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Rays From The Rose Cross Magazine
Ninth Commandment — Exodus 20:16

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

   As generally considered, this Commandment means, simply, "Do not lie."

   The number nine signifies the closing of all cycles in evolution. During the ninth month of the prenatal period the work then done comes under the kindly influence of the great benefic Jupiter, who prepares the fetus for the shock of life into the objective world.

   Anatomically, the number nine and the zodiacal sign Sagittarius rule the hips, thighs, etc. The femur, the thigh-bone, which is the largest bone in the body, together with powerful muscles, forms the pillar of the body. Esoterically, the pillar like beauty of the thighs is the symbol of integrity, and, conversely, people of integrity constitute the pillars of society, for integrity cements heaven and Earth.

   Sagittarius erects another such connecting bridge. Through the beneficent work of Jupiter the sacral fire of the spine begins to glow like liquid gold and gradually rises toward its ultimate goal, the brain. Here it unites with the Pituitary body and pineal gland. There takes place, according to an occult writer, the esoteric baptism of the Holy Child by the Holy Spirit in tongues of flame. With flashes of inspiration its clear flame lights the innermost recesses of the mind. This fire raises both desire and the mind to lofty levels.

   In previous Commandments, we have received from our Heavenly Father everything our hearts could desire. There is illumination that draws us upward, love that binds, wisdom that gives us the balm of understanding, truth that differentiates, justice that lends courage, peace, and equipoise. The eighth Commandment gives us the talisman of power, but there is the inevitable injunction.

   The injunction of the ninth Commandment reads: Today thou shalt be tested for thy integrity. The ninth Commandment is the "or else" Commandment. If we do not use the talisman properly, it will not work for us, and, as in fairy stories, it is given to us to see what happened to those who did not heed the warning. We are left alone, entirely to our own resources, on a seemingly difficult road.

   With the eighth Commandment talisman we dare anything, we challenge the stars; with the Sagittarian arrow we aim high, recklessly high. We do not stop to think about what happened to those who, before us, aimed equally high and failed. The ninth Commandment, the corresponding ninth house and the sign Sagittarius, furnish the qualifying condition for the search for hidden treasure. The qualifying condition is integrity. Sagittarius is the injunction, the IF that accompanies us on our search. Though Sagittarius symbolizes effort and enthusiasm, it is not these, but integrity, which carries us through the task set.

   The word "sincere" stems from two Latin words: sine cere, which means, without wax. In ancient Rome, when new temples and palaces were being built, unscrupulous contractors cemented broken slabs of marble with wax which, after the blocks had already been put in place, melted in the hot Sun. Eventually, in consequence, all contracts for new buildings included the clause: Sin Cere (without wax).

   The person of integrity is sincere. He uses no wax; he does not deviate from the truth; he does not bear false witness.

   God is eternal truth. In this truth the divine fiat went forth, and this fiat is the Word of God. This divine Word created man. Man, therefore, must be true to the divinity of his origin, and every word that he utters and every deed he performs must testify to that divinity. If this is not done, man separates himself from his divine origin and destroys his own life. This is the result of bearing false witness.

   The interpretation of integrity for the occultist is: living identity with the innermost source of being. Any deviation from that center is a foundation of failure. Any deviation from that center is "bearing false witness." " To thine own self be true; thou canst not then be false to any man." One misstep of dishonesty, of bearing false witness, of lack of integrity, can ruin a whole life. Insofar as we have deviated from the pivotal point within us, so far have we failed in life.

   The New Testament decree for the ninth Commandment is: only believe. Faith is the bridge leading back to the point where we first strayed. Faith leads back to the substance of things lost. Faith, under proper conditions, re-establishes the contact with our inner divine Source. Faith brings together the parts that belong together. We are integral parts, worthy of integration in the world of God.

   The ninth Commandment may be restated: Aspirant, before it is too late, see to it that thou art an integrated part of the Kingdom of God.

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, February, 1977, page 70, 85.

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