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Chart Number 17: Negative Clairvoyance

   Female, born on January 13, 1871 at 10:25PM Latitude 40N, Longitude 4W.

  Cusps of the Houses: Midheaven/Gemini 29, Cancer intercepted; 11th House/ Leo 4; 12 House/Virgo 4; Ascendant/Virgo 29:11; 2nd House/Libra 24; 3rd House/Scorpio 24.

  Positions of the Planets: Mars/Libra 4:27; Moon/ Libra 18:56; Saturn/Capricorn 3:27; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 9:23; Sun/Capricorn 23:22; Venus/Aquarius 2:08; Mercury/Aquarius 2:18R; Neptune/Aries 19:05; Pluto/Taurus 17:02; Jupiter/Gemini 17:41R; Dragon's Head/Cancer 9:23; Uranus/Cancer 24:40R.

   Here is the horoscope of a woman who has Virgo on the Ascendant, and common signs on all four of the angles. Mercury, the life ruler is conjunct with the lady Venus, in the humane sign Aquarius, showing a nature which was most loveable and kindly, one who loved all and never suspected evil in anyone; but, sometimes these trusting ones, who think everyone is as honest as they themselves may come to a period in their lives when they too must be tried. All who are on the path of spiritual endeavor must be tested as to their strength of will, for God can advance only those who are strong and able to carry the burdens of backward humanity; hence, all who aspire to become chosen ones must expect that the Teachers who take care of God's higher work must try and try their aspirants. For the same reason that an athlete must strengthen his physical muscle, so must the aspirant also strengthen his spiritual muscle.

   Although this woman had common signs on the angles, which is an indication of wavering and changing, still with the Sun in Capricorn conjoined to Venus and Mercury the ideals were very high, and the danger lay in the adverse aspects to the Sun from cardinal signs; first, there are the squares to Sun of Neptune and the Moon, then the opposition of Uranus. These are strong aspects, which being also in angles, were very hard to overcome. In addition, the square and opposition aspects of the Moon with Uranus and Neptune from the first, seventh, and tenth houses, is another dangerous configuration for one to overcome who has common signs on the four angles.

   This woman was "disturbed day and night" by entities from the Desire World. Her first contact with these entities occurred after she had visited and sat in a spiritualistic circle. From that time her life was made miserable by constant disturbances from these desire entities.

   She has other aspects, however, which, when she made the effort, helped her to overcome. Saturn is very strong in Capricorn its own sign, and Saturn is also semisextile Venus and Mercury in Aquarius and sextile the progressed Moon, 3:58 of Scorpio. The Sun is trine Pluto which is well placed in the eighth house. These planetary positions and aspects led this woman to The Rosicrucian Fellowship to ask for healing, which she received.

   Let us see which of the planets were most liable to attract desire entities to her. We find Uranus high in the tenth house and square both the Moon and Neptune from angles and in cardinal signs: these three planets were directly responsible for this trouble, especially with the Moon in close opposition to Neptune, an aspect that will ever bring these influences. The native should be cautious and follow the safe path, but the tendency of such people is ever strong towards the investigation of the mysteries of nature, and especially will they be apt to be attracted to spiritualistic séances, because negative clairvoyance is shown by the adverse aspects of these very planets.

Chart Number 18: Paralysis

   Male, born on March 17, 1900 at 1:00 AM.

  Cusps of the Houses: 10th House/Libra 11; 11th House/Scorpio 8; 12th House/ Sagittarius 0; Ascendant/Sagittarius 19:22; 2nd House/Capricorn 25; 3rd" House/Pisces 5.

  Positions of the Planets: Saturn/Capricorn 4:24; Mars/Pisces 12:51; Sun/Pisces 26:12; Mercury/Aries 8:57R; Venus/Taurus 7:34; Pluto/Gemini 14:42; Neptune/Gemini 24:15; Moon/Libra 5:39; Jupiter/Sagittarius 10:41; Uranus/Sagittarius 12:29; Dragon's Head/Sagittarius 15:09.

   This man has the energetic sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant with Jupiter, the life ruler, in its own sign in the 12th house, in conjunction with the nervous and erratic Uranus. These two planets are also in conjunction with the Dragon's Head which is of a Jupiterian nature. They are afflicted by a square of Mars, from the sign Pisces, also a parallel of Neptune and Saturn. With these afflictions of Jupiter ruling the arterial blood, in the two Jupiterian signs, Sagittarius (hips) and Pisces (the feet), what may we expect but that the arterial blood would be obstructed in the limbs? As the action of Uranus is spasmodic, it shows that at certain times only does this young man suffer with cramping of the motor nerves. But we find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, ruling the knees, afflicted by the square of the Moon from near the Midheaven, also by the square of Mercury in Aries. As the joints of the body are largely ruled by the sign of Capricorn, especially when Saturn is placed in this sign and afflicted, we may expect a lack of power in and control of the lower part of the body.

   We find Neptune, the planet ruling the spinal canal and the spinal spirit fire, square to the life-giving Sun. This aspect acts upon the body as a disconnected wire would upon a telephone; there would be no response. The vital fluids cannot flow freely through the spinal column; and the upper and lower parts of the body may be likened to two disconnected wires. This boy could not walk without support of crutches; but this affliction was very slight until he reached the age of seven years when the progressed Moon reached the conjunction of the radical Saturn; then he lost entire control of his limbs.

   We are told in Galatians, 6th chapter, 7th verse, that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The question might be asked, "How could this poor young man be held responsible for something that came upon him as a baby?" We are told that this life is not all, that we have lived many lives, and that we are born to parents with whom we have made ties in previous lives. They are the instruments through which we are to receive our lessons. As we look into the life of the poor soul we see this exemplified. He has been attracted to parents who could give him a certain body, the archetype of which he himself was the builder. We note in the horoscope that the Moon is afflicted in the 9th house by the opposition of Mercury, and Saturn is square to both Mercury and Moon, indicating a drunken father and a nervous and neurasthenic mother.

   May the poor boy born into this miserably afflicted body learn his lessons, as afflictions are to the soul what fire is to gold—a refiner. Surely the experiences in this life will bring him much purification and soul growth.

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