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Chart Number 27: Diabetes

  Complaints: A 65 year old retired man has diabetes mellitus and severe headaches. One of his concerns is that his doctors have not been able to explain the cause of his headaches. He tried to follow a vegetarian diet but his family opposed this. After several months he resumed eating meat because of weakness and irregular heart beats. At times he feels he has had a terrible destiny, particularly when in pain. He feels that his diabetes pill is destroying his liver and kidneys.

  Birth Data: male, born on October 22, 1915; Lat. 50N, Long. 22E; time unknown.

  Planetary Positions: Moon/Aries 18; Saturn/Cancer 16; Mars/Leo 8; Sun/Libra 28; Mercury/Libra 29R; Venus/Scorpio 8; Jupiter/Pisces 20R.

  Aspects: Conjunction: Sun, Mercury (combust) Square: Saturn, Moon; Mars, Venus Trine: Jupiter, Saturn

  Dispositorship: Saturn in sign ruled by Moon. Moon, Venus in signs ruled by Mars. Jupiter in sign of its own dignity. Mercury, Sun in sign ruled by Venus. Mars in sign ruled by Sun.

  Planetary Principles: Personality Planets: Moon, Saturn, Mars Mind: Mercury Spirit Planets: Jupiter, Venus, Sun

  Aspect Analysis: 1) Moon in Aries square Saturn in Cancer: Vital body responsive to desire nature but held in check by Law of cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect is carrying a lesson pertaining to wise use of the vital body. This represents a lesson in the development of the personality.

  2) Mars in Leo square Venus in Scorpio: Desire nature has opportunity for spiritual expression but must learn a lesson in the expression of love. Life Spirit will find positive expression only when desire nature is uplifted. Here the desire component of the personality is coming into contact with the higher spirit. 3) Saturn in Cancer trine to retrograde Jupiter in Pisces: The abstract mind may assist the person in his understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect if and when he seeks this light. 3) Saturn in Cancer trine to retrograde Jupiter in Pisces: The abstract mind may assist the person in his understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect if and when he seeks this light. 4) Retrograde Mercury combust the Sun on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio: The mind has difficulty reflecting the Divine Spirit. The mind is not yet prepared to direct the emotions.

   Let us imagine speaking with this person about his problems:

  Dear Friend:

   We understand that you have been treated for diabetes, that you have suffered with headaches, and that you found it difficult trying to follow a vegetarian diet. When we feel pain and weakness, it can be very discouraging. Yet when you think about the wisdom of the Universe, it is hard to believe that pain is given arbitrarily or capriciously.

   One may ask, why does my body frequently get headaches? What is the headache trying to tell me? Nature in her wisdom tries to teach us how to gain better health, self-control, and understanding. Just as a parent sets limits for a child who had temper tantrums, pain sets limits on a person's body when the person in one way or another exceeds the capacity of his body. Headaches in particular may arise from fatigue, nervous tension, hunger, anger, worry, high and low blood sugar and numerous other conditions. When a physician finds no medical illness which can account for headaches, this does not mean that the body has no reason. We need to make an effort to discover for ourselves what we are doing to cause the symptoms. If we are willing to make an effort and if we seek the answer with sufficient motivation, we will be guided to the answer within ourselves.

   From the flat chart we can see Moon in Aries square Saturn as an astrological indicator of symptoms related to the head. The Moon in Aries makes the head sensitive. Saturn square Moon limits the vitality. Our friend needs to learn to work constructively with the Law of Cause and Effect. If we can help him think less negatively about his pain and give him hope we will be of immense service. Our goal is to help our friend become more self-reliant. To discover the Higher self man must first believe in its existence. We can radiate that faith to others.

   With respect to his diabetes, Saturn in Cancer places a limitation on the pancreas (where insulin is made). Mars square to Venus may indicate a tendency tp overindulge in eating, particularly sweets. Our friend will need to discover what diet is best suited for his body. He will need to work closely with his physician in controlling his diabetes. He should be encouraged to discuss with his doctor fears he may have about his medicine.

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