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Chart Number 11: Bed Wetting

   Female: Born January 9, 1963, 7:00AM, Lat. 44N, Long. 89W.

  Signs on Cusps of Houses: ASC/Capricorn 9:10; 2nd/Aquarius 22:45; Pisces intercepted in 2nd; 3rd/Aries 5:30; 4th/Taurus 6:40; 5th/Taurus 29:39; 6th/Gemini 19:09.

  Positions of the Planets: Sun/Capricorn 18:33; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 29:36; Mercury/Aquarius 6:21; Saturn/Aquarius 10:58; Jupiter/Pisces 10:30; Part Of Fortune/Cancer 3:54; Moon/Cancer 13:16; Mars/Leo 23:26R; Uranus/Virgo 4:47R; Pluto/Virgo 11:57R; Neptune/Scorpio 15:13; Venus/Sagittarius 2:29.

   Enuresis, or bed wetting, has been found to occur most frequently among weak and undernourished children (a state actually and astrologically descriptive of this individual as an infant). Capricorn is rising with the Sun in the ASC sign in the first house opposite a strong Moon whose emotionality and drawing power saps the Sun of its life-giving power, while Saturn, lord of the Ascendant, rises conjoined to Mercury and square to the highly elevated Neptune. Thus all the major health points (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant) are afflicted as well as the lords of both the constitution but none-the- less lovable for the singularity of her character, as is often the case with the Capricornian.

   Before analyzing the spiritual character problems responsible for the present materialized conditions, let us briefly tabulate the significant technical data relative to the health problems. Capricorn, rising, is the first of the signs of short ascension, so the ascendant moves faster than the Midheaven and will continue to do so with proportionately increasing relative velocity throughout the life span. Four significators are in the 1st house, five in the materially objectified 1st quadrant, seven angular and six in negative signs. Hence the character will have to be read from a more material than spiritual point of view. It also seems that the conditions are acute in intensity (angular stress) and founded in material and emotional causes because of the negative sign accentuation.

   Clearly the Ego has been striving for material accomplishment, object- conscious success, and externalization and materialization of all inner forces to the exclusion of almost everything else as symbolized by the Sun, the life ruler, and the other significant planets gathered in the east. In the resulting imbalance something had to suffer. Moreover, the great number of strong planets in the 1st house indicate that the lesson is ripe from childhood on, rather than at some particular phase or attitude of development, or after a lifetime of abuse of natural laws.

   Water or fluid, a designation which must also include the urine, has always spiritually symbolized emotion. Thus from the chart it becomes clear that the materially selfish, mastering demands of the Capricorn Sun have almost completely suppressed and subjugated the natural feminine, nurturing and regulating tendencies, and the emotions, to the extent that the body fluids (the urine most specifically) and the emotions they signify are often only released and expressed when the body has released its death lock on the Spirit and its higher vehicles during sleep. From another point of view this aspect shows that the Sun has spent its energy satisfying and impregnating the ever- feminine, receptive and crystallizing demands of the Moon to bring it to its state of fullness or complete retention for the purpose of fructification, which promise is shown in the trine to Jupiter in the 2nd house. The Ascendant-Saturn-Neptune configuration shows that she mentally concentrates (or mis-concentrates) her security drive on material things rather than on Spirit where the only true security is to be found. As a result she is tortured by intense anxieties relative to the transient, insecure conditions of the material world, and is almost constantly (fixed sign) in a tightened strain of worry, fear, and nervousness. As she matures, this strain may be intensified as she (being so strongly marked by Capricorn) stakes her entire self-conscious identity upon successful completion of personal, material ambitions.

   The basically saturnine strength and flavor of the 1st house, and the entire nativity for that matter, indicates a relatively slow material development of the body. Gradually, at the age of five, in the spring of 1968 as the progressed Moon trined the natal Sun and the Pisces lunation conjoined the natal Jupiter (trine the radical Moon), she acquired greater inner strength, confidence, and spiritual optimism to overcome the involuntary retention tendencies. Also at this time she was probably undergoing the first beginnings of the birth of the vital body which gave her greater individual control in the evolutionary struggle with the uncontrolled, and at this age, subconscious desires and instincts signified by the afflicted Moon.

   It seems that the key to the problem is to be found in Mercury and the Moon, the mental planets, both of which are afflicted. The Moon does form some very fine aspects with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto but they are separating and directed to intercepted signs; hence, they are weak and latent; not to be realized until well on in life and then conditional to her ability to realize the more philosophical potentials of her character. The more significant key seems to be Mercury, which symbolizes our connection to the World of Thought where the archetype for the body is constructed by the thought process between lives. In this chart the emphasis of the character development and manifestation was clearly and emphatically material. Bearing this fact in mind with our question and the key, another side of the Saturn-Mercury-Neptune configuration and the solution to our problem becomes clear.

   In the course of evolution she has become almost one-pointedly fascinated and focused upon the material world and its fruits as an end in itself. With the glimmer of material objects and their possession dazzling her eyes and the prospect of power, wealth, luxury, and eminence before her mental eye, she has driven on relentlessly in her ambitions. However, she has not been concerned with the means as much as the ends. Saturn and Mercury conjoined show that she has a tendency to use any power within her wiles to attain such an end. She has great cunning and a self-centered, penetrating concentration equal to almost any resistance, and will not hesitate for a moment to lie, cheat or practice any form of deceit to attain her personal ends. Neptune's force adds a knack and flair for deception and fraud and greatly amplifies the secretive bent. Thus the mind, persistently inverted from its true purpose (spiritual service) wherein it grows keen and strong, and channeled into devious means and ends becomes generally distorted so that it cannot see the truth clearly and efficiently to perform the task of developing a new archetype, and she is reborn with a weak, sickly body with many faults and ailments.

   This understanding of her mind clearly helps us to understand two other, more serious childhood afflictions. Within the spectrum of illness, which extends from the more completely "material" afflictions such as broken bones or leprosy to the more spiritual such as hysteria and most forms of insanity, there are some illnesses which fall into a borderland where the effects are as much mental and psychosomatic as material. Among these seem to be allergies and asthma, both of which are afflictions here.

   Astrological research seems to indicate that asthma very frequently occurs under Saturnine afflictions to the Moon or Mercury which are, of course, smothering or suffocating aspects. It also occurs under health significant afflictions in common signs (all of which react on Gemini, the bronchial tubes), earthy signs, and negative signs in general. When it is the type of asthma connected with valvular heart afflictions the "asthma-aspects" are accompanied by afflictions of planets in Leo or Aquarius, often the Sun. The type of asthma where attacks are provoked by overeating occurs with afflictions to Taurus and Cancer, usually to Jupiter or to the Moon. When more psychosomatic in nature, it occurs with afflictions to significators in Virgo, Pisces, or the earthy signs. When accompanied with skin diseases and hyper- sensitivities, it is usually connected with Capricorn or Saturn. When stimulated by allergies, it is associated with afflictions to Neptune and Uranus, and spasms are almost always traceable to Uranus.

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