosicrucian teaching is a personal duty of the Rosicrucian student. The Elder Brothers, the custodians of the Western Wisdom Teachings, gave them to the Western World through Max Heindel on condition that he be as persistent in giving them out as he had been in seeking them. Evidently we come under a similar obligation to give to others the knowledge which we have received.

   What can we do to help in this work? Is it necessary that we have first-hand information of the spiritual planes before we can be of service? No! "There is need of the tiniest candle." The little wheels make it possible for the big wheels to operate.

   Spreading the teachings by personal example is the first thing which we have to consider. The eyes of the world are upon us, and the Fellowship movement is credited or blamed according as we comport ourselves. Our neighbors know something about our lives, and by our fruits are we known.

   The second point to consider is the spreading of the Teachings through local Centers. Fellowship Centers are but combinations of persons, and a Center as a whole will express only what its members individually express. Therefore we each have a personal responsibility in the matter of keeping our local Center up to a proper standard. Faithfulness in attendance and care to conduct ourselves in a dignified and reverent manner in the Fellowship rooms are very necessary. When properly directed, local Fellowship Centers become magnets which attract those who are in need of help. All whose location and conditions permit should join a local Center, for "in union there is strength."

   As to personally giving out the Teachings, we must first familiarize ourselves with them sufficiently so that we can answer questions concerning them. Max Heindel said: "Sound people out; try to get them to ask questions." But this must be done indirectly, however. We must not force our philosophy upon others. We can drop a hint here and there which will suggest that we are possessed of some knowledge on these higher matters. Then if the person who hears us is ready for the light, he will take the hint and ask questions. After that we can go as far as it appears that he can absorb what we have to give. When people ask for light, however, we must not flash it too strongly, for it may scare them and cause them to turn away.

   Some people may accept the teaching of rebirth while others will want visions explained. Still others will want to know about planetary influences, the status of Christ Jesus, or the Law of Cause and Effect. Try to reach people through their own life problems. Tell people whenever there is an opportunity about the evening exercise of Retrospection, since this is such a very important means of making progress in evolution. Incidentally, let us not forget to practice it ourselves!

   People in trouble are most amenable to suggestions along the line of the higher teachings. Successful worldly people are more likely to resist these new ideas. The Bible says that we may expect to find followers among the lowly ones, the troubled souls, the heavy laden. There are many dissatisfied, hungry, troubled persons who do not know which way to turn. They pray for help. We have a privilege and responsibility when we come into contact with such people. But we must not disturb those who are satisfied nor those who will not listen.

   There is another method by which we may disseminate the Teachings. When a situation arises that calls for a statement of Rosicrucian principles, we should speak up. We should state that we are vegetarians; that we will not wear for show products that require the sacrifice of life; that we are opposed to war; that we regard hypnotism as mental assault and battery and, that we are opposed to all forms of negative spiritual or psychic development, such as mediumship. Such statements must not be made in an offensive manner, nor this information thrust upon people. Let it be given naturally and unobtrusively.

   Max Heindel stated, "There is no soul growth in doing only what comes to us." Therefore we must always be on the watch for opportunities to serve and to give out the teachings which have helped us. Hardly a day passes without some opportunity presenting itself to sow the seed of esoteric knowledge.

   Next comes the matter of disseminating the literature. Everyone can do something. Notify Headquarters that you will distribute free literature. Give it to neighbors, relatives, and friends who you think would be interested. Post it on billboards, and put it in your correspondence. Give a Cosmo- Conception or a subscription to Rays from the Rose Cross to your library, hospital or a friend. Give a copy of one of our books, lectures, or pamphlets, which would appeal or be of interest to a friend.

   If you think that one or more of your friends would be interested in the meetings held in your local Center, do not fail to extend an invitation to them to attend. In the case of those who you think are ready for the Teachings, tell them of our correspondence courses, particularly those devoted to the Rosicrucian philosophy. Many people come into the movement through first having been attracted by astrology. Astrology is a valuable aid to the aspirant in his progress on the Path, but it is distinctly secondary in importance to the Philosophy, and this point should be impressed upon newcomers. We are not principally a school of astrology as some people think.

   We read weekly in our beautiful Rosicrucian Fellowship prayer that we should "give to others all we have of courage and of cheer." The preceding suggestions show us how we can do this to good advantage. Let us not wait for Headquarters to do all the work. Let us make a drive. The Fellowship has students scattered all over the world. If all do something, Headquarters will receive an unprecedented influx of new students and of inquiries for our literature.

   By doing our part loyally and faithfully in this great work we shall not only be an active agent in helping others, but also we will cause the great Law of Consequence to work for us rather than against us, as it perhaps has done in the past. Above all, let us remember the Biblical injunction to not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. For if we receive our compensation an the praise of men, ve have already had our pay, and there will be little to our credit on the higher planes.

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Prayer

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