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Chart Number 15: The Painful Path to Enlightenment

   Woman born on June 12, 1897 at 6:25PM Long. 74W, Lat. 41N.

  House Positions: Midheaven/Virgo 28; 11th House/Libra 27; 12th House/Scorpio 20; Ascendant/Sagittarius 10; 2nd House/Capricorn 13; 3rd House/Aquarius 22.

  Planetary Positions: Venus/Taurus 9:33; Mercury/Taurus 29:43; Pluto/Gemini 13:25; Neptune/Gemini 20:05; Sun/Gemini 22:10; Dragon's Tail/Leo 6:57; Mars/Leo 14:00; Jupiter/Virgo 3:26; Moon/Scorpio 25:22; Saturn/Scorpio 25:39R; Uranus/ Scorpio 25:59R

   This woman was able to inspire and uplift all who listened to her music. At times, however, she experienced uncontrollable passionate urges and went through terrible periods of delirium and hallucinations with an inexplicable fear of being raped and killed by some horrible "creatures" which she described as invading her room on the nights of the full Moon.

   We find the mental and spiritual mutable signs on the angles and their rulers, Mercury and Jupiter, afflicted. This warns us that if difficulties occur, they will be of a nervous, mental, or spiritual nature. Note that the Ascendant in Sagittarius is conjunct the fixed star Antares; this makes the body more high-strung and sensitive to finer vibrations. Sagittarius has a double nature. The archer aiming at the stars represents the noble side, whereby the native chooses to follow the spiritual path and apply her will to the pursuit of noble endeavors and aspirations. The animal side of the centaur offers temptation in animalistic, sensual, and amoral directions. To enter the right path one needs a good sense of discrimination and a strong will. Acquiring such is the challenge confronting those born with mutable signs prominent in their horoscopes.

   Mercury, ruler of the nervous system and fluid, sense perception, and thought process, is in the stubborn Taurus in the 6th House, heavily afflicted by a T-square. It is also in exact conjunction with the fixed stars Pleiades. Such influence, similar to that of the conjunction of Antares to the Ascendant, produces a highly sensitive nervous system. Mercury opposes a triple conjunction of the visionary Moon, the negative Saturn, and the erratic Uranus in Scorpio in the 12th house. Jupiter, in detriment in Virgo in the 9th house, squares Mercury in Taurus and Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Scorpio. This shows a person who may have very little respect for the law and may not know the difference between right and wrong, her rebellious Spirit respecting no social rules but the one she makes up to suit her desires.

   Her desires can be quite passionate and violent when they express through the square of Venus, dignified in the extravagant and obstinate Taurus in the 5th house, to Mars in the ardent and excessive Leo in the 8th house. But the Venus-Jupiter trine from the 5th to the 9th house, and the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Gemini in the artistic 7th house, give her an extremely refined and inspirational talent as a musician. The powerfully aspected Neptune in one of the angular houses also shows an active Pineal Gland and potential for conscious contact with the inner planes when properly trained.

   Research in the Memory of Nature showed that this lady, during the middle ages, had been in the body as a man who entered the mystery school as a minstrel. Minstrels were spiritual aspirants (and Initiates) similar to those we find today on the path of light, who followed a life of service and moral purity in the footsteps of Christ. They learned to decipher the Mystery Teachings concealed in the esoteric rules of the music, poetry, and drama which they practiced. Through the Law of Analogy, they were shown the direct relationship between such rules and the Laws of Nature which they were to follow. This of course was all theory until they went out in the world to perform and test their skills and apply such laws on their own.

   This was the great test in which many failed. Our native was one of those who strove hard, but rather than transmuting the creative urge, he repressed it to the point where temptation became too strong to resist. While travelling in a band from city to city, he, in company with other weak individuals, would leave the group. These minstrels misused their love songs to lure innocent peasant girls into the woods and thus fulfill their repressed urges. When threatened with denunciation by those they raped, some of them murdered their victims. This, however, was not the case with our native.

   Even though we may think we can make our own rules, break the Laws of Nature when nobody watches, and get away with it, God is not mocked. We eventually will have to pay in a future embodiment. This is exactly what happened in the present lifetime, destiny caught up with him (now her). The pain endured in purgatory between embodiments acts now as the haunting voice of conscience; the sex elementals attracted by her unregenerated thoughts and feelings, coupled with her very keen perception of the desire world in this life, keep reminding her of the horrible things she did in the past. This is destiny's way to make sure that she no longer will indulge in degeneration, which is similar to suicide, while on the path of regeneration.

   It took her a long time to accept the idea that all of this was the product of her own past actions, but when she did, she also followed the advice of the Healing Department concerning her diet. She gradually abandoned flesh foods and hot spicy dishes, and she witnessed rapid relief from her passionate urges. Then she quit smoking and drinking and noticed that her hallucinations did not appear any longer in connection with the full Moons! She was so impressed by the "miracle" that she studied the "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" and discovered that she could remove her fears by cultivating noble aspirations, becoming more altruistic, developing an optimistic temperament, sending regular prayers of gratitude to God, following divine Laws, and living a life of purity, love and service to humanity.

   After learning that there is no death, she tripled her efforts to live a regenerate life to make up for past mistakes. She also realized that, along with her musical talent, she had a divine gift by means of which she could expel negative entities from any environment through her music. With her knowledge of the Western Wisdom Teachings and her musical gift, she did wonders in a mental institution where she worked as an aid nurse. She was particularly effective with young girls suffering from obsession and other problems of a psychic or spiritual nature.

Chart Number 16: A Spinal Injury

   Man, born on July 10, 1864 at 2:40 AM, Long. 89W, Lat. 44N.

  House Positions: Midheaven/Aquarius 26; 11th House/Pisces 28; 12th House/Taurus 11; Ascendant/Gemini 23; 2nd House/Cancer 13; 3rd House/Leo 2.

  Planetary Positions: Uranus/Gemini 26:37; Mercury/Cancer 9:52; Venus/Cancer 16:00; Sun/Cancer 18:16; Moon/Virgo 28:18; Saturn/ Libra/11:49; Jupiter/ Scorpio 17:51R; Neptune/Aries 8:36; Mars/Taurus 1:06; Pluto/Taurus 13:02; Dragon's Tail/Taurus 16:18.

   In the spring of 1903, this man fell flat on his back after drinking too much at a village fair. Six months later he fell again for the same reason, and this time he could not get up. He was sent to the hospital, and the doctor who diagnosed a sectioned spine told him he would have to "walk" in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. The man totally rejected the doctor's verdict and swore he would never see a doctor again. Then he started a long quest for the miraculous cure that would save him. He went all over the country and tried all the methods of healing possible. He made many changes in his lifestyle, became a vegetarian, brought God back in his life, and organized information centers for those who, like him, were declared incurable by the medical establishment. He inspired many by his optimism and determination to recover. But no one could help him walk until he wrote to the Healing Department (of The Rosicrucian Fellowship).

   The conjunction Sun-Venus-Mercury in Cancer in the 2nd house shows how much he liked the good things in life. The trine to Jupiter in Scorpio in the 6th house drew to him many helpers who loved his jovial nature. But the stellium Sun-Venus-Mercury is also at the head of a T-square involving Saturn exalted in Libra in the 5th house of pleasures and Neptune in Aries in the 11th house of friends. Neither he nor his friends had any sense of restriction. "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" seemed to have been his philosophy until he fell in 1903. The T-square Neptune-Saturn-Mercury indicates a malformation and potential degeneration of the bones and nerves. The most vulnerable area is in the lumbar region, since restricting Saturn is located in Libra. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in the 6th house opposes Pluto in the 12th house in Taurus, indicating a great need for regeneration. The afflictions of Venus, ruler of the 12th house, confirm that his moral values need to be upgraded. Research in the Memory of Nature indicates that a previous life of moral depravity had weakened the archetype of the physical body. As a consequence, in this life the damaged archetype produced weak bones and nerves.

   In correspondence with the Healing Department, the patient was told of the suspicion that he had fractured some lumbar vertebrae in his first fall and broken them in his second fall. He was suspected also to have a hidden form of Spina Bifida, a disease which cause the neural arches of the vertebrae—the piece of bone that links the spinous process to the lateral processes between which the pairs of nerves exit from the spinal cord—to be weak or incompletely formed. The spinal cord becomes a bundle of nerves called the Cauda Equina around the 2nd lumbar vertebra. Among those are the femoral and sciatic nerves which control the legs. It was assumed that the fall broke the neural arches of one or several lumbar vertebrae. Then the spinous process was pushed in and pinched the nerves of the Cauda Equina, thus stopping the nerve impulses from going to the legs. By now the bones were repaired in their wrong position. This meant surgery: breaking the bones again and reshaping them. A good specialist was recommended in New York, and a few months later...a miracle happened. The medical risks confirmed every word of the astrological diagnosis. A young surgeon offered to perform the risky operation, and in six months the man regained partial control of his legs. The nerves had degenerated, but the Invisible Helpers helped rebuild enough nerve tissue for him to become independent, even though he had to use crutches until his last day.

   At the time of the first fall, the progressed Midheaven (7:25 Aries) was conjunct radical Neptune (8:36 Aries). An annular eclipse of the Sun on March 29, 1903 had occured in conjunction with it (7:11 Aries) just a week before the accident. Six months later the new Moon that opposed this eclipse was also in eclipse, and this time a Total Eclipse of the Sun (27:01 Virgo) conjoined the radical Moon (28:18 Virgo) and squared radical Uranus (26:37 Gemini). The second fall was decisive.

   Nineteen years later, in the spring of 1922 and about a week before he discovered the Healing Department, there was an annular eclipse of the Sun (7:04 Aries) in conjunction with his radical Moon. This occured a few weeks before he changed his mind and agreed to go to the doctor who was recommended by the Healing Department. This decision finally brought the recovery that rewarded his faith.

   There is a natural phenomenon by which Eclipses occur in the same zodiacal degree every 19 years. Neptune represents the divine Intelligences who guide humanity. The Moon in a man's horoscope signifies his health. Can we recognize "destiny" using the health of this man as a tool to teach him a vital lesson? During those nineteen years, this patient learned a lot about right living, compassion, service, caring for others who suffer, selflessness, and diet. Once he had made the necessary changes in his life, he was led to the insightful astro-diagnosis and recommendations which made his healing possible in God's own good time.

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