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— A —

Abortion, The Pros and Cons of »

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco, Effects of »

Animals, Understanding the  »

Aquarian Age, The (AQA): I. The Nature of Astrological Influences »

II. The Aquarian Age (AQA) »

III. Aquarian Value Systems (AQA) »

IV. The Aquarian View of Self (AQA) »

V. Laws versus Freedom (AQA) »

VI. Copying versus Exploring (AQA) »

VII. Personal Initiative in the Aquarian Age (AQA) »

VIII. Creativity (AQA) »

IX. Resonance (AQA) »

X. Universal Friendship (AQA) »

XI. Science and Religion in the Aquarian Age (AQA) »

XII. Etheric Vision (AQA) »

XIII. Aquarian Conflict Resolution (AQA) »

XIV. Aquarian Methods of Teaching (AQA) »

XV. Aquarian Government (AQA) »

XVI. Aquarian Age Politics (AQA) »

XVII. Justice in the Aquarian Age (AQA) »

XVIII. Aquarian Methods of Healing (AQA) »

XIX. Aquarian Mental Exercises (AQA) »

XX. Self-Control in the Aquarian Age (AQA) »

XXI. Aquarian Age Allegories (AQA) »

Aquarian Age, The »

Aquaria—The Last Hours of a Spy »

Archetypes, Compiled Information Concerning »

Astrology, The Educational Value of »

— B —

Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine »

Bow in the Cloud, The »

Brothers of the Rose Cross, The »

— C —

Children »

Child Training, Rosicrucian Principles of: Education of Children (RPCT) »

Heredity and the Problems of Childhood (RPCT) »

The Reason for Infant Mortality (RPCT) »

Astrology and the Child (RPCT) »

Christ at His Coming, How Shall We Know? (HKC) »

How Shall We Know Christ at His Coming? (HKC) »

Who is Christ? (HKC) »

Why Did He Come in the First Place? (HKC) »

Why Must He Come Again? (HKC) »

How Shall We Know Him at His Appearing? (HKC) »

Christ Will Not Come in a Physical Body (HKC) »

Christianity, The Rosicrucian Interpretation of  »

Christmas, Mystical Interpretation of: (MIC) Preface »

The Cosmic Significance of Christmas (MIC) »

Spiritual Light—The New Element and the New Substance (MIC) »

The Annual Sacrifice of Christ (MIC) »

The Mystic Midnight Sun (MIC) »

The Mission of Christ and the Festival of the Fairies (MIC) »

The Newborn Christ (MIC) »

Christ or Buddha? (COB): Introduction  »

A Historical Retrospect (COB) »

Christian Rosenkreuz (COB) »

Involution, Evolution, and Epigenesis (COB) »

Trance (COB) »

Dreamless Sleep (COB) »

Dreams (COB) »

The Waking State (COB) »

The Mystery of Blood (COB) »

The Mystery of Sex (COB) »

The Mystery of Infant Mortality (COB) »

The Mystery of Death (COB) »

The Christ of the West Is Not the Christ of the East (COB) »

The Christ of the West (COB) »

Conclusion (COB) »

Clairvoyance »

Concentration, Meditation, and Prayer »

— D —

The Dead, Rosicrucian Method of Caring for  »

Death, The Science of »

Desire Body, The (DBD): Foreword  »

The Planetary Desire World (DBD) »

Its Relationship to Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Man (DBD) »

Origin and Development of Man's Desire Body (DBD) »

Through the Septenary Periods (DBD) »

Man's Desire Body in the Physical World (DBD) »

From Infancy to Puberty (DBD) »

Its Appearance and Functions (DBD) »

Effect of Emotions on Contour and Color (DBD) »

Influence of Thought (DBD) »

Relationship to Consciousness (DBD) »

During Sleep (DBD) »

Man's Desire Body in the Invisible World (DBD) »

At Time of Death (DBD) »

Causes of Infant Mortality (DBD) »

Purgatory (DBD) »

Earthbound Spirits and Their Prey (DBD) »

The Borderland (DBD) »

The First Heaven (DBD) »

The Second Heaven (DBD) »

On the Way to Rebirth (DBD) »

Spiritualization of Man's Desire Body (DBD) »

Higher Beings as Factors (DBD) »

Unreliability of Desire Body (DBD) »

Preparation for the Higher Life (DBD) »

— E —

Easter, Mystical Interpretation of [MIE]: Foreword (MIE) »

The Cosmic Christ (MIE) »

An Event of Mystic Significance (MIE) »

The Cosmic Meaning of Easter—Part I (MIE) »

The Cosmic Meaning of Easter—Part II (MIE) »

The Lesson of Easter (MIE) »

The Symbol of the Egg (MIE) »

The Cross of Christ (MIE) »

What Became of the Physical Body of Jesus? (MIE) »

Evolution, The Process of  »

— F —

Freemasonry and Catholicism (FRC): Lucifer, the Rebel Angel »

The Masonic Legend (FRC) »

The Queen of Sheba (FRC) »

Casting the Molten Sea (FRC) »

The Mystery of Melchisedec (FRC) »

Spiritual Alchemy (FRC) »

The Philosopher's Stone—What Is It and How It Is Made (FRC) »

The Path of Initiation (FRC) »

Armageddon, the Great War, and the Coming Age (FRC) »

— G —

— H —

Healing Service, The Rosicrucian Fellowship  »

Health and Healing, Rosicrucian Principles of [RPH]: Man and His Vehicles (RPH) »

The Dense Body—Introduction (RPH) »

Evolution (RPH) »

The Brain and Nervous Systems (RPH) »

The Blood (RPH) »

The Ductless Glands (RPH) »

The Lymphatic System (RPH) »

The Vital Body. Evolution and General Purpose (RPH) »

The Ethers and Their Functions (RPH) »

The Desire Body and the Mind (RPH) »

Disease (RPH) »

General Causes of Disease. Introduction (RPH) »

Causes of Mental Disabilities (RPH) »

Causes of Physical Disabilities (RPH) »

Specific Causes of Disease. Insanity (RPH) »

Mediumship (RPH) »

Obsession (RPH) »

Hysteria, Epilepsy, Tuberculosis, and Cancer (RPH) »

Impairment of Vision (RPH) »

Shell Shock (RPH) »

Sclerosis or Hardening of Arteries (RPH) »

Heredity and Disease (RPH) »

Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco (RPH) »

Healing (RPH) »

Origin and Development of Healing (RPH) »

Curing vs. Healing (RPH) »

The Rosicrucian Method of Healing. Why Rosicrucians Heal (RPH) »

The Invisible Helpers (RPH) »

The Spiritual Panacea (RPH) »

The Science of Nutrition. General Principles (RPH) »

Reasons for a Vegetarian Diet (RPH) »

Necessity for an Attractive, Balanced Diet (RPH) »

The Role of Stimulants in Evolution (RPH) »

Fasting as a Means of Healing and a Factor in Soul Growth (RPH) »

Health Value of Indigestible Foods (RPH) »

Results of Eating Too Frequently (RPH) »

Astrology as an Aid to Healing. Astrological Basis for Healing (RPH) »

Laws of Compatibility and Systemic Receptibility (RPH) »

Influence of the Moon in Healing (RPH) »

Planetary Polarities (RPH) »

The Therapeutic Basis of Light, Color, and Sound (RPH) »

Sleep and Health. The Value of Sleep (RPH) »

How to Treat Disease During Sleep (RPH) »

The Effect of Hypnotic Sleep (RPH) »

Protective Influence (RPH) »

Mind and Healing. The True Cause of Contagion (RPH) »

Power of Thought (RPH) »

Dangers of Excessive Bathing (RPH) »

Transfusion of Blood (RPH) »

Effects of Removal of Physical Organ (RPH) »

Removal of Tonsils (RPH) »

Form of Healing to Use. Introduction (RPH) »

Taking Medicine (RPH) »

Laying on of Hands (RPH) »

Vaccination and Antitoxin (RPH) »

The Scope of Healing. The Law of Destiny (RPH) »

Relation of Spirituality to Health (RPH) »

Nervousness Helped by Exercises (RPH) »

On Conducting Healing Centers. General Suggestions (RPH) »

Advice to Healers (RPH) »

Healing Service Inaugurated (RPH) »

"There Is No Death" (RPH) »

The Real Nature of Death (RPH) »

Effects of Suicide (RPH) »

Causes of Death During Infancy (RPH) »

Proper Care of the Deceased (RPH) »

How to Help Those Who Have Passed On (RPH) »

The Heart: A Wonderful Organ »

Homosexuality »

Hygiene of Living, The Newer  »

Hymns, Interpretation of Rosicrucian Fellowship »

Hypnotism, Dangers of  »

— I —

Index of Edited Online Works of Max Heindel »

Initiation, Ancient and Modern [AMI]: The Tabernacle In The Wilderness »

The Atlantean Mystery Temple (AMI) »

The Brazen Altar and Laver (AMI) »

East Room of the Temple (AMI) »

The Ark of the Covenant (AMI) »

The Sacred Shekinah Glory (AMI) »

The New Moon and Initiation (AMI) »

The Christian Mystic Initiation Chapter I: The Annunciation and Immaculate Conception (AMI) »

Mystic Rite of Baptism (AMI) »

The Temptation (AMI) »

The Transfiguration (AMI) »

The Last Supper and Footwashing (AMI) »

Gethsemane, the Garden of Grief (AMI) »

The Stigmata and the Crucifixion (AMI) »

Invisible Helpers, The Work of (WIH): Preface  »

Chapter I: The Way (WIH) »

Chapter II: How May I Become a Helper? (WIH) »

Chapter III: Invisible Helpers in Action (WIH) »

Chapter IV: More Work of Helpers (WIH) »

Chapter V: Some Strange Occult Stories (WIH) »

Chapter VI: Obsession, Elementals, Vampires, and Entities (WIH) »

Chapter VII: Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels (WIH) »

Chapter VIII: How Helpers Assist the Animal Kingdom (WIH) »

Chapter IX: How Helpers Work With the Dead (WIH) »

Chapter X: Reincarnation Is a Fact (WIH) »

Chapter XI: Catastrophes, Their Cause and Cure (WIH) »

Chapter XII: Is Spiritual Healing Possible? (WIH) »

Chapter XIII: Are Animals Subject to Spiritual Influence? (WIH) »

Chapter XIV: The Thoughts of Children Shape Their Future Lives (WIH) »

Chapter XV: How the Mystic Accounts for Genius (WIH) »

Chapter XVI: Is the Life of an Invisible Helper Joyful or Sad? (WIH) »

Chapter XVII: Miscellaneous Stories of Helpers (WIH) »

Chapter XVIII: Are Angels Real? (WIH) »

— J —

— K —

— L —

Land of the Living Dead, In the (LLD): Chapter I: A Visit to the Invisible Planes  »

Chapter II: A Sergeant's Experience after "Passing Out." (LLD) »

Chapter III: A Soul Flight (LLD) »

Chapter IV: Back to Earth—A Pretty Nurse (LLD) »

Chapter V: The Elder Brother in the Flesh (LLD) »

Chapter VI: A Doughboy's Ideas on Religion (LLD) »

Chapter VII: Helping a Slain Soldier to Comfort his Mother (LLD) »

Chapter VIII: A Study of Auras (LLD) »

Chapter IX: An Experience with Nature Spirits (LLD) »

Chapter X: A Crisis in Love (LLD) »

Chapter XI: Light Again (LLD) »

The Law and Our Needs »

Learning Disabilities (Mental Retardation) »

Lectures, The Rosicrucian Christianity (RCL): Introduction  »

The Riddle of Life and Death (RCL) »

Where are the Dead? (RCL) »

Spiritual Sight and the Spiritual Worlds (RCL) »

Sleep, Dreams, Trance, Hypnotism, Mediumship, and Insanity (RCL) »

Death, and Life in Purgatory (RCL) »

Life and Activity in Heaven (RCL) »

Birth a Fourfold Event (RCL) »

The Science of Nutrition, Health, and Protracted Youth (RCL) »

Astronomical Allegories of the Bible (RCL) »

Astrology: Its Scope and Limitations (RCL) »

Spiritual Sight and Insight (RCL) »

Parsifal: Wagner's famous Mystic Music Drama (RCL) »

The Angels as Factors in Evolution (RCL) »

Lucifer: Tempter or Benefactor? (RCL) »

The Mystery of Golgotha and the Cleansing Blood (RCL) »

The Star of Bethlehem, a Mystic Fact (RCL) »

The Mystery of the Holy Grail (RCL) »

The Lord's Prayer (RCL) »

The Coming Force—Vril or what? (RCL) »

Fellowship and the Coming Race (RCL) »

Letters To Students (LTS): Foreword »

1. Friendship as an Ideal (LTS) »

2. Soul Growth through Doing (LTS) »

3. Unselfish Service to Others (LTS) »

4. A Plea for the Church (LTS) »

5. Value of Right Feeling (LTS) »

6. Healing the Sick (LTS) »

7. Baptism of Water and of Spirit (LTS) »

8. Ruling our Stars (LTS) »

9. Invisible Guardians of Humanity (LTS) »

10. Flesh Food and Alcohol (LTS) »

11. Preparations for Removal to Mt. Ecclesia (LTS) »

12. Ground-Breaking for First Building on Mt. Ecclesia (LTS) »

13. Generative Purity the Ideal for the West (LTS) »

14. The Coming Age of Air (LTS) »

15. The Role of Stimulants in Evolution (LTS) »

16. Necessity for Devotion (LTS) »

17. Stragglers in Evolution (LTS) »

18. Keynote of the Rosicrucian Teachings (LTS) »

19. Sacredness of Spiritual Experiences (LTS) »

20. Initiative and Personal Freedom (LTS) »

22. The Mystic Bread and Wine (LTS) »

23. Descending and Ascending Arcs of Evolution (LTS) »

24. The Rosicrucian Fellowship, a Spiritual Center (LTS) »

25. The Mystic Message of Christmas (LTS) »

26. Service to Others during the New Year (LTS) »

27. Siegfried, the Truth Seeker (LTS) »

28. The Incorporation and Future Plans of the Fellowship (LTS) »

29. Freemasonry, Co-Masonry, and Catholicism (LTS) »

30. The Role of Evil in the World (LTS) »

31. Christ, and His Second Coming (LTS) »

32. The Vital Body of Jesus (LTS) »

33. Improving our Opportunities (LTS) »

34. A Plea for Purity (LTS) »

35. The Faust Myth and the Masonic Legend (LTS) »

36. Eastern and Western Methods of Development (LTS) »

37. The Reason for the Many Different Cults (LTS) »

38. What the Pupil May Expect of the Teacher (LTS) »

39. Where Shall We Seek Truth, and How Shall We Know It? (LTS) »

40. Why the Truth Seeker Must Live in the World (LTS) »

41. A Method of Discerning Truth from its Imitation (LTS) »

42. Our Responsibility in Giving Out Truth (LTS) »

43. Woman's Suffrage and Moral Equality (LTS) »

44. The Vice of Selfishness and the Power of Love (LTS) »

45. Initiation not to be Attained through Breathing Exercises (LTS) »

46. The World War and Infant Mortality (LTS) »

47. The Invisible Helpers and their Work on the Battle Field (LTS) »

48. The World War and Universal Brotherhood (LTS) »

49. Desire—A Two-Edged Sword (LTS) »

50. Spiritual Prosperity for the New Year (LTS) »

51. Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge (LTS) »

52. Concentration in the Rosicrucian Work (LTS) »

53. The Cosmic Meaning of Easter (LTS) »

54. Waste through Scattering One's Forces (LTS) »

55. Epigenesis and Future Destiny (LTS) »

56. The Need of Spreading the Teachings (LTS) »

57. Astrology as an Aid in Healing the Sick (LTS) »

58. Unnatural Means of Attainment (LTS) »

59. The Race Spirits and the New Race (LTS) »

60. The War an Operation for Spiritual Cataract (LTS) »

61. Cyclic Movements of the Sun (LTS) »

62. The Teacher's Debt of Gratitude (LTS) »

63. Spiritual Teachers—True and False (LTS) »

64. The Battle that Rages Within (LTS) »

65. Easter, a Promise of Newness of Life (LTS) »

66. Daily Exercises in Soul Culture (LTS) »

67. The Real Heroes of the World (LTS) »

68. The Work of the Race Spirits (LTS) »

69. Struggles of the Aspiring Soul (LTS) »

70. Building for the Future Life (LTS) »

71. Descent of the Christ Life in the Fall (LTS) »

72. The Reason for the Trials that Beset the Occult Student (LTS) »

73. Spiritual Stock-Taking during the Holy Season (LTS) »

74. All Occult Development Begins with the Vital Body (LTS) »

75. Serving Where Best Fitted to Serve (LTS) »

76. "Lost Souls" and Stragglers (LTS) »

77. The Unnecessary Fear of Death (LTS) »

78. Heart Development and Initiation (LTS) »

79. Sacrifice a Factor in Spiritual Progress (LTS) »

80. Adjusting the Teachings to the Understanding of Others (LTS) »

81. The Value of Reviewing Past Lessons (LTS) »

82. Taming an Unruly Member (LTS) »

83. An Inner Tribunal of Truth (LTS) »

84. Epigenesis and the Law of Causation (LTS) »

85. The Present Sorrow and the Coming Peace (LTS) »

86. God—The Source and Goal of Existence (LTS) »

87. The Necessity of Putting Talents to Use (LTS) »

88. The Nobility of All Labor (LTS) »

89. The Aquarian Age and the New Covenant (LTS) »

90. Meat Eating and Fur Wearing (LTS) »

91. Tolerance of Other's Beliefs (LTS) »

92. The Purpose of War and Our Attitude Toward It (LTS) »

93. The Inner Power and the Responsibility That Goes With It (LTS) »

94. Equipoise of Great Help in Times of Stress (LTS) »

95. The Optimistic Attitude and Faith in Ultimate Good (LTS) »

96. Increasing the Life of the Archetype (LTS) »

97. The Law of Success in Spiritual Matters (LTS) »

Life More Abundant »

— M —

Meditation, World Peace »

Mediumship »

Memorial Service, The Rosicrucian Fellowship  »

Motherhood »

Mourn, To Those Who  »

Mysteries, The Rosicrucian [RMS]: The Order of Rosicrucians (RMS) »

The Problem of Life and Its Solution (RMS) »

Three Theories of Life (RMS) »

We Are Eternal (Poem by the Author) (RMS) »

The Visible and The Invisible Worlds (RMS) »

The Chemical Region (RMS) »

The Etheric Region (RMS) »

The Desire World (RMS) »

The World of Thought (RMS) »

Creed or Christ (Poem by the Author) (RMS) »

The Constitution of Man (RMS) »

The Vital Body (RMS) »

The Desire Body (RMS) »

The Mind (RMS) »

Life and Death (RMS) »

Invisible Helpers and Mediums (RMS) »

Death (RMS) »

The Panorama of Past Life (RMS) »

Purgatory (RMS) »

The First Heaven (RMS) »

The Second Heaven (RMS) »

The Third Heaven (RMS) »

Birth and Childhood (RMS) »

The Mystery of Light, Color and Consciousness (RMS) »

Education of Children (RMS) »

Mystic, Gleanings of a (GLM): Foreword—Initiation: What It Is and Is Not—Part I  »

Initiation: What It Is and Is Not—Part II (GLM) »

The Sacrament of Communion—Part I (GLM) »

The Sacrament of Communion—Part II (GLM) »

The Sacrament of Baptism (GLM) »

The Sacrament of Marriage (GLM) »

The Unpardonable Sin and Lost Souls (GLM) »

The Immaculate Conception (GLM) »

The Coming Christ (GLM) »

The Coming Age (GLM) »

Meat and Drink as Factors of Evolution (GLM) »

A Living Sacrifice (GLM) »

Magic, White and Black (GLM) »

Our Invisible Government (GLM) »

Practical Precepts for Practical People (GLM) »

Sound, Silence, and Soul Growth (GLM) »

The "Mysterium Magnum" of the Rose Cross (GLM) »

Stumbling Blocks (GLM) »

The Lock of Upliftment (GLM) »

The Cosmic Meaning of Easter—Part I (GLM) »

The Cosmic Meaning of Easter—Part II (GLM) »

The Newborn Christ (GLM) »

Why I am a Rosicrucian (GLM) »

The Object of the Rosicrucian Fellowship (GLM) »

— N —

Nature Spirits and Nature Forces (NSF): Foreword »

The Ethers and Laws of Nature (NSF) »

Heaven World Activity and Nature Forces (NSF) »

The Mission of Christ and the Festival of the Fairies (NSF) »

Forces of Different Periods (NSF) »

The Earth Spirit (NSF) »

Two Questions and Answers (NSF) »

The Constitution of the Earth: and Volcanic Eruptions (NSF) »

— O —

Obsession »

Operas, Mysteries of the Great (MGO): Faust—Divine Discord  »

Faust: The Sorrows of the Seeking Soul (MGO) »

Faust: The Sorrows of the Seeking Soul—continued (MGO) »

Faust: Selling His Soul to Satan (MGO) »

Faust: Selling His Soul to Satan—continued (MGO) »

Faust: The Wages of Sin and the Ways of Salvation (MGO) »

Parsifal: Wagner's Mystic Music Drama (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: The Rhine Maidens (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: The Ring of the Gods (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: The Valkuerie (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: Siegfried, the Truth Seeker (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: The Battle of Truth and Error (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: Rebirth and the Lethal Drink (MGO) »

Ring of the Niebelung: The Twilight of the Gods (MGO) »

Tannhauser: The Pendulum of Joy and Sorrow (MGO) »

Tannhauser: Minstrels, the Initiates of the Middle Ages (MGO) »

Tannhauser: The Unpardonable Sin (MGO) »

Tannhauser: The Rod that Budded (MGO) »

Lohengrin: The Knight of the Swan (MGO) »

— P —

Passing and Life Afterwards, The (PLA): Introduction  »

The Passing (PLA) »

The Life Panorama (PLA) »

The Desire World (PLA) »

Purgatory (PLA) »

The First Heaven (PLA) »

The World of Thought (PLA) »

The Second Heaven (PLA) »

The Third Heaven (PLA) »

Planet Pluto, The »

Prenatal Epoch, The »

— Q —

— R —

Rebirth and the Bible »

Rebirth—The Master Key »

Responsibility and the Spiritual Aspirant »

Retrospection and Concentration »

Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, The (RCC): A Word to the Wise »

Introduction »

The Visible and Invisible Worlds (RCC) »

The Four Kingdoms (RCC) »

Man and the Method of Evolution (RCC) »

Rebirth and the Law of Consequence (RCC) »

The Relation of Man to God (RCC) »

The Scheme of Evolution (RCC) »

The Path of Evolution (RCC) »

The Work of Evolution (RCC) »

Stragglers and Newcomers (RCC) »

The Earth Period (RCC) »

The Genesis and Evolution of our Solar System (RCC) »

Evolution on the Earth (RCC) »

Back to the Bible (RCC) »

The Mystic Christian Analysis of Genesis (RCC) »

Christ and His Mission (RCC) »

Future Development and Initiation (RCC) »

The Method of Acquiring Firsthand Knowledge (RCC) »

The Constitution of the Earth; and Volcanic Eruptions (RCC) »

Christian Rosenkreuz and the Order of Rosicrucians (RCC) »

Rosicrucian Emblem, The  »

Rosicrucian Fundamentals in Questions and Answers »

Rosicrucian Student, Why I Am a  »

— S —

Science and Religion (SAR): I. Perception and Consciousness of Spatial Dimensions »

II. The Roles of Science and Religion in the Search for Truth (SAR) »

III. Mass, Energy, and Spirit (SAR) »

IV. The Uncertainty Principle (SAR) »

V. Wisdom in the Universe (SAR) »

VI. Body Organization (SAR) »

VII. Machines versus People (SAR) »

VIII. Aging (SAR) »

IX. Evolution (SAR) »

X. Animal Behavior (SAR) »

XI. Personality (SAR) »

XII. Birth Defects (SAR) »

XIII. Flesh Foods (SAR) »

XIV. Alcohol (SAR) »

XV. Communication (SAR) »

XVI. Wisdom Is a Loving Spirit (SAR) »

XVII. Human Values (SAR) »

XVIII. Gravity (SAR) »

XIX. Weather (SAR) »

XX. Miracles (SAR) »

XXI. Increasing Power (SAR) »

Services, Rosicrucian Fellowship Devotional »

Sex Education »

Shakespeare—The Lay Bible »

The Sick, How the Rosicrucians Heal  »

Silver Cord and Seed Atoms, The [SCS]: Foreword »

Chapter I: The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms at Birth (SCS) »

Chapter II: The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms During Growth (SCS) »

Chapter III: The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms During Sleep (SCS) »

Chapter IV: The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms at Death (SCS) »

Chapter V: The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms in Evolution (SCS) »

Chapter VI: Genesis of the Seed Atoms: Our Cosmic Heredity (SCS) »

Chapter VII: The Future of Man and his Seed Atoms (SCS) »

Spiritual Alternatives, Eastern and Western  »

Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development »

Sprouting for Health »

Stars, Are You Helping Your? »

Success, Practical Methods of Achieving  »

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Teachings of an Initiate (TI): Foreword — The Days of Noah and of Christ »

The Sign of the Master (TI) »

What is Spiritual Work? (TI) »

The Way of Wisdom (TI) »

The Secret of Success (TI) »

The Death of the Soul (TI) »

The New Sense of the New Age (TI) »

Mystic Light on the World War [WWI] (TI) »

Secret Springs (TI) »

Mystic Light on the World War (TI) »

Part II—Its Promotion of Spiritual Sight (TI) »

Mystic Light on the World War (TI) »

Part III—Peace on Earth (TI) »

Mystic Light on the World War (TI) »

Part IV—The Gospel of Gladness (TI) »

The Esoteric Significance of Easter (TI) »

The Lesson of Easter (TI) »

Scientific Method of Spiritual Unfoldment (TI) »

Part V—Material Analogies (TI) »

Scientific Method of Spiritual Unfoldment (TI) »

Retrospection (TI) »

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (TI) »

Religion and Healing (TI) »

Address (TI) »

Our Work in the World, Part I (TI) »

Our Work in the World, Part II (TI) »

Our Work in the World, Part III (TI) »

Eternal Damnation, and Salvation (TI) »

The Bow in the Cloud (TI) »

The Responsibility of Knowledge (TI) »

The Journey Through the Wilderness (TI) »

The Temple Service of The Rosicrucian Fellowship »

Thought, The Power of »

Transplants, Organ »

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Vegetarian Diet, The Wisdom of a »

Vital Body, The (VBD): Introduction »

Past Evolution of Man's Vital Body (VBD) »

The Vital Body—During Periods and Revolutions (VBD) »

The Vital Body—During Epochs (VBD) »

Man's Vital Body in Present Post-Atlantean [Fifth] Epoch (VBD) »

The Vital Body—General Nature and Function (VBD) »

The Vital Body—In Health and Sicknesses (VBD) »

The Vital Body—In Sleep and Dreams (VBD) »

The Vital Body—At Death and in Invisible Worlds (VBD) »

The Vital Body—On Way to Rebirth (VBD) »

The Vital Body Of Children (VBD) »

Vital Body of Animals and Plants (VBD) »

The Vital Body—General Nature and Function (VBD) »

Relation of Vital Body to Spiritual Development (VBD) »

An Important Factor (VBD) »

The Vital Body—Effect of Prayer, Rituals, and Exercises (VBD) »

Ancient Initiation (VBD) »

Positive and Negative Development (VBD) »

The Vital Body of Jesus (VBD) »

The Vital Body—As a Vehicle for the Christ (VBD) »

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Web of Destiny, The (WBD): Spiritual Research—The Soul Body »

The Christ Within—The Memory of Nature (WBD) »

"The Dweller on the Threshold"—Earthbound Spirits (WBD) »

The Sin Body—Possession of by Self-Made Demons—Elementals (WBD) »

Obsession of Man and of Animals (WBD) »

The Creation of Environment—The Genesis of Mental and Physical Disabilities (WBD) »

The Cause of Disease—Efforts of the Ego to Escape from the Body—Effects of Lasciviousness (WBD) »

The Christ Rays Constitute the "Inner Urge"—Etheric Sight—Collective Destiny (WBD) »

The Function of Desire (WBD) »

The Color Effects of Emotion in Assemblages of People—The Isolating Effect of Worry (WBD) »

Effect of War Upon the Desire Body—The Vital Body as Affected by Detonations of Big Guns (WBD) »

The Nature of Ether Atoms—The Necessity for Poise (WBD) »

The Effects of Remorse—The Dangers of Excessive Bathing (WBD) »

The Nature of and Preparation for Prayer (WBD) »

The Wings and the Power—The Invocation—The Climax (WBD) »

Practical Methods of Achieving Success Based Upon Conversation of Sex Force (WBD) »

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