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Chart Number 12: Asthma

   Female: Born January 9, 1963, 7:00AM; Lat. 44N; Long. 89W.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: ASC (1st)/Capricorn 9:10; 2nd House/Aquarius 22:45; Pisces intercepted in 2nd; 3rd House/Aries 5:30; 4th House/Taurus 6:40; 5th House/Taurus 29:39; 6th House/Gemini 19.09.

  Positions of the Planets: Sun/Capricorn 18:33; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 29:36; Mercury/Aquarius 6:21; Saturn/Aquarius 10:58; Jupiter/Pisces 10:30; Part Of Fortune/Cancer 3:54; Moon/Cancer 13:16; Mars/Leo 23:26R; Uranus/Virgo 4:47R; Pluto/Virgo 11:57R; Neptune/Scorpio 15:13; Venus/Sagittarius 2:29.

   Mercury, lord of the 6th house, conjoins Saturn, lord of the ASC, in the first house and this is a very crystallizing aspect and position. We can easily see why the result will be accumulation of thick, almost pasty, mucus in the bronchial tubes and lungs (Gemini), as pathology texts indicate in the case of asthma. The Sun rising in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer, and the other saturnine afflictions, indicate nervous indigestion that will produce excess mucus and other white cells. Furthermore, the direction of consciousness to material things in the intense drive for security will psychologically attract her, almost irresistibly, to unhealthy consolidating foods that produce hardened conditions in the body. Capricorn, rising, rules the skin, and Saturn, the ruler, is conjunct Mercury and square Neptune, so she is likely to be spiritually and physically thin-skinned and allergic to specific foreign substances and the attitudes they represent. Jupiter in Pisces is opposite Pluto and Uranus. The restraining, gripping, and crystallizing action of Pluto is liable to restrict the normal peristaltic action of the intestines, and when involved with Jupiter from Virgo is likely to cause sluggishness in the liver. This irregular restraining action on Jupiter, in a watery sign, together with the obstructive Capricorn affliction to the Moon in Cancer, indicates an inability to absorb and control fluids that are necessary to combat the consolidating Saturnian influences and keep the lymphatic system active to regulate the mucus condition. The Uranian afflictions indicate the spasmodic tendencies and general internal irregularities.

   Returning now to the spiritual causes of the conditions, we note the afflictions occurring in Pisces and Virgo. These signs when afflicted and associated with health almost always indicate self-pity, a tendency to pamper oneself and even to enjoy illness. Jupiter's self-indulgent nature exaggerates the tendencies and gives a general magnification of all the tendencies, real or supposed, while the 2nd house position reaffirms our observation of stress upon material success. Referring to the ASC and first house we note Capricorn, an earthy sign, rising, which indicates a great fear of illness and a hypochondriacal nature that again almost enjoys chronic illness and complaining about it as a scapegoat or alibi for any material setback. A very important key to a more complete spiritual understanding now lies in the unaspected Mars. This seems to indicate that her focus on the material side of the cosmos has separated her from the inspiration of spirit to the extent that desire, drive, and energy are lacking. This reinforces our original supposition as to the enfeebled vitality symbolized by the weak position (Capricorn) and aspectation of the Sun.

   In the light of this information the Saturn-Mercury-Neptune health configuration now takes on a different and more complete perspective, so that we can more clearly understand the character and its manifestation: the body. It is now possible to apprehend the extreme (but often secret) brooding, melancholy, and fearfully imaginative side of this configuration which graphically imagines all sorts of secret forces against it and its objects, including the forces of nature; though, in fact, it is crystallization and lack of drive that frustrates the attainment of most of these ends. This must itself excite many of the attacks in a frenzy of worry. It also shows how the child can and will retreat many hours in a very visual and almost solid world of daydreams. Thus she clearly has a very strong self-protective, but also distorted, image of herself which she will use every ruse of the imagination to preserve—even to the extent of illness. This extreme self-sympathy, the result of material inversion and self-centered interest that pushes everyone and everything away and finally crystallizes one in a temple of separativeness, seems now to have its prime spiritual root of motivation (in view of the void of Mars energy and utility motivation) in the Sun's position, the life ruler, and the ASC. This can be most clearly summed up in one word, which may even be considered one of the keywords of Capricorn or Saturn, and that is vanity. Thus by the use of the concomitantly evolving spiritual perception (symbolized by the watery trines of Neptune, Jupiter, and the Moon) of the harsh lessons of material experience which turn her consciousness inward and upward, she is being led back to her spiritual nature and to realize the panic, chaos, emptiness, and vanity of life without God and His inspiration that Solomon realized so many years ago.

   Having now sought into the material problems and some of the spiritual causes in this chart, let us turn our attention to the positive side of the ledger and the therapeutic aspects. When we do so, we are immediately impressed with the marvelous perfection of our Father's kingdom, the workings of which are so perfect that no matter how base or ignoble our original intentions, they always ultimately result in positive goodness and develop spiritual and creative perfection—though the growing process is often watered by tears of remorse and sorrow.

   In this chart, the spiritual development seems most clearly developed in the water sign patterns. Looking there we find just exactly the qualities and talents we would naturally and logically expect to find with her strongly materical development. In her quest for material achievement, she has indubitably learned the secret that success is relative to the ability to imagine and picture clearly what is wished to be achieved and to hold that picture until it becomes manifest. She has learned the lesson very well. The Moon is approaching the full in its strongest sign indicating a perfected imagination at a peak of development, while the 7th house position shows more art and femininity than was indicated in the unregenerated phase of the character. Fruition is shown in the trine to Jupiter, but more important, philosophical expansion of an image or idea to a broader scope of understanding is indicated.

   Therapeutically, the Jupiterian trine to Neptune is equal, if not greater in importance, for it indicates a psycho-spiritual and religiously oriented quality in this very emotional watery sign development whose uncanny and total comprehensiveness can help her to rise above her materialistic attitudes. Neptune, sextile to the Sun, rules the super-physical and spiritual healers, so she would respond well to spiritual healing.

   For spiritual healers, the understanding of this spiritually imaginative aspectation is especially important for on it hinges one of the most fundamental concepts of spiritual healing. The healing force, that comes straight from the Father, and is specialized by our prayers and meditations, is a most precious substance that is never wasted, misused, or poured through a spiritual "sieve." Success depends upon the open-minded attitude and receptivity of the patient, and his ability to build a thought form capable of receiving this great power. Healing power may be likened to white hot molten steel which can only be utilized by a true and stable mold that corresponds to the conceptualized thought form or image. Thus, for real healing success, the patient must have, at least partially as in this case, a receptive, positive and optimistic attitude, and the ability to picture himself as a well and able servant of the Source of all healing.

   The watery element is also important as a key to the proper attitude for the parents or healer to stress in dealing successfully with the child. Focusing on Jupiter, very strongly positioned in Pisces, it is obvious that she has a very intense ability to feel quite strongly, especially the feelings of others. We can safely judge that this compassion and the spiritual feelings of awe are the results of an extremely strong purgatorial existence and perhaps even a "borderland" experience that one might expect with the extreme materialistic crystallization of the planets in the east. To utilize this ability to feel in practical attitude therapy, it is first necessary to bring out one more related phase of her character.

   The expansive Jupiter, who is the usual antidote for afflictions to its planetary opposite (the contracting Saturn), is not the only or the best key to therapy in this case. He is afflicted himself, weak (beneath the earth and intercepted), and also caught up in the material situation, so we must look elsewhere for help. The Sun, the life giver, who is the spiritual opposite of the death-dealing Saturn, is in the grip of his crystallizing influence by sign position and affliction. Thus we turn to the third benefic, Venus. Here we find conditions much better. She is elevated in the 11th house in Sagittarius and capable of directly working on the problem by the sextile to Mercury. We now see a lighter, more aspiring side of her nature that is otherwise materially and emotionally heavy or even glum. We also see more levity and flexibility, but most important of all to the parents and the healer, we see an avenue of communication.

   We find the most fixed signs of all on the MC and the IC. Therefore we can see that the parental relationship is very fixed and reactionary, and worst of all, inflexible and weak in understanding. This last quality is particularly the case with the MC figure (the parent who exerts the greatest influence) who is likely to hold a cold, stern, unbudging Scorpionic disciplinary attitude. Though in some cases these are excellent qualities, they approach disaster in this instance. The Capricorn character does respond excellently to the necessary respectful attitudes and firm treatment, but it will completely close itself off in a lead shield to the heavy-handed Scorpio treatment and may come to hate such a person. Hence, if the parents put aside a rigid superior parental relationship that is a barrier to communication and express themselves more as friends (Venus in 11th), they can help to mold and unfold the positive side of the child's character much more successfully. She will respond excellently to light, friendly persuasion and to exemplary admonition to aspiration, nobility and honesty. Via this mode of ingress, an appeal to her strong and sensitive feelings of compassion and spirituality must be taken not to excite her to emotional frenzy or hysteria with fears of death, the unknown, or the like, for Venus does square Uranus in the 8th house.

   There is one final consideration that is above all others, and that is that she tends to be very insecure. Therefore her nature demands demonstrations of love—secure love, without doubt. Moreover, since her nature and problems are externalized, she needs overt demonstrations of sincere love frequently.

   All forms of communication and therapy must not be too theoretical, for her nature is basically earthy and saturnine, so they must always make practical sense to her.

   Thus, from the foregoing, it is clear that the original, selfish material motivations have crystallized to futility while the concomitant creative spiritual development is on the wax, to an extent, even latent.

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