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Planetary Polarity

   Question: Speaking of planetary polarity for marriage, Moon and Venus being significators in a man's horoscope and Sun and Mars in a woman's, you (Max Heindel) say that if these planets are harmoniously configured, etc., harmony will prevail. Does the configuration referred to mean the configuration of Moon to Venus and of Mars to Sun in the respective horoscopes, or of Moon and Venus in one horoscope to Sun and Mars in the other? How would it be if the man's Sun antagonized his own Moon but harmonized with the prospective mate's Moon? In case the Ascendant is not known, what is the best basis for estimating compatibility? Is it the harmony or otherwise of the two Moon signs? (Vol. II, #126)

  Answer: It really means both to have harmony. A person with Mars square Venus will not be very successful in love affairs, but if Mars in a woman's horoscope be in the place of Venus in a man's horoscope, then it is a case of love at first sight. However, that love is of the earth earthy—it is the lower phase of love. The Sun of one person on the other's Moon brings a very spiritually harmonious condition. It is also true that even the opposition of the two luminaries from one horoscope to another will bring harmony, because they are opposite. It doesn't act that way with the squares, but the opposition we have found to produce harmony. The Sun and Moon square always renders a man vacillating. He never knows his own mind. He is torn between two ideas all the time. Nevertheless, he may be very harmonious with somebody else of the other sex, if his Moon is in the place of the woman's Sun, or trine. That would certainly bring spiritual harmony.

Atlanteans Who Had Not Evolved Lungs

   Question: What became of the people who had not evolved lungs at the time of the flood? Were they given an opportunity to build later? (Vol. II, #129)

   Answer: This refers to the people in the Atlantean Epoch when the mists were beginning to condense. At that time humanity lived down in the mist-filled basins of the Earth. They were the Niebelung, or children of the mist, and they breathed by gill clefts. We find this in the Memory of Nature, and we find it also in the prenatal development of the child in the stage when it breathes by gill clefts. In order to come up here on the highlands to live in the purified atmosphere we have today, it was necessary they should build lungs, otherwise they would be asphyxiated. Some worked with the law of evolution and built the lungs, others did not.

   During the time when we went through these various periods there was the growth of the threefold body. This work was carried on until we came to the Atlantean Epoch, which was the time of involution. At that time we didn't see outwardly as we see now, but we saw inwardly. All our forces were turned inward and we built organs at that time. That was our means of evolution. Now we are turning that creative force outward and building ships, houses, and such things, and we are growing on in that direction. However, at that time we had to build the organs, and those who did not build the organs were left behind.

   Now comes the question as to what became of them. Why, they have to wait until they can catch up. They will get a chance to build later on. Whether they will catch up and be fit to go into the next epoch when we build the vital body we don't know. We are transforming the world by epigenesis. We are going along the line of evolution and being lifted out of matter and we are spiritualizing these bodies into soul. By the service we are doing, voluntary service, we are building a soul body, and those who have not evolved it will be left behind. As we read in the Bible, those who have not the golden wedding garment cannot come in to the feast. Thus these people were left behind, and some of them are the Spirits spoken of by Peter that were left behind and to whom Christ preached during the time between the bodily death of Jesus and what is known as the Resurrection. Whether they will catch up is a question. We don't know, but it is hoped they will.

The Cause and Cure of Sleepwalking

   Question: Please tell what sleepwalking really is and if there is any way to help those who are subject to that condition. (Vol. II, #130)

   Answer: During the daytime the physical body which we call man or woman is surrounded by an auric atmosphere composed of his finer vehicles just as the yolk of an egg is surrounded by the white. These finer vehicles interpenetrate the physical body and are the sources of power and sense perception. It is their activities which tire the physical body and are the sources of power and sense perception. It is their activities which tire the physical body so that in the evening, so to say, collapses and the finer vehicles draw out of it leaving it helpless, sleeping upon the bed. When this complete separation has taken place the sleep is dreamless.

   However, sometimes the Ego becomes so intent upon the things in the physical world that it is with great difficulty that it can tear itself loose from the physical vehicle. It may then be half in and half out of the body. Thus the normal connection between the Ego and the brain is wrenched but not fully ruptured. Under these circumstances the Ego sees the things of the superphysical world, and this accounts for those fantastic and foolish dreams which we sometimes have. Under such a condition the body may toss about on the bed. It may even speak and gesticulate, and from that condition it is only a step to sleepwalking where the Ego compels the vehicle to leave the bed and wander about, sometimes aimlessly, but at other times with a definite purpose in view.

   If we remember that when the Ego is outside its physical vehicle during the hours when the latter is left sleeping on the bed, the Spirit moves with the same facility through the window or the wall that it does through the open door. When we realize that it cannot be burned by fire nor drowned by water or fall from a house top, we can readily realize that, being unconscious of the fact that its physical vehicle is with it, it may attempt to go out of a window. Should the window be open, the physical body naturally drops to the ground and is hurt more or less according to the distance of its fall. We can all walk a very narrow plank when it is close to the ground, but if the same plank is lifted up only a few feet a sense of fear comes over us. We would probably fall off a very wide plank were it placed hundreds of feet from the Earth, but when the body is manipulated by the Spirit from without it is itself unconscious and therefore fearless. Consequently, it walks with impunity wherever it can get a foothold, and the only danger is that the sleeper may awake—that the Ego may draw into its vehicle and assume the normal position. Then the fear will almost inevitably cause him to fall from whatever perilous position he may be in, and in consequence there is an injury of more or less seriousness.

   As to the remedy for this trouble we would suggest the practice of conscious relaxation of the body. It is the desire body which keeps a grip on the dense vehicle, and during relaxation this desire body is taught to let go and leave the dense body inert so that if an arm or limb is lifted it drops immediately to the bed. This practice will in time stop sleepwalking, but in the meantime if wet towels are placed on the floor, they will probably have the effect of awakening the person the moment he steps out of bed. The higher vehicles are of a nature somewhat akin to electricity, and we know that water has a wonderful drawing effect with respect to the electric current. Similarly, when the feet of the body contact the wet towels on the floor, the finer vehicles are drawn into the central position with respect to the body and consciousness is restored. Thus the body is awakened and the danger of sleepwalking is averted for the time being.

   — This article was adapted from "The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers, Vol. II," by Max Heindel.

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