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Rising Planets

Much has been written about the rising sign, or Ascendant (ASC), in a birth horoscope and the influence it exerts in the person's character and disposition. Also important, however, are the planets that occupy the ASC at the time of birth, for they help to modify the characteristics indicated by the ASC. Indeed, it is seldom that a person is the true reflection of his rising sign, because of the various ASC modifications that are bound to be present in practically every chart.

   To illustrate: the native may have the last degrees of Sagittarius rising, with Saturn in Capricorn in the first house. Saturn in its own sign of course greatly would modify the Sagittarius influence which makes a person generous, candid, good humored, and jovial. Sagittarians are independent with a strong desire for liberty and freedom. On the other hand, a person with Saturn rising will tend to be discreet, prudent, diligent, and economical. He often will have many obstacles to contend with, and his success in life will depend more upon his own efforts than upon any help he may receive from the outside. The Capricorn influence makes him a deep thinker, grave in demeanor, with an inclination to be serious, cautious, suspicious, and sometimes discontented; quite different from the vibrations exerted by Sagittarius. If Saturn is unafflicted, he has a determination to work to the desired goal, no matter how long it may take or how many handicaps may beset him. If Saturn is afflicted, it will cause him to be gloomy and see life from a biased point of view, with a general sense of dissatisfaction. Thus we see that the Saturnian influences greatly over- shadowed the Sagittarian Ascendant, which is ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic.

   This is further accentuated in a case where the ruling planet is posited in an inharmonious sign, where it is weak or in its detriment or fall. For instance, Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini. Should it be placed in that sign, in direct opposition to the ASC, the benefits of Jupiter would be weakened from more than one standpoint, since at the same time it would also be in opposition to Saturn. All of this would have a very restricting influence upon the ASC and its ruler. The situation would be aggravated if Jupiter were in Capricorn, since that is the sign of its fall; furthermore, this would bring it into conjunction with Saturn.

   A person with Saturn rising in Leo, with Leo's ruler, the Sun, in Aries, its sign of exaltation, would have the Leo build, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, but dark hair instead of the light hair of Leo, due to the presence of Saturn in the first house. This person also would be more reserved and quiet than would the pure Leo type, hut with added fire when aroused, as the Sun in Aries and both Aries and Leo are fiery signs.

   When the first or the last five degrees of a sign are rising, the person is a mixture of two signs, physically and mentally. If there are planets in either sign, the traits of this sign will predominate. If there are planets in both signs, the one having the most planets therein will predominate.

   The Sun rising at the time of birth gives the native an independent, combative, defensive ambition coupled with a love of power and authority. This position of the Sun is an indication that the person may rise above the sphere of life into which he is bom, into positions of trust, influence, and responsibility. Unless badly afflicted, it also has a tendency to bring honor, the good will of superiors, and general success in life. The Sun placed here, especially if posited in its own sign, Leo, adds a certain appearance of dignity and strength that impresses others.

   Should the Sun rise in Aries, which is ruled by the dynamic planet Mars, this would make the person quick-tempered and fiery in disposition, quick to resent imposition. Nevertheless, he would have the faculty of forgiving and forgetting quickly, since he is a lover of justice and freedom. He may have a tendency to be somewhat headstrong, impulsive, and determined. This position of the Sun adds to the vitality and augments the recuperative powers.

   If the Sun rises in an earthy sign, it tends to make one proud, haughty, opinionated, and headstrong. In an airy sign, he is inclined to be noble, aspiring, and given to the study of science and art; in a watery sign, the emotional nature is strong, and if in Scorpio, it favors the possibility of being an excellent doctor or chemist.

   Unafflicted, the Sun rising or in the first house favors financial prosperity and the love of power and authority. If the Sun is afflicted in the first house, it lowers the vitality, indicates a lack of courage and ambition, and therefore lessens the chances of a successful life unless there are many other aspects good enough to overbalance the affliction.

   The Moon rising at birth points toward a love of change and novelty, a temperament remarkable for its phases-at one moment dark and gloomy, in another, bright and optimistic. Since the native's mind is easily influenced, it is important that he exercise great care in the selection of his companions and acquaintances; he is receptive to the vibrations of others as well as to those of his surroundings. This position of the Moon tends to elevate one in life, bringing benefits and advantages from the public through social contacts in which domestic interests are foremost. This is especially so if the Moon is posited in Cancer, which it rules.

   The Moon rising in Capricorn, the sign of its detriment, bespeaks one cautious and careful in money matters, with a tendency to be somewhat too cold and calculating; he is likely to have a disregard for other persons' feelings even though he himself may be quite sensitive to real or fancied slights. He also has a strong tendency to melancholy. If the Moon is afflicted here, it will have a detrimental effect on digestion; such a person also will experience difficulty in attaining success in occupation or financial affairs, often because of slander, merited or not.

   If the Moon rises in a fixed sign, especially in Taurus where it is exalted, the native has more stability than would otherwise be the case, but nevertheless he will have a strong desire to spend at least a part of his time roving about. He has a receptive, intuitive, sensitive mind, with an inclination to public life, and therefore should achieve success in an occupation that brings him close to the public, especially one catering to popular fancies or needs.

   Mercury rising at birth indicates a fine mentality with an inquiring mind, rapid comprehension, and fertility of resource. It indicates one quick in speech, thought, and action. Shrewd and diplomatic, he is able to argue successfully for or against anything according to his inclination. He is fond of literature, writing, and speaking, causing him to be always alert for new information. He also has excellent imitative talent.

   The best positions for Mercury are Gemini, which it rules, and Virgo, wherein it is exalted. In the first instance, the native is always ready to investigate new subjects and, in fact, everything new appeals to him. If Mercury is beneficially aspected here, it indicates a fluent mind that is quick, ingenious, resourceful, unbiased, penetrating, and shrewd. This gives the ability to become successful in business or law, since the native is never prejudiced by preconceived or set ideas and opinions. He may also gain some degree of success as a speaker, entertainer, or traveling salesperson.

   Posited in Virgo, Mercury is at the zenith of its power, and indicates a comprehensive, discriminating, active mind, with the ability for studying and memorizing. Having these qualities, the Mercury-in-Virgo native can become a good scholar, with a particular liking for languages, mathematics, and literature. He is quite capable in any undertaking requiring ability and dexterity; therefore, he could make an excellent chemist or dietitian. These folks are usually quiet, rather serious, and require a thorough understanding of a subject before being convinced and accepting. An afflicted Mercury indicates selfishness and irritability, always on the lookout for flaws in everything contacted.

   Venus rising at birth indicates a pleasant, agreeable, and cheerful disposition. This is what may be called a fortunate position for Venus as it is indication of good health. The native is attractive to all whom he may contact, and he should achieve marked success in matters which give pleasure to others; therefore, he should follow pursuits that minister to their happiness, not for his personal success but because of the fact that his sunny influence is beneficial to others. He is a lover of art and things beautiful and refined, having some musical ability, either voice or instrumental.

   A person with Venus rising in Taurus and no other planet in the first house would, of course, very strongly reflect the physical appearance and disposition of Taurus but with more beauty of face than Taurus usually gives. As Venus is the ruler of Taurus, this, of course, strengthens the Taurus traits. Here we have a person who is almost a pure Taurus type.

   Venus rising in Libra, another sign ruled by this planet, indicates a kind, sympathetic disposition with a rich, refined love nature. It also gives musical and artistic ability, with the possibility of popularity in public life. If Venus is well aspected, happiness and gain through marriage and partnership are favored. Public speaking and singing are harmonious with this position, and the native will be assured of an appreciative audience at all times.

   Venus is in its detriment in Aries and Scorpio. In the first instance, Venus on the ASC indicates an ardent, affectionate, and demonstrative disposition, along with attraction for the opposite sex. There is a tendency to impulsiveness as well as extravagance.

   Venus rising in Scorpio blends the love ray of Venus with the martial fire of Scorpio, and this combination increases the passions and emotions. These natives are ardent in love and passionate in affection, readily attracted to the opposite sex; but such attraction often brings trouble, disappointment, and delay in courtship and marriage. Venus well aspected here points toward a deep sense of religious devotion that serves as an outlet for the ardent, passionate feelings, while an afflicted Venus may incline to rather low morals.

   Mars rising at the time of birth indicates good practical executive ability, with a fiery disposition that can be rash, headstrong, and impatient at times. The native is generally an enterprising, practical person who will shun no effort in order to succeed. He can push himself forward when occasion demands and rise in life through his own efforts, being endowed with a considerable amount of pluck. This position of Mars strengthens the constitution, giving much muscular power and endurance. Mars adversely aspected here shows danger of cuts, bums, falls, bruises, or other accidents. Mars rising in Capricorn, where it is exalted, tends to tone down the fiery quality of Mars, making the person quietly ambitious, enterprising, and industrious, giving him executive, organizing, and business ability. Being willing to take responsibility upon his shoulders, he is naturally fitted to succeed in positions of authority. The wider the scope of action, the better he will be satisfied, as he is decidedly efficient in everything he does.

   Mars rising in Cancer, the sign of its fall, indicates the domestic tyrant, since Cancer is the sign ruling the home. Mars placed here gives the native the desire to rule completely over everyone and everything in the home, with no tolerance for any other authority there. When offended, there is a tendency for the native to nurse his ill feelings for a long time, and he does not readily forget an injury. Where Mars is beneficially aspected, the native is home-loving and ambitious for a comfortable, luxurious residence; an adversely aspected Mars suggests domestic trouble and quarrels in the home.

   Jupiter rising at birth is very favorable for success in life, unless afflicted. It indicates the ability of the native to create for himself a splendid future. Having dignity, executive ability, and a powerful personality, which are all necessary for success as a leader in social and business circles, he has little difficulty in reaching a position of prominence. As a rule, he is good-natured, kindly, honorable, and upright. Having the ability to view all problems in their most general aspect, he can overcome opposition with a force of sound but impersonal logic.

   Jupiter rising in Sagittarius, the sign which it rules, has a tendency to bring fortune and general success; this position is favorable for matters connected with sports, and with scientific, literary, or religious societies. The native is courteous, affable, polite, generous, and loyal. If Jupiter is beneficially aspected, the person can gain through speculation or by legacy; however, if afflicted, troublesome social affairs are likely, as are difficulty through sports and loss through speculation or gambling.

   Saturn rising in the First House and well-aspected is a fortunate sign for, no matter how a person may be handicapped in the start of life, the ultimate success is assured through the patience, persistence, self-control and restraint of the person through a well-placed Saturn. Such people have a wonderful capacity for work. They seem never to tire and never to give up no matter what the obstacles. They have infinite confidence in themselves and their ability to accomplish that which they undertake and therefore they eventually win. But when Saturn is weak and afflicted in the First House it makes the person timid and averse to undertake responsibility; subtile, secretive, and distrustful of other people; of a gloomy disposition and inclined to seek isolation.

   Uranus rising in a birth horoscope marks a person out of the ordinary, since Uranus is the planet of originality, invention, and often genius. He is very progressive, with ideas and ideals many years ahead of our present civilization. There is a natural attraction to all advanced subjects, such as occultism, astrology, psychic research, magnetic healing, electricity, inventions, radio, and aeronautics. These natives have a deep love for anything profound and wonderful. They tend to make many unexpected changes of residence and occupation.

   Neptune rising in a birth chart tends to affect the life of the native in an uncommon manner, since Neptune is by nature occult, prophetic, and spiritual. This gives a particularly sensitive body, capable of feeling the finer vibrations in Nature; whether they are good, bad, or indifferent depends upon the aspects Neptune receives, As the influence of this planet is always more or less psychic, the person will either consciously or unconsciously take on the conditions of his surroundings and of those whom he may contact. He has a mind that is romantic, emotional and visionary. The physical characteristics of Neptune rising are a very finely organized, slender body with a long head, sharp features, and an expression that is rather mysterious, and at times to a degree cruel. The eyes are very noticeable, having a somewhat hypnotic expression.


  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, January/February, 1995, p. 32-36

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