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The Pros and Cons of Abortion

   So much has been said, and is still being said, written, aired on radio and television, and argued in the courtrooms about abortion these days that one is inclined to believe further mention of the subject is obnoxious to most people. However, the decision in regard to this matter by the Supreme Court of the United States, which in effect nullifies restrictive abortion laws in the various states, makes the student of the deeper truths of life and being more uncomfortably aware than ever of the imperative need for added understanding of the factors and deplorable consequences involved in this un-Christian practice which has become so alarmingly casual and frequent.

   Formerly, in most places abortion was legally permissible only if the welfare of the mother required it. That it was often illegally and unscientifically performed by unqualified people is well known, this no doubt being one of the factors in bringing about the movement to legalize abortion in the United States. Of course, making it "legal" in no wise lessens the moral implications, even though it may reduce the proportion of cases where physical harm to the mother occurs.

   In its historic decision the Court held that the State's prohibition of early abortion would be an unconstitutional invasion of a woman's privacy, since the sole legitimate interest of the State in this matter is to make sure that abortion, as a "medical process," takes place under circumstances which provide adequately for the safety of the patient. This would naturally require the services of a licensed medical practitioner. furthermore, in the opinion of the Court, the State can constitutionally take steps to protect the unborn child only after the developing fetus has reached the stage of "independent life." Avoiding the crucial question as to just when "independent life" begins in the forming body, the Court went on to add the following: "When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer."

   Since this matter is of such vital import to all of the human race, both now and in the future, and its consequences so far-reachingly deplorable and contrary to spiritual unfoldment, it would most certainly benefit every adult individual to consider it open-mindedly in all its physical and spiritual aspects. The Court's reference to "this point in the development of man's knowledge" must surely refer only to the knowledge which is "accepted" by the general public. Fortunately, there are human beings who have progressed far enough spiritually to have acquired knowledge not yet accepted by the majority of mankind. Among those advanced ones are the Brothers of the Rose Cross, Adepts who work constantly for the welfare of humanity, and who have given out the Western Wisdom Teachings in their efforts to counteract the insidious effects of materialism and to further spiritual evolution in general.

   Prominent among the truths in this Teaching are the twin laws of Rebirth and Consequence. The doctrine of rebirth teaches that each Ego is an integral part of God, enfolding all divine possibilities; that by means of repeated existences in gradually improving bodies the latent possibilities are developed into dynamic powers; that none are lost by this process, but that all mankind will ultimately attain the goal of perfection and reunion with God. What we are, what we have, all our good qualities are the result of our actions in the past. What we lack in physical, mental, or moral excellence may yet be ours in the future. As we sow, so shall we reap. Each life provides us with experiences essential for our progress. If we are not allowed to incarnate in a physical body, we do not have the experiences.

   The generally accepted idea about "killing" (except by the very materialistic mind, which accepts only form) is that "life" is terminated, simply because the body is no longer able to function. This is a mistake. Life is eternal, as both the Bible and occult science teach, and the individual Spirit inhabiting a body, or beginning to inhabit it, cannot be destroyed. However, of course, the form in which it has to live on Earth in order to gain the experience necessary for its progress can be, and too often is, destroyed. To do this is just as reprehensible as it is to break any other of the spiritual laws governing our universe. "Thou shalt not kill" is a basic law for humanity, even though it refers only to the form, and those who defy it, by abortion or otherwise, must at some future time pay a heavy penalty.

   Another most vital point to be considered in connection with the practice of abortion is the sacredness of the creative power in the human being. This is the Holy Spirit aspect of God and man, referred to in numerous places in the Bible (Matt. 1:18, Mark 1:8, Luke 1:15, John 14:26, Acts 2:4, etc.), the power that is used to create not only physical bodies that is used to create not only physical bodies but also, on a higher level, mental and emotional accomplishments in literature, poetry, art, music, science, etc. To misuse this holy power for gratification of the senses is the "great transgression" spoken of in Psalm 19:13. This is the "sin" (action contrary to spiritual law) that is not forgiven, but must be expiated through suffering in diseased and incapacitated bodies and minds. As Christ Jesus said explicitly: "All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men." (Matt. 12:31).

   When one considers the intricate and awe-inspiring process which takes place in the invisible worlds, involving the activities of the Angels and their helpers, to bring an Ego back into a physical body, and all of the past causes and effects that enter into this event, he or she surely must hesitate to destroy the infant vehicle, even if it had been in formation for only a short time. Let us recount briefly how occult science describes this process.

   After having been strengthened in the ineffable harmony of the higher world called the Third Heaven (mentioned by St. Paul in II Corinthians 12:2), the Ego has a desire for new experiences in the Physical world and begins to contemplate a new birth. This conjures up a series of pictures before the vision of the Spirit—a panorama of the new life in store for it, containing the principal events which begin at the cradle and end at the grave. In some cases several panoramas may be shown, so that the advanced Ego has a choice.

   Having chosen the life it will live, the Spirit, possessing only the forces of the four seed-atoms (the nuclei of the dense, vital, and desire bodies, and the sheath of mind), the Ego begins its descent into the Physical World. The forces of the mind of the last life are awakened from their latency in the seed-atom, and begin to attract materials from the Region of concrete Thought for which it has an affinity. The same then occurs for the desire, the etheric, and the dense bodies. This material forms itself into a great bell- shaped figure, open at the top, where the seed-atoms are. When the proper time comes, the building of the new body and its placement in the proper environment is done by the four great Beings known as the Recording Angels, or Lords of Destiny. The vital body is built by the inhabitants of the heaven world and the Nature Spirits in such a manned as to form a particular type of brain. However, the returning Ego itself incorporates therein the quintessence of its former vital bodies, and in addition to this also does a little original work.

   The vital body, having been molded by the Lords of Destiny, will give form to the dense body, organ for organ. This matrix or mold is then placed in the womb of the future mother. The seed-atom for the dense body is in the triangular head of one of the spermatozoa in the semen of the father.

   When the impregnation of the ovum has taken place, the desire body of the mother works upon it for a period of time from eighteen to twenty-one days, the Ego remaining outside in its desire body and mind sheath, yet always in close touch with the mother. Upon the expiration of that time, the Ego enters the mother's body. The bell-shaped vehicles draw themselves down over the head of the vital body and the bell closes at the bottom. The Ego broods over its coming instrument, asserting its individuality and resisting formation by the mother of the nucleated blood cells. The old cells gradually disappear, so that when the silver cord is tied at the quickening, all nuclei have disappeared, and the Ego is absolute autocrat of its vehicle, a precious heritage.

   Thus we see that abortion, while it does not kill the Spirit, which is eternal, does destroy the form essential for its use on Earth to gain necessary experience, and is therefore a most sinful and degrading act. It matters not at what stage of its growth the fetus is destroyed, the dire consequences are the same.

   What is the sensible solution to this immoral practice? Simply put, it is self-control. Human beings will at some time have to learn to master the Luciferian urge and not allow the power of lust to direct their lives. A high ideal, yes, but upon its achievement depends the welfare of the human race.

   However, it should be thoroughly understood that the mere suppression of sexual attraction is not a virtue in itself. The creative force must be used— directed into higher channels.

   Instead of seeking physical gratification when conscious of the surging impulses of the lower nature, if the individual will focus his thoughts and imagination upon something he or she desires to create—a poem, an invention, a picture, a musical composition, or some material demonstration such as a poem or a new business venture—he or she will find that a double purpose is served. The objective demonstration will be accelerated and the process of transmutation or regeneration within his or her body will, at the same time, be noticeably stimulated. Physical exercise alone is also of help, but when accompanied by creative thoughts is more effective.

   Meditation upon high and inspiring subjects has power literally to transform forces impregnating the sexual fluids, for these fluids are really carriers of etheric force, the true creative agent. An inspiring poem or passage from the scriptures can be the channel for immediate direction of the thoughts and creative power into uplifting currents. By consciously directing pure love currents from the heart into the creative centers of the brain, sexual activity may be transmuted into activities of mind and spirit, with a corresponding birth upon the mental and spiritual plane.

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