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Chart Number 1: Six Planets In Common Signs

   Female: Born Nov. 23, 1936, 9 PM, Lat. 36N, Long. 80W

   Signs On Cusps of Houses: ASC/Cancer 26:51; 2H/Leo 18; 3H/Virgo 13; 4H/Libra 14; 5H/Scorpio 20; 6H/Sagittarius 25.

   Positions of Planets: Pluto/Cancer 28:22; Neptune/Virgo 18:46; Mars/Libra 5:32; Part Of Fortune/Scorpio 23:06; Sun/Sagittarius 1:38; Mercury/Sagittarius 4:49; Dragon's Head/Sagittarius 24:31; Jupiter/Sagittarius 28:17; Venus/Capricorn 8:53; Saturn/Pisces 15:48; Moon/Pisces 27:53; Uranus/Taurus 6:37R

   This patient has Sun, Moon, and four planets in common signs, three planets in cardinal signs, and cardinal signs on all angles, suggesting that she may be uncomfortably susceptible to outside influences at times. Cultivation of the will and inner poise should be a a part of her daily regime in attaining better health.

   The Sun in Sagittarius is well aspected: sextile Mars in Libra, trine Moon in Pisces, Pluto in Cancer, and the Cancer ASC. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury brightens the mind when the orb of aspect is three degrees or more. Here it lacks a few seconds of being three degrees, so the power of Mercury may be slightly diminished. On the whole, though, the life forces are strong, and there should be considerable ability to recuperate from illness.

   The Moon in Pisces (which governs the feet and the fibrin of the blood), is a rather negative indication, but it has several excellent aspects: trine Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and ASC. However, the lunar orb squares Jupiter in conjunction with the Dragon's Head, suggesting an imbalance of the arterial circulation, as well as the functions of the liver and lymphatic glands. There may be difficulty with the feet, too. Mars in Libra, the sign ruling the kidneys, sextiles the Sun and Mercury, strengthening the general physical and mental condition, but it squares Venus, planetary ruler of the kidneys, in Capricorn. Thus there is a tendency toward inflammation of the kidneys, as well as abnormal functioning of these important eliminative organs.

   Saturn, one of the chief indicators of physical ailments, is here posited in Pisces, opposing the restrictive Neptune in Virgo, which rules the abdominal region, lower lobes of the liver, and peristalsis. There is a tendency toward bunions, tumors, dropsy, and gout, as well as malnutrition, appendicitis, peritonitis, and constipation. Chylification and peristalsis are hindered. The pineal gland, ruled by Pisces and Neptune, does not function well, and this may to some extent impair the work of the entire ductless gland system.

   Proper food and moderate exercise can do much to help this patient gain maximum aid from the ministrations of the Invisible Helpers. Plenty of fiber in the food will help to increase the movement of the digesting food and thus avoid the dangers of constipation. Easily digested foods are to be preferred, including, of course, the fresh fruits and vegetables. Since the afflictions in the chart are largely from the common signs, rather than from fixed ones, there is the possibility of much being accomplished toward improvement of health if this patient will do her part to cooperate.

Chart Number 2: A Study In Melancholy

   Female: born February 29, 1920, 7 PM, Latitude 39N, Longitude 85W.

  Signs On Cusps of Houses: ASC/Virgo 16:53; 2H/Libra 12; 3H/Scorpio 12; 4H/Sagittarius 15; 5H/Capricorn 19; 6H/Aquarius 20.

  Positions of Planets: Mars/Scorpio 7:57; Dragon's Head/Scorpio 19:12; Part Of Fortune/Capricorn 26:28; Venus/Aquarius 8:23; Uranus/Pisces 2:10; Sun/Pisces 10:08; Mercury/Pisces 27:46; Pluto/Cancer 5:44R; Moon/Cancer 9:43; Neptune/Leo 9:23R; Jupiter/Leo 9:53R; Saturn/Virgo 8:09R.

   With the Sun and three planets in common signs and common signs on all the angles, this patient's ailments should not be so deep-seated. However, she is apt to respond too easily to suggestions from others, and should therefore try to cultivate her will and determination, and associate with cheerful, optimistic people.

   Uranus, the Sun, and Mercury are all in the sensitive, impressionable sign Pisces, which rules the feet and the fibrin of the blood. The Sun, planetary ruler of the heart, conjuncts the erratic Uranus and opposes the restrictive Saturn, which is retrograde in Virgo in the 12th house. There is thus apt to be a tendency toward such abnormal conditions as malnutrition, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as a depressed attitude.

   This chart shows Virgo on the ASC, bringing to mind the injunction that the medical astrologer should be most careful and cautious in dealing with such a patient: the mind is apt to be predisposed to center on disease, to court disease in order to gain sympathy, and may actually delight in courting disease. Saturn's position in Virgo, opposition Sun, accentuates the pessimistic, critical attitude. Cheerful surroundings are a must for this patient. She should be encouraged in every way possible to keep optimistic, and to refrain from thinking about ailments—hers or anyone else's.

   Mercury, planet of the mind, in the psychic sign Pisces and trine to the Moon in Cancer, indicates a very retentive memory, but also a tendency toward a superlative imagination tinged with melancholy. Thus we see here further indication of the need for this patient to cultivate cheerfulness and optimism. It may be difficult for her, but she can if she will.

   Mars (ruler of the motor nerves and iron in the blood) in Scorpio, squares Venus (ruler of the venous circulation and kidneys), Jupiter (ruler of the liver and arterial circulation) conjunct the restrictive Neptune in Leo, ruler of the heart. Hence we see the tendency toward inflammation of the motor nerves, poor circulation, and abnormal heart action. Faulty elimination of the refuse from the bodily processes is apt to result in arthritic conditions.

Chart Number 3: A T-Cross and Schizophrenia

   Male: Born December 6, 1946, 9:01 PM, Latitude 42N, Longitude 88W

  Signs On Cusps of Houses: ASC/Leo 15:26; 2H/Virgo 7; 3H/Libra 3; 4H/ Scorpio 5; 5H/Sagittarius 11; 6H/Capricorn 16.

  Positions of Planets: Neptune/Libra 10:26; Jupiter/Scorpio 15:39; Venus/ Scorpio 17:09R; Mercury/Scorpio 23:54; Dragon's Tail/Sagittarius 11:27; Sun/Sagittarius 14:25; Mars/Sagittarius 22:15; Part Of Fortune/Capricorn 12:38; Moon/Taurus 21:37; Uranus/Gemini 19:59; Saturn/Leo 8:37R; Pluto/Leo 13:16R.

   In this horoscope we find a heavy karmic debt timed for payment in this incarnation. Fixed signs occupy all four angles and the planets therein form a T-cross. When transits or progressions move into the fixed signs, squares or oppositions will be activated during the entire lifetime or until the lessons have been learned. Once a choice of environment has been made for the expiation of debts incurred in past lives, the Ego cannot avoid fulfillment, precisely as it is impossible to stop or alter direction of the bullet once it is fired from a gun. Each individual is born with tendencies to a certain disease as our former living has made it liable to a certain weakness, and for that reason we are drawn by the Law of Association to parents from whom we may obtain a body subject to that particular ailment. The horoscope reveals both the karmic debts and the means for their expiation, although it cannot measure the Ego's total resources in will to overcome difficulties. Thus astrology cannot be properly called fatalistic; rather, it should be viewed as the means for recognizing a systematic growth Godward through deeper understanding.

   This individual has been experiencing for the past three and one-half years delusions, insanity, schizophrenia and apparent obsession. The sensitized nervous system is indicated by the presence of Uranus in Gemini (in the 11th house of Aquarius) opposition to Sun-Mars in the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. This opposition indicates a searing temper and potential destruction or damage to nerve tissue. An afflicted Uranus will cause spasmodic movement of the part of the body ruled by the sign in which it is posited. Here Uranus is in Gemini, and consequently, the network of nerves operates erratically. Note the rhythmic motion of the lungs is interfered with; the blood is poorly oxygenated and the poisons are not properly eliminated. The nodes in the mental signs of Gemini-Sagittarius along with Neptune (ruling the spiritual mind) in airy Libra in the 3rd house further accentuate the super-physical sensitivity of the intellect.

   Debts of destiny are shown by the fixed signs, 12th and 5th houses. Additionally, the 10th house shows causes for the 11th house conditions, since the 10th house is the karmic or 12th house from the 11th—the current field of mental activity. We note immediately that Moon in Taurus in the 10th is involved in a fixed T-square along with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th, and Pluto and ASC in Leo. The 4th house patterns (represented by planets in the 4th and Moon) constitute the foundation upon which we build our entire operational personality. Moon represents our deepest feelings about ourselves, our self-image, and is a reflection of familiar behavior patterns with which we now feel comfortable. The 4th house along with the 12th, points to the cause of the problem now exhibiting as mental debility—all water houses deal with the past, with conditioned responses which are now instinctual and which operate through the emotions. Pluto square the planets in Scorpio in the 4th house suggests that indulgences and counter struggle have penetrated deep into the psychological nature, that they are quite intense and established to the point of fixation. It is apparent that the desire nature is quite strong (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in 4th) and will tend to express itself in negative behavior patterns giving an inclination to indulgence not conducive to a toned desire body (opposition Moon, square Pluto).

   One weak link in the chain is indicated in Leo where Saturn conjoins Pluto and widely squares Jupiter, the latter of the duo also square Venus. This configuration points to almost fanatical extremism and the chronic conditions present in all types of spinal (Leo) afflictions. (This man has had spinal maladjustments throughout his life. Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, is on the cusp of the health (6th) house, indicating the aspect manifests as a physical disability.) Pluto, like Scorpio, can indicate intense striving for power, with Saturn, selfish power, and in Leo, cruel tyrannical expression of power. The square to Jupiter aspecting the other planets in Scorpio show strong magical inclinations. He has believed himself to be under constant attack from witchcraft and sorcery. Indeed, he has been searching for spiritual knowledge and practicing and experimenting though not always wisely, and now many of his probes have run their course and have returned to urge him with as much intensity.

   At the age of 6 progressed Moon transited Pluto in the 12th, dredging up negative psychoses which resulted in mental illness and institutionalization. As transiting Uranus entered the 4th house, it brought sweeping changes into the subconscious mind and disorganized the consciousness. Psychologically, repressed ideas and thoughts burst into awareness and were brought to the surface, demonstrating a need for an immediate confrontation with these parts of the person's nature. We note that mental and emotional characteristics are mirrored in the health of the physical body. The pattern in the etheric mold must be changed before improvements in the physical body can manifest. This is achieved by the will directing the thought force toward high ideals of perfection, the only cure. The mentality, and the ability to institute change reflected by Mercury conjunct Venus opposition Moon is quite handicapped; lack of development of mental fiber with which to handle the other difficult aspects will undoubtedly plague his life. Sun trine Saturn informs us that a regular routine of positive daily habits is necessary to train the vital body (and concomitantly the desire body). Eurythmy and certain regular rhythmic physical exercises may be of some benefit in training the vital body.

   The abundance of excellent aspects to Neptune (and many to the Sun) indicate that many spiritual talents have also been developed in this learning process. Hence, even if he should not be able to recover fully this lifetime, he does have the sensitivity and capacity for spiritual insight to reap abundant wisdom from life's experiences.

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