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The Trine and
Grand-Trine Aspects

"We must keep in mind that the Trine and Grand-Trine aspects portray regenerated consciousness of those pure essences of Spirit represented by the planets concerned, each of which is a specialized unit for expression and reaction. It is the realization of Spirit that defines our evolutionary goal through experience in the sequence of incarnations."

   The Trine and Grand-Trine have regenerate correspondence, respectively, to the T-Cross and Grand-Cross Aspects. The lines connecting the three planetary points of a minimum T-Cross form a triangle, and each diameter of the square formed by the connecting lines of a Grand-Cross cuts the square into two triangles. The esoteric difference between the two types is that in the Cross-aspects, the principal structural angle is the right-angle of exactly or approximately ninety degrees which depicts the tension, resistance, congestion, and gravitational pull of the Square aspect. Lines from the center of a horoscopical circle which touch the circumference at three points representing planets which are exactly in Grand-Trine aspect to each other, form three angles of 120 degrees at the circle 's center. Any line connecting two of these planetary points to each other is one of the three sides of an equilateral triangle, identifying the relationship of the two planets to each other as being in Trine aspect. The spiritualized essence of Trine aspects is pictorially revealed in the fact that the three angles of a Grand-Trine are each sixty degrees — the numerical value of the Sextile aspect. Since the Grand-Trine is an enclosed figure, its design and angle- quality reveal that it is a result, in consciousness of previous sextilic exercises in regeneration and alchemy. The center-angle formed by two radii connected to planetary points that are Trine to each other is 120 degrees, the sum of two sextiles. The single trine is not enclosed, but it indicates a stage of relative equilibrium having been attained by the person who is now, possibly, in the process of creating a Grand-Trine. The single Trine is evolutionary flowering, the Grand-Trine is evolutionary fruitage.

   We must keep in mind that the Trine and Grand- Trine aspects portray regenerated consciousness of those pure essences of Spirit represented by the planets concerned, each of which is a specialized unit for expression and reaction. It is the realization of Spirit that defines our evolutionary goal through experience in the sequence of incarnations. The presence of a Trine or Grand-Trine in a natal horoscope is evidence of relative attainment of realization-of-Spirit on the present cycle of evolution. By "Spirit" is here meant the Divine attributes of Power, Love and Truth which, synthesized in the word "God," indicate the state of pure being. Regardless of aspect-patterns, any planetary point can be studied in terms of its Sign-rulership, House-rulership, Sign-occupancy and House-occupancy; these four factors indicate the basic "blue-print" of the evolutionary life- assignment in terms of the planet's principles and potencies for expression and reaction. However, when the planet is related to another planet by the Trine-aspect, then the indication is given that the person has developed a facet of his nature and abilities through conscious regeneration in past lives and the aspect now portrays a relatively evolved realization of Spirit which is to be used in the present life to alchemicalize other factors of the personality and to contribute to the spiritual on-going of humanity. The attainment, by realization, of Power brings the responsibility to use it rightly and creatively. By the law of magnetic attraction, the person who has a Trine aspect in his chart will of course attract into his experience those refinements, abundances, harmonizations and happinesses which are consistent with the mode of his realized consciousness of Good (God, Spirit). But that which the Trine represents as internal integrity, spiritual autonomy, evolvement of capacity, and attainment of ability must be kept in use for further regeneration. If it is only "taken from," it will be depleted; the negative and congestive tendencies in personality will thereby gain proportionate ascendancy in consciousness.

   No one can know how many lives were utilized in which effort was made that now is indicated, as result, by the Trine aspect in a natal chart. Therefore, if your chart contains even one Trine aspect know that you applied yourself for perhaps a longtime through specialized development and training in Action and in the subjective realm of Thought. That time and effort should not be wasted in the present life by allowing those powers of consciousness to "provide only pleasure and ease." They have been attained, as anything is attained, for use. In the use of Trine-qualities and Trine-powers we can resolve much of our karma that is heavy and dark and serve thereby to further the en-light-enment of any with whom we come in contact and, esoterically, with Humanity at large. As we utilize and express our Trine-abilities we induce, by the inspiration of example, the incentive to spiritual efforts on the part of others who may be walking on our phase of the Path. This is not for our personal self-glorification, but that we may use our earned privileges to be channels for power as love and truth.

   Just as no human lives "unto himself alone," so a Trine-aspect is significant to a chart not only by regard to its particular planetary factors and Sign-House placement but in correlation with every other chart-factor. Some students reveal the interpretative view-point that, because a chart contains a Trine or a Grand-Trine, "everything will turn out all right." This viewpoint ignores the evaluation of the aspect by synthesis with the whole chart. Let us consider the correlative possibilities: either planetary point of a Trine aspect may have:

   No other aspect; one of the other possible aspects; several aspects of tension and congestion; several aspects of regenerate quality; a variety of both kinds: It may be dignified, being in the Sign of its rulership; it may be disposited by another planet, being in the Sign ruled by that planet; it may be the Ascendant-ruler, the"personal significator;" it may be the Descendant ruler the "focus of complementation." If it is in the Sign of its dignity it may be a "singleton," having no dispositorship influence, or it maybe the dispositer of several other planets. It may be the only "unafflicted" planet in the chart; it may disposit, or be disposited by, the planet that is most "afflicted."

   The greatest spiritual and evolutionary need for the person to use and expand his use of a trined planet is indicated if that planet is also one of the two planets that makes the closest to exact square aspect. The closest-to-exact square aspect (closest to ninety degree orb) indicates the greatest tendency to congestion, inertia, ignorance, and inner darkness. One of its planets, being also trined, must be used alchemically to regenerate that phase of consciousness represented by the other planet of the square. The suggestion is offered, for development of fluency, that you create a listing of variations of Square-and-Trine to each planet, studying them from the standpoint of the Square as being the most needed plan for regeneration and the Trine as being the most powerful spiritual alchemistry. For expansion of this listing, you can combine the zodiacal Signs and the environmental Houses with each planetary triad. Start with the simple form of Square and Trine, see the Spirit-power working on the Square through the agency of the Trine; the planet common to both aspects is thereby revealed to be an evolutionary turning Point. In each group, the "turning-point planet" may be thought of as "mortal mind," in reference to the Square aspect; in reference to the Trine aspect, it becomes — or is revealed to be — a mode of "enspiritualizing" power. This procedure is a basic technique for gaining fluency in perceiving alchemical potentials in a horoscope; it provides a splendidly fruitful exercise in perceiving the right use of the Trine aspect. Then when you undertake to analyze actual horoscopes, you will find yourself much more perceptive to the spiritualizing and regenerating possibilities of the persons you may seek to assist. Whatever else an Astrologer may be, he should be a mirror of Truth to others, just as their horoscopes are mirrors by which the Truth of their life-assignments is revealed to him. It is in this way that he uses the Trine-Powers of his astrologer-Identity in their purest form, and that use is a continuous and ever-expanding assignment. The more he prayerfully and sincerely seeks Truth through exercise of mind and consciousness, the more Truth he will see in horoscopes and the more he can thereby reveal as en-light-ening guidance.

   Consideration should be given to the parallel between the Trine aspect and the point opposite the right-angle point of a T- Cross. To illustrate: two planets are Trine to each other in ten Taurus and ten Virgo; these are the Fixed and Mutable Signs, respectively, of the Earth- Trinity — the third and Cardinal of which is Capricorn. In this example, regenerative induction takes place when transits and progressions activate those degrees which are in orb of ten Capricorn. Such activations bring about a "temporary Grand-Trine condition" in the chart, since the natal Taurus-Virgo Trine is sympathetically activated from Capricorn. It is at such timings that the person is inwardly stimulated to expand his realization and use of the natal Trine and, also, to "realize happiness" from what is correspondingly brought about in his environment, relationships and endeavors.

   In this illustration, there are four points (or, by orb, "degree-areas") which, when activated, impel the use of Trine powers. These are the 10th degrees of Aquarius and Leo (squaring Taurus) and the 10th degree of Gemini and Sagittarius (squaring Virgo). Also, when the person represented by the illustration comes in contact with someone who has those areas occupied by planets in his chart, the Trine-power of Taurus-Virgo is impelled into use by vibratory induction. If the other person's planets, in orb of the 10th degree of Aquarius, Leo, Gemini or Sagittarius are unregeneratively aspected, then the induced impulsion to use the Taurus-Virgo Trine attains the status of a spiritual testing, perhaps even initiation, through the personal contact or the resultant relationship-experience. This is given as a simple example to illustrate an important point in correlating a natal Trine with other horoscopical factors. It can be used as a "spring- board" into the consideration of more complex inter-weaving of planetary force.

   The principle of subjective polarity is interestingly combined with Trine-power in the following illustration: a natal chart having planetary placements in, or in orb of the 10th degree of Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces. This pattern reveals two inter-acting Opposition aspects, Taurus-Scorpio and Virgo-Pisces; two Sextiles, Pisces-Taurus and Virgo-Scorpio; two Trines, Taurus-Virgo and Scorpio-Pisces. This is an extremely interesting example of alchemy at work inhuman consciousness because relative spiritualizations (the Trines) and alchemical potentials (the Sextiles) work hand-in-hand with the two inter-related Oppositions, which represent a double pattern of tension. In this example, activations in Capricorn will trine the Earth-points and sextile the Water-points; activations in Cancer will trine the Water-points and sextile the Earth-points when an activation conjuncts one of the planets of this pattern, the entire implication of the four-point aspect is "ignited," and it is well to study other current activations to determine, as clearly as possible, the fullest significance of the timing of the conjunction. The Oppositions in this type of compound aspect "give the Trines and Sextiles something to work on" and they insure that the life of the person will contain a considerable variety of experience and endeavor. Connection of the four planetary points, on the circle's circumference, by straight lines results in the formation of a rectangle enclosing two diameters, just as the Grand-Cross forms a rectangle enclosing two diameters, the difference between them being that the former is patterned by two Trines and two Sextiles, the latter is patterned by four Squares. One might suppose that the "Trine-Sextile" rectangle is evidence that a previous Grand-Cross has been alchemicalized by regenerative endeavors; or that, if the Trines and Sextiles are not exercised in the present life, the present rectangle could become a Grand-Cross in the future. The inclusion of two opposition aspects in both of these rectangular formations indicates that considerable polarization — one way or the other — is being effected in the present incarnation.

   Of the individual Trine-aspects, in pure evaluation, there is none that represents greater "advantage in consciousness" than a Trine aspect to the Sun and especially if this "planetary Sun" has no squares or oppositions. There maybe much dark and heavy destiny represented by the Moon and other planets, but when the Sun point is clear and trined, the person has access to a free flow of Spirit power in and through his consciousness. If the Sunpoint is trined and squared, we see the evidence of a great spiritual test in this life: the consciousness of Power challenged by a tendency to misuse or abuse it. Such a person would do well to keep himself spiritually attuned by concentration or meditation on the lives and characters of eminent persons who have had great power and have used it wisely, creatively and spiritually.

   Correlation with the rest of the chart is especially important in the study of the Grand-Trine. Of itself, it represents an established pattern of internal poise and equilibrium. But if the dynamic factors of the chart lack aspect-scope or if the Moon, Venus and Earth-Signs are particularly strong, then the Grand-Trine could depict a tendency to take things too easily for progress. A static or quiescent chart can represent a lifetime characterized by restfulness after perhaps several lives of great effort and activity-a sort of "evolutionary Sabbatical." A Grand-Trine in such a chart seems to say: "I've worked hard for a long time and now I 'm going to enjoy rest for awhile."

   Other types of charts can indicate, by aspect- correlation, that the person brings in a Grand-Trine to alchemicalize great areas of unfulfilled or unregenerate destiny. In which case, he will be impelled — for survival and resolution — to put to use the full extent of his Grand-Trine powers and abilities in term of his own individual on-going in relationship to his race and to Humanity in general. A comparative correlation of Saturn with the Dynamic Factors — Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus — in sympathy or contrast with the Grand-Trine is important to this type of chart. If Saturn is one of the Grand-Trine Planets, then the powers of patience, practicality, conscientiousness, and thoroughness are indicated to be part of the enspiritualizing equipment. But if Saturn contrasts with the Grand-Trine, then the picture is shown in a general way that old, deep karmic conditions must be resolved by the regenerating exercise of the Grand-Trine powers.

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Reference: Studies In Astrology, by Elman Bacher

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