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Astro-Diagnosis — A Guide To Healing
by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel
(Part 4)

No. 8F: Venereal Disease

   Male, born April 5, 1896, 4:00 A.M.

Pisces, a watery and negative sign, is on the Ascendant, and the ruler, Jupiter, is in another watery sign, Cancer, 29-18. Planets that are in the last three degrees of a sign are not as helpful and active as when they are less advanced in the sign. They act in the same manner as a ball thrown with force; by the time it reaches its destination it has to some extent lost its speed, and the greater the distance it travels the less its force. So we find that planets situated in the last three degrees of a sign partake partly of the sign in which they are placed and also of the one following, giving a mixed vibration; therefore they express the nature of two signs. In this horoscope Jupiter is in the 5th house, pleasures, and trine to Mercury, the planet of reason, which is in the impulsive and martial sign of Aries. The Moon, the ruler of the 5th house is in the 11th house, ruling friends in the sign of its fall, Capricorn, and in sextile to the planet of love and pleasure, Venus. When this last named planet is on the Ascendant the native is very apt to drift into the pleasure-loving path, the path of the senses. He is easily influenced by attention and flattery from the opposite sex. In this case, the Moon, a feminine planet, in the house of friends, indicates that this young man's women friends will have the strongest influence in his life. Venus, another feminine planet, on the Ascendant, afflicted by a square of Neptune, the co-ruler of the Ascendant and the higher octave of Mercury, situated in the mercurial sign of Gemini in the 4th house, indicates that his women friends will lead him into paths of —

Birth Chart No. 8F

— the senses and may destroy his love for the home, for Venus is also trine to the restless and romantic Uranus and the materialistic Saturn. These last named planets are retrograde and in the martial sign of Scorpio, governing sex. Mars, the planet of passion, is in the fixed sign of Aquarius, in the 12th house, that of self-undoing, and in square aspect to Uranus and Saturn. Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception strengthening the good or evil of these planets.

   What do we find? It happens that this poor young man's weakness and love for women have attracted licentious and free-love companions, and the result is venereal disease which has poisoned the blood. An with Venus, the planet ruling the venous circulation, on the Ascendant and afflicted by the watery planet Neptune in the sign of the lungs, Gemini, quick consumption is the result.

   In February, 1919, the progressed Moon reached the conjunction of the radical Saturn, which brought on the lung disease. In July, five months later, when the man called upon Headquarters for healing, he was already in an advanced stage of galloping consumption. The following month, August, the Moon made a square to the inflammatory Mars, which brought on hemorrhages.

   Here we an see the influences of the planets, their causes and effects. The relatives of this young man did not understand why he should have contracted this disease of the lungs which worked so rapidly and was so destructive. With the affliction from watery signs, the soil was well prepared for the seeds which were sown through dissipation and thoughtlessness.

   A case of this kind is very difficult to heal, for with the negative Pisces on the Ascendant, and Saturn and Uranus, the planets indicating impulse, yes, even stubbornness, in conjunction in Scorpio and square to Mars, all in fixed signs, it is very hard to guide such a person into safe channels. And we find both the lights afflicted, the Moon in the saturnine sign of Capricorn, showing determination and stubbornness, square to the Sun in the impulsive sign of Mars. Hence this young man would not listen to reason. He would do as he pleased regardless of caution and advice. A life in the open air with careful diet and pure surroundings would be the only cure; if he would listen to reason and adopt it he might get well.

No. 8G: Venereal Disease

   Male, born October 6, 1895.

  Leo is on the Ascendant, and Jupiter is just above the cusp of the first house, making a square aspect to Saturn and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon in Taurus, its exaltation sign, is in the 10th house and in opposition to Uranus, which is also posited in its exaltation sign, Scorpio, ruling the generative organs. The Moon so strongly situated will have the greatest influence over the young man's life and health. Being in opposition to the licentious Uranus, it will make him very free and unconventional in his love affairs, and he will be attracted to women of a low type. With the afflicted Jupiter ruling the arterial blood, and with Neptune in Gemini in the 11th house, the house of friends, in square aspect to Venus, which has rule over the venous blood, this young man is apt to be led into association with undesirable women friends. As a matter of fact they are responsible for his contracting a severe case of syphilis which poisoned the blood.

   In 1914 we find the progressed Sun in the first degree of Scorpio, and the progressed Moon in the sign Aquarius forming an opposition to the Ascendant and the radical Jupiter in Leo. It is also coming up to a square of the radical Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus in Scorpio. In this same year two new Moons afflicted the three latter planets. The one on January 26th fell in five degrees of Aquarius in opposition to Jupiter and square to Saturn and Mercury. On April 25th the new Moon fell in four degrees of Taurus, square to Jupiter and opposition Saturn and Mercury. This was the time when —

Birth Chart No. 8G

— the venereal disease was contracted.

   In 1918 the Sun by progression formed a square to the radical Jupiter in Leo, and in 1919 a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio. In the latter year, however, the progressed Moon trined the Ascendant, and on May 29, 1919, an eclipse of the Sun in seven degrees of Gemini sextiled the Ascendant. These vibrations no doubt saved the young man's life during the adverse aspects of the progressed Sun.

   In 1921 the progressed Sun came into conjunction with the radical Mercury. On April 22nd the full Moon eclipse fell in two degrees of Scorpio opposing the transiting Sun and Venus. At the same time the transiting Mars was within orb of a conjunction with the radical Moon and in opposition to Uranus. In the spring of that year the young man submitted to an operation for an abscess under th diaphragm, which after being opened was a very long time in discharging, necessitating a drain tube. The doctors claimed that the pus was from the lungs, but the patient denied ever having had trouble with these organs. The horoscope shows, however, that the doctors' diagnosis was correct, for Neptune in Gemini, ruling the lungs, afflicted by a square of Venus from the common and earthy sign of Virgo, would obstruct the delivery of the venous blood to the lungs, causing poor oxygenation. With the blood stream polluted by the dread disease of syphilis and with both the arterial blood (ruled by Jupiter) and the venous blood (ruled by Venus) obstructed, the weakest organ, the lungs, would naturally receive the poison generated in the blood.

   After the patient had somewhat recovered from the operation he returned home. On April 25th, he was taken back to the hospital (that was three days after the total eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio) with what at first was termed a case of mumps. The throat, jaw, and larynx were very much swollen and inflamed. This condition was later diagnosed by some of the doctors as actinomycosis, an infectious, chronic disease of cattle, sometimes transferred to man. But there was a difference of opinion among the doctors. Some held that the disease was cancer.

   As the Moon is the most heavily afflicted planet in the natal chart, naturally when by progression in 1922 it reached the opposition of the radical Saturn and Mercury and the square to Jupiter from the 10th house and the sign of Taurus, the disease reached a stage where the body could no longer rid itself of the poisons which had been stored up during eight years. There were two new Moons in 1922 which helped to bring about the crisis. On January 27th the new Moon fell in Aquarius, seven degrees and eighteen minutes, opposing the radical Jupiter and square to the radical Saturn and Mercury. On April 27th the new Moon fell in six degrees and nine minutes of Taurus, square to Jupiter and in opposition to Saturn and Mercury. All these afflictions were from or reacted upon the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. The tonsils, the larynx, and the throat therefore received much of the pus generated in the body. The result was death.

   Had this young man, after he contracted the disease, lived a life of abstinence from rich foods, tobacco, meat, liquor, etc., he might have overcome it and perhaps have lived for a number of years. But the poisons which were lodged principally in the lungs were increased by more impurities generated through ignorance of diet.

No. 8H: Uterine Trouble

   Female, born July 29, 1881, 6:00 P.M.

Capricorn, the Saturnian sign of the cardinal quadruplicity, is on the Ascendant, and the ruler, Saturn, is in the 4th house, that of the home, in the determined, stubborn, persistent sign of Taurus, making a square to the life-giving Sun, in the fixed sign of Leo ruling the heart. This has a tendency to obstruct the life forces. The vitality is low, the heart action sluggish, especially as we find Jupiter, the planet ruling the arterial circulation, afflicted by the conjunction of the fiery Mars. This is a latent condition which will give the native much greater trouble after she has reached the period of menopause. Her restricted heart action will then be more troublesome than before.

   When she called upon Headquarters for healing in the early part of 1914, the progressed Moon had reached the opposition to the afflicted planets in the 4th house in Taurus. The doctor who had been treating her for catarrh of the stomach and nervousness failed to benefit her. She was very skeptical and did not believe in spiritual healing, but friends who had been by —

Birth Chart No. 8H

— the Invisible Helpers persuaded her to write to Headquarters for diagnosis. She did not ask for healing, but only wanted to know what was the matter with her physically, stating that the doctor could not understand the cause of her general poor health.

   In our diagnosis we told her that she had not developed normally. With the obstructing Saturn conjunction Neptune in the sign of the throat, trouble was indicated at puberty, also restricted menses, adenoids, and inflamed tonsils. This had a reflex action in the opposite sign of Scorpio, which rules the generative organs, showing that these organs had never become fully developed. Neptune has this tendency when afflicted, especially in the sign of Taurus or Scorpio and in conjunction with or opposition to Saturn. Then the generative organs are underdeveloped, and childbirth becomes very severe and painful. This woman had four children, and at each birth her life was despaired of. The result was uterine trouble.

   A tendency to catarrh of the small intestine is also indicated, for we have the Moon, the ruler of the sign Cancer, the stomach, placed in the sign Virgo, the small intestines, conjunct the spasmodic Uranus, showing that there was spasmodic action of the intestines and that the food was not properly assimilated. This aspect also interfered with the digestion of food in the stomach, as the Moon is the ruler of that organ; this was aggravated by a square of the Moon to Venus.

   Uranus in conjunction with the ruler of the 7th house, the Moon, shows inharmony in marriage. The husband as indicated by this aspect is of a very nervous, irritable nature, fond of drink (Venus square Moon). A separation is shown. This woman acknowledged that she had had trouble with her husband, that he had left her suddenly, and stated that she was compelled to support her four children. One with Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars in Taurus afflicting one another has a tendency to be critical and severe in the home, but at the same time of a very frugal, hardworking nature, not saving oneself but always working beyond one's physical strength.

   Due to the conditions noted this woman had become a broken-down, nervous wreck, with severe uterine trouble and catarrh of the stomach and intestines. She was not able to do a full day's work. Inside of two months, however, through the aid of the Invisible Helpers she was able to take a position, and she became a healthy, happy woman. We advised a rational, careful diet, eliminating all liquids with meals, for one with the planetary conditions noted likes to drink a great deal during meals. This is often dangerous to one with poor assimilation, and where there is a lack of digestive fluids in the stomach and intestines.

No. 8I: Childbirth

   Female, born June 3rd, 1884, 9:00 P.M.

It is evident from the figure that the native is of a very nervous, restless temperament, for Mercury, the planet which rules the mind and the nerves, is in conjunction with its higher octave, Neptune; this makes her very high-strung. Then we find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, conjoined with the life-giving Sun in the mercurial sign Gemini. This diminishes the vital solar life currents which feed the nerves, so that instead of assimilating a great among such as is necessary to feed the nerves of a high-strung person, she gets less than the normal amount and therefore is "on edge" and run down. Add to this that Mars, the planet of passion, is square Mercury, the planet of mind, which makes her temper very short, and that the Moon, ruler of the imaginative mind, is square Venus, the planet of love, and you will understand that this person is very unhappy and always out of patience with her condition and environment.

   Her trouble is due to the after effects of childbirth. The astrological figure gives a very good description of the case. Mercury is conjunct Neptune in the fifth house, which governs children, indicating an abnormal condition. The planet of parturition, the Moon, is in mutual reception with and square to Venus. Mars in the eighth house, which indicates the manner of death, is square to Mercury in the fifth house, ruling children, which shows the use of instruments, loss of blood, and a great shock to the nervous system in childbirth. She must have been near the door of death at that time. But while Saturn conjunct the Sun saps the life forces, he also —

Birth Chart No. 8I

— imparts a tenacity of life. Such people, unfortunately for them, do not die quickly; they linger in their agony, an almost unbearable burden to themselves and other who must perforce live with them. No one is more to be pitied. But the long years of invalidism shown by Saturn conjoined with the Sun in the sixth house, must be necessary to impart to the soul some quality it lacks and has refused to cultivate in other and easier ways, otherwise our Father in Heaven would never have taken such strenuous means to teach her the lesson.

   From the healer's standpoint a case with Saturn and the Sun conjoined in the sixth house is almost, if not quite, hopeless, especially if there is a fixed sign on the cusp, for the patient will be antagonistic, skeptical, and recalcitrant to such an extent that he may more than neutralize all efforts to aid nature in restoring harmony. The principal work should be directed to cultivate in this patient a right understanding of the spiritual cause of her condition. If she can be brought to pray for light to see the lesson and for a chance to correct her mistake, whether in a past life or the present one, the changed attitude of mind will cause a change in her condition so that either a cure will be effected or a speedier release found in death.

   In the meantime such a person should be given food that will supply ether to feed the nerves. Milk, warm and fresh from the cow, has this in abundance, and so have uncooked vegetables. Under th Law of Compatibility a healer with Aries or Leo rising whose Saturn is not in Gemini, would be best for this person.

No. 8J: Abortion

   Female, born February 7, 1866, 3:30 A.M.

Sagittarius is on the Ascendant in this chart. In (click/touch here) of The Message of the Stars it states that this sign produces two distinct classes, the high and lofty type which aims its arrow at the stars, and the type which responds to the animal instincts and indulges the animal desires. The latter type will not think of the future. Like a child it will enjoy itself to the fullest, living only from day to day, never laying aside anything for a rainy day. Give such a person a million dollars and he will become a pauper in spite of it. His greatest enemies are his own appetites.

   In the horoscope which we have under consideration we find the ruler, Jupiter, in the sign of his fall, Capricorn, in the first house. Jupiter is also conjunct the fiery Mars in its exaltation sign of Capricorn. This gives Mars greater power for evil than otherwise. Planets have a reflex action and often affect the signs opposite them, as in this case where the sign Cancer receives the effects of Mars conjunct Jupiter. These planets denote bulk, and when affecting the sign of Cancer the person is apt to make a god of his stomach. His food must be of the very best, rich and highly seasoned.

   The ruler of Cancer, the Moon, is afflicted in the fixed sign Scorpio (which has rule over the generative organs) by a conjunction of Saturn and a square of Venus and the Sun. The Moon is the planet of fertilization, of impregnation, and when found in the sign of Scorpio in a woman's horoscope it is an indication that she will be apt to have several children. But when —

Birth Chart No. 8J

— the planet of obstruction, Saturn, is also in this sign and afflicted, the organs of generation are sometimes undersized, as in the case of this woman. During the birth of her first and only child she was three days in labor, suffering greatly. This left her with a great fear of childbirth, led her to resort to abortion, the most dangerous and vicious of practices. Due to the Moon in Scorpio conception was frequent, and the native's great fear caused her to employ means which destroyed the fetus. In th eyes of God she became a murderess. The continued abuse later enveloped into a most dangerous case of blood poisoning, which left her broken in health, a confirmed invalid.

   Because of the rich food in which she had for years indulged, her system was overcharged with poisons, and since Venus, which has rule over the venous blood, and Jupiter, the arterial, were both afflicted, all the impurities were attracted to that part of the body where these planets were located, Capricorn and Aquarius. Sluggishness of the body is always found in the parts corresponding to the signs in which Venus and Jupiter are afflicted. There the ash is usually deposited. This woman was unable to walk for five years before her death, which occurred in February, 1920. We have not been able to ascertain the exact day of her death. We find the progressed Moon in February making a square to the radical Venus. The progressed aspects alone, however, would not cause death. We must look for the exciting planets, the transits. The full Moon on February 4th fell in 14 degrees and 16 minutes of Leo in opposition to the radical Venus and Sun and square to the radical Saturn and Moon. These aspects, we think, were responsible for the native's demise.

   How wonderfully accurate is diagnosis by the planets! Each time this woman passed through a severe illness, which was quite frequently, her relatives would report that it was a case of peritonitis. We find, however, no affliction to the small intestines, but very severe afflictions to the generative organs.

XX: The Spine

No. 9A: Spinal Trouble

   Female, born June 21, 1899, 5:30 A.M.

This horoscope is the figure of a young woman who is the daughter of wealthy parents, as shown by the Sun, which is ruler of the second house, trine to Jupiter. We will first consider the mental caliber, as that is the prime consideration in dealing with anyone. The Sun is in the twelfth house showing that the spirit in a certain sense is imprisoned. The Sun is in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail, which has a saturnine influence and tends to further obstruct. These conditions rob life of its joy and fill the soul with melancholy and fear, gloomy forebodings, and thoughts of impending evil. Mars square to the Moon, which is the life ruler, shows rebellion against this condition. The square of Mars to Venus, however, adds to the tendencies which rob life of its satisfaction. The trine of the Sun to Jupiter and the sextile of Mars to the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are mitigating influences which give some light and life to this poor soul's existence. The comforts procured through the wealth of parents as indicated by these aspects help to make life more tolerable than it would otherwise be.

   With regard to the health denoted in this figure, we find in the first —

Birth Chart No. 9A

— place Cancer, a weak sign, on the Ascendant. Four planets are posited in the twelfth house, which in this case denotes confinement upon a sick bed. Saturn, in the sixth house, which has to do with health, is a sufficient indication that this will be a life of suffering. Saturn, the principal significator in this respect, shows that the ailments will be deep-seated and chronic. The Moon, which is the peculiar significator of health in a woman's horoscope, is within six degrees of the sixth house cusp, adding its testimony in the same direction. Mars square to the Moon near the sixth house renders the native liable to operations. The Sun conjunction the saturnine Dragon's Tail in the twelfth house makes such operations exceedingly dangerous for she has not the vitality wherewith to withstand and recuperate. Moreover, the Sun in 1914 had progressed within orb of a parallel to Saturn at birth. Thus the native had at that time less vitality than she had had in earlier years. As the Moon came into opposition to Saturn in the sixth house in October, 1913, we may well conceive that the condition at that time became critical.

   Mars governs the muscles and the motor segment of the spinal cord. He is square to the Moon, which governs the sympathetic nerves, and also square to Uranus, which causes spasmodic movements. Thus it is evident that the nerves are affected and that the young lady has no dependable control over her limbs. Neptune governs the spinal canal, and it is opposite Saturn, the planet of obstruction. This configuration occurs in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, and in the sixth and the twelfth houses. It is therefore evident that there is trouble in the spine — obstruction, as denoted by Saturn.

   The obstruction will be found in the region indicated by the conjunction of Neptune, Sun, and Dragon's Tail in 24 to 29 of Gemini, namely, the dorsal region. The doctors have been unable to diagnose this case, and sad to say, it is incurable by any physical means. There is only one method, namely, the dilation of the spinal canal by repeated manipulations from within of the materialized fingers of the Invisible Helpers. As the young woman has not applied to us for healing, we are sorry to say that we cannot touch her case; but were it submitted to us, we should advise a healer having Scorpio rising and with Saturn neither in Cancer nor in Sagittarius, letting the healer put himself under the direction of the Elder Brothers, who would then do the work.

No. 9B: Spinal Trouble

   Male, born February 1, 1918, at 12:30 A.M.

We have here the horoscope of a boy who has fixed signs on all four angles and the martial sign of Scorpio on the Ascendant. Our first thought when looking at a horoscope for the diagnosis of disease is to find if there is strength of will so that the patient will be able to give the needed assistance to the healer, for if he has persistence to fight for his life, if he will follow the instructions given by the healer, then the healer has some cooperation and the task is not so heavy. The task is doubly hard, however, in the case of a patient who has Saturn elevated in the 10th house, conjunction with Midheaven, square the Ascendant, and with the stubborn sign of Scorpio on the Ascendant. To effect a cure against the stubborn will of such a patient might truly be classed under the head of miracles.

   As a rule we look to the strongest malefic planet when diagnosing from the horoscope. Here we find the obstructing and restricting Saturn in conjunction with the Midheaven, also conjunction and parallel Neptune and in opposition to the life-giving Sun. Saturn is in the sign of the Sun, Leo, and the Sun is in Saturn's sign, Aquarius. When planets are in mutual reception, i.e., have exchanged signs, as we find Saturn and the Sun in this horoscope, and especially when they are also in angles and fixed signs, then we may expect a most stubborn and deep-seated cause of disease.

   We are told in (click/touch here) The Message of the Stars that Leo rules the spinal cord, and in (click/touch here) the same book that Neptune rules the spinal —

Birth Chart No. 9B

— canal. In this horoscope we find 10 degrees of Leo occupying the cusp of the 10th house and the life-giving Sun in opposition to Neptune, Saturn, and the Midheaven. Can we find a more pronounced affliction than this, especially with Leo ruling the spinal column and Neptune the spinal canal, the latter of which is filled with the spinal spirit fire, the life of the Father?

   When we find this spirit fire obstructed by Saturn and the Sun, we may conclude that this affliction is the result of serious wrongs committed in previous lives. The wasting of the vital fluids, the abuse of the generative faculty, is a sin against the Holy Ghost and brings to the Ego the most severe punishment, as in the case of this boy who was drawn to parents who were fit instruments to give him a body which would cause the spirit to suffer for past sins. And what a pitiful future faces him! He has never walked nor talked. He must be fed, and he has positively no use of his body whatever.

   The question may be asked, Is there any hope for this boy? Yes, to a certain degree. The planet of reason, however, is weakly aspected by only a semi-sextile to the Sun and Uranus: therefore we may expect little help from this quarter of the horoscope. But Mars, which is the ruler of the Ascendant and the sixth house, both ruling the health, is the strongest and best aspected planet in the horoscope. Mars is in the 11th house in Libra, in conjunction with the Moon, trine to Jupiter; and we may also say that Mars is sextile to Saturn although seemingly out of orb, for Saturn is retrograding and therefore throwing his influence towards Mars. Also we may expect that Mars will receive some help from the life giving Sun, the Sun's orb being larger than that of other planets.

   When a patient has fixed signs on the four angles and a well aspected Mars, he will make a greater effort to overcome than one who has not these influences. This boy should be placed in the home of a nurse who has Scorpio or Aries on the Ascendant, and away from the parents, for the home, under the rule of the Father, is no place for him. With this change and proper care he might be able to gain at least partial control of his body and be able to walk and feed himself; but he will never be very bright mentally, and will always to some extent be a charge to his parents.

No. 9C: Tuberculosis of the Spine

   Female, born March 17, 1889, 7:04 A.M.

The fiery and martial sign of Aries is on the Ascendant, with Mars, the ruler of the horoscope, in its own sign in the 1st house, giving great energy and impulse. Mars also in opposition to the erratic Uranus will make this young woman unable to use moderation in anything. But she will be like a skyrocket which is sent with great force into the air; as soon as it has spent its energy it falls back to earth dull and lifeless. With the life-giving Sun, the ruler of the 6th house, sickness, in the negative and watery sign of Pisces, and posited in the 12th house in opposition to the watery Moon which is in the house of sickness and in the earthy and common sign of Virgo, this woman has not sufficient vitality to keep up with the impulse of the double fiery influence on the Ascendant and is soon depleted in strength.

   Mercury is sextile to Mars from the mental and fixed sign of Aquarius. This makes the native very quick and active mentally, but whatever she becomes interested in she takes up with such force that the nervous system suffers. This is increased by Mercury square to its higher octave, Neptune, in Taurus.

   The Sun afflicted and intercepted in the 12th house in Pisces, would indicate a very unhappy and restricted life in early childhood. And as the Moon, ruler of the 4th house, the home and the mother, is afflicted, it would indicate that much of the restriction will come from this direction.

   We are told in the Rosicrucian teachings that we are building the archetype in this life of the body we shall inhabit in a future life, and —

Birth Chart No. 9C

— that we are attracted to the parents who are physically, mentally, and morally able to supply us with such a body. In this case this young girl was attracted to a mother who was selfish and neurasthenic, for the afflicted Moon in Virgo in the 6th house would represent the mother. The Moon also afflicts the small intestines, giving poor assimilation of food, which lowers the vitality. We find Saturn, the ruler of the 10th house, representing the Father, square to Venus in her own sign of Taurus, ruling the throat and palate, which indicates that the Father was fond of the wine cup; he was, in fact, a drunkard. This would corroborate the indications, shown by the afflicted Sun above the Ascendant, of a hard life with many privations in childhood.

   Now let us see how the afflictions between Saturn and Venus would affect the health. As Leo is the sign ruling the heart and the spinal cord, Saturn, the restricter, when placed in this sign, square to Venus which rules the venous blood, causes a restricted circulation. It is stated in The Message of the Stars, (click/touch here), that Saturn in Leo gives a tendency to curvature and disease of the spine. The physical body is the crystallized counterpart of the finer vehicles. The vital body holds the physical atoms together. This vital body, which is ruled by the Sun, surrounds and interpenetrates the physical. If the Sun in a person's horoscope is afflicted, the vital fluid is obstructed and the vital body becomes diseased, as this invisible force gains its entrance through the spleen which is also ruled by the Sun. Therefore, we can readily see that the vital fluids were obstructed from childhood.

   This young woman's case was diagnosed by the doctors as tubercular disease of the spine, Potts' disease. In December of 1918 and January 1919 she had severe attacks of inflammation of the spine and has had several spinal operations.

   It will be very difficult to heal this patient on account of her great impulsiveness and the wasting of vitality. With Sun and Moon afflicted in the 6th and 12th houses, she will dissipate her strength and will rebel at restraint.

   She has Venus in the 1st house in Taurus, trine to Jupiter on the cusp of the Midheaven. This with Neptune in Taurus sextile to the Sun should give wonderful musical ability and the faculty of writing and improvising music. The impaired physical body and consequent suffering will soften the nature and bring out the spiritual side. Neptune is making a trine to the Moon as a result of which this girl could develop talent for the inspirational and spiritual side of music which would bring wonderful soul growth. This soul will make greater spiritual progress in this one life of suffering that she could in three ordinary lives with perfect health.

No. 9D, E: Inability To Walk

   Male, born January 18, 1919, 12 Noon.

In this lesson we will try to show how a doctor, who can only observe from outward and physical signs and who depends for his diagnosis upon symptoms only, can err in his diagnosis, and how the science of astro-diagnosis proves that functional weakness is shown even at birth. "A chain is as strong as its weakest link," is a proverbial expression, and so it is with the physical body. We may go along smoothly for many years, seemingly in good health, when suddenly something goes wrong, a link begins to weaken; the strain which we have been putting on our physical body causes this weak place to give way.

   This horoscope is that of a boy with the fixed sign of Taurus on the Ascendant, and with the Sun in Capricorn on the cusp of the Midheaven. The life-giving Sun, however, makes only a semi-sextile to Mars and Uranus, besides its conjunction with the Midheaven, therefore the boy cannot expect a great amount of help from this planet. We find Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius, elevated in the 11th house, in conjunction with and parallel to the dynamic Mars, and in opposition and parallel to the obstructive Saturn, which is in the fixed sign of Leo and in the 5th house. We also find the Moon in the same sign, in conjunction with Saturn and in opposition to Mars and Uranus.

   We are told in the The Message of the Stars, (click/touch here), that Saturn afflicted in Leo gives a tendency to spinal diseases and sclerosis of the spinal cord. The Moon has rule over the synovial fluid, and with its affliction by Saturn, which has rule over the bony structures and the —

Birth Chart No. 9D

— ligaments, and with the Moon and Saturn both in the sign of Leo, which has rule over the spinal column we may expect that the seat of the trouble will be found in this latter region. Saturn dries up and causes atrophy. Therefore we may diagnose this case as a lack of synovial fluid to lubricate the vertebrae of the spine, also a loss of strength in the ligaments which connect the spinal bones.

   The result is that this child while healthy and well formed, seemingly in moderate health, still was unable to bear his weight on his legs. He would draw them up Each time that the nurse attempted to teach him to stand. This affliction, which comes from fixed signs, will be a most difficult one to overcome unless a miracle is performed through spiritual healing, although by patient manipulation with olive oil over the spinal region and a careful vegetarian diet the child may be helped to a very great extent.

No. 9E

   Male, born December 13, 1868.

   This horoscope leads to a very different diagnosis. Having no hour of birth we use a flat figure. We find in this case also the Moon in —

Birth Chart No. 9E

— conjunction with the obstructive Saturn, but in the sign of Sagittarius ruling the hops. Saturn is in conjunction with and parallel to Mercury, and square to Mars. In 1914, after a spell of typhoid fever, this man was unable to walk without crutches. He could not stand without swaying. The doctors believed this weakness to have its seat in the spinal cord, while astrology diagnoses it as a drying up of the synovial fluid of the hip joints. When the weight is put on the pelvic region by standing, stooping, or by any strained position, the pelvic bones slip out of position and in turn press on the sciatic nerve, which controls the sacral plexus and the limbs. A pressure on this nerve may cause what is termed paralysis of the lower limbs.

   A case of this kind, however, is curable. A slight adjustment by an osteopathic physician or a chiropractor will eliminate the pressure upon the sciatic nerve. Here we may see what a vast difference there is between astro-diagnosis and medical diagnosis. The healer who has a knowledge of the planets and their effect upon the physical body may find a great difference in cases which may have the same outward or physical symptoms. Also a knowledge of body adjustment is often very helpful.

XXI: The Liver and Gall Bladder

No. 10A: The Liver

   Male, born March 6th, 1831, 4 P.M.

This is the horoscope of a man with the fixed and fiery sign of Leo on the Ascendant, and the obstructing Saturn in Leo in the 1st house.

   Whenever Saturn is placed in an angle, a fixed sign, or near the Ascendant, his influence is much more destructive than elsewhere, especially when in the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. Then we may expect that the person will be lacking in vitality. Especially so in the case of this man as we find Saturn in square aspect to the dynamic Mars, and Mars in its fall and near the cusp of the 10th house, where its destructive influence may result in the greatest amount of damage, particularly as we find these two afflicting and powerful planets in Leo and Taurus, two of the most powerful signs in the horoscope. These planets are of opposite natures; Saturn is cold and moist, while Mars is fiery, and dry. Consequently we may expect that the body will suffer as a result.

   The Sun, the ruler of the Ascendant, is posited in the 8th house, in the negative sign of Pisces, square to the Moon. Here again we find an indication of depleted energy and lack of vitality.

   Now let us see how these afflictions work. The 10th house indicates the —

Birth Chart No. 10A

— the Father, and Mars afflicted by a square to Mercury and Saturn, and in Taurus near the cusp of the Midheaven would indicate the death of the Father by accident. At the age of twelve years when the Moon passed the Midheaven and the conjunction of Mars, the Father was killed by the falling of a tree, leaving the mother and three small children penniless. This forced the eldest boy, whose horoscope we are delineating, to help earn the wherewithal to live. He was placed as an assistant to a blacksmith in the neighborhood, and was compelled at the growing age of twelve years to do a man's work, wielding the heavy sledge hammer. As a result the valves of the heart were not fully developed. For years he suffered, and Each time he reached a state of financial success, his health would break, forcing him to give up and change to another climate for relief. Some doctors diagnosed his trouble as tuberculosis, others as asthma. He had all the indications of asthma, but these spells would come and go. Each winter while in the cold, eastern climate he spent some time in bed with pneumonia or congestion of the lungs.

   Here we see the effect of the affliction of Sun square Moon from the two common signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. We find Mercury in the fixed sign of Aquarius, in opposition to Saturn and square to Mars in Taurus, the throat, which would give some tendency toward a nervous contraction of the trachea.

   Now we have found the afflicting planets indicating valvular heart trouble and weak lungs, but the man died from an abscess of the liver. Where do we find the indication of liver trouble? Mars in Taurus is in his detriment. This planet is the strongest in the horoscope; in fact Mars may be called the life ruler. When in the sign ruling the throat, it gives a desire to tickle the palate and a thirst which often leads to strong drink. In this case we find Mars sextile to the Sun and trine to Neptune. Neptune governs and sometimes predisposes to the use of drugs. This had its result in an abnormal desire for strong, black coffee. Instead of quenching his thirst with water, this man would drink cold coffee and in large quantities.

   Mars in Taurus also gives an abnormal appetite, indicating one who is apt to gourmandize. With the lowered vitality on account of the affliction to the heart and poor oxygenation in the lungs, the native was unable to do manual labor, thereby being unable to work off the excess of food. Consequently the poor liver was worked over time and became a receptacle for the poisons created by the excess of food which could not be absorbed by the blood. Jupiter rules the liver; we find Jupiter in conjunction with and parallel to Uranus in the 6th house, sickness, also parallel to the Moon. Naturally the liver would be sluggish and easily overtaxed.

   If this man had lived normally, he could have reached a ripe old age in spite of the planetary afflictions, for with Mars elevated and sextile to the Sun, with the Moon sextile to Jupiter, and with fixed signs on the angles there is no reason why he should have passed out at the comparatively early period of middle life.

No. 10B: Gallstones

   Male, born November 13, 1885, 8:52 P.M.

We will judge first the mental caliber so that we may be better able to deal with our patient, for the basic quality and trend of the mind have a great determining influence as to the way a person views sickness, and we must be prepared to meet his ideas in such a manner that we inspire confidence. Mercury rules the 3rd house, which governs the lower mind. Its parallel to Saturn, the planet of obstruction, curbs this flighty constituent of the personality and gives it depth, but this aspect also gives a tendency to look at the dark side of things; pessimism and melancholy are among its results. Mars in the mercurial sign of Virgo, square to Mercury, makes the native cynical and quick to anger.

   Saturn in Cancer, the sign of the stomach, shows us that digestion is obstructed. His opposition to Venus and the square of both to Uranus in Libra show that the venous circulation is also obstructed, particularly that of the renal veins which carry the blood from the kidneys (Uranus in Libra), and that part of the portal system which carries the blood from the stomach (Saturn in Cancer), through the liver. Saturn rules the gall bladder, and his position in Cancer, square Uranus in the sign of the kidneys (Libra), shows the concretion of sediment in both of these organs. As brick is baked clay, hardened by heat pent up in the kiln, so this sediment is burned into gallstones and renal stones by the restraining action of Saturn when anger is kindled by Mars. Inward impotent rage and vindictiveness which wait for an opportunity to get even, the nursing of a grievance instead of letting —

Birth Chart No. 10B

— anger have vent and then forgetting it, harmful though that may be, are the true cause of one of the most painful maladies to which flesh is heir.

   The trine of Jupiter and Neptune show the way of liberation through appeal to the higher nature, for there is a basic benevolence that may be invoked. Physical treatments can and must of course be given, but however effective they may prove for the time being, they are merely palliative, for until the patient changes his mental attitude there can be no real cure. Continued inward rage will form new stones to take the place of those eliminated or dissolved by the treatment. To thoroughly impress this fact upon the patient is the first duty of the astro-therapeutic health adjuster. The harm has been done in the present case, and cultivation of serenity can only act to correct. But if a configuration like this is noted in the horoscope of a child, we ought to warn the parents so that this trait of nursing wrath may be eradicated ere it gets a hold on the growing girl or boy. Prevention is always better than cure. It is not enough just to help people to regain health; our aim should be to teach them how to live in harmony with the laws of love and life that they may never be sick. Until we thoroughly realize this and practice it we are missing the greatest part of our privilege.

   A person with Scorpio rising would be our first choice when selecting a healer for this case; one with Taurus would come next. But neither may have Saturn in the degrees of the signs included in the patient's 1st or 6th houses. The treatments, both mental and physical, should be given in the hour of the Sun. Large doses of olive oil or copious draughts of hot water would be of great assistance.

No. 10C, D: Gallstones

Male, born April 23rd, 1850.

   No. 10C is the horoscope of a judge of the Supreme Court, whose hour of birth we could not ascertain, but from events in his life we judge that Capricorn would be on the cusp of the Ascendant. Although the writer never met this man in person, yet from indications in the home he was born some time near 9:30 or 10 P.M. This would place Jupiter and the Moon in or near the Midheaven or the 9th house which would correspond with his character, for from reports of friends he was a very efficient and just judge. He had much inharmony in his home, which would be indicated by Saturn and Uranus in Aries in the 4th house, describing the wife as nagging and erratic. Saturn is square to Mars in Cancer in the 7th house, again showing inharmony and quarreling with the marriage partner.

   The Judge was also greatly troubled through the weakness of an only son, who squandered his time in drink and immorality, spending his money on the opposite sex. This is shown by the position of Venus in the 5th house, governing children, also pleasures. Venus is very strong in the sign of Taurus, which rules the palate and it is also sextile to Mars in Cancer, ruling the stomach.

   People with Capricorn rising and with the ruler, Saturn, afflicted have a tendency always to see the dark side of life and to brood over it, and when Saturn is square to Mars there is much temper but not of the explosive kind. Capricorn people cannot as a rule forgive and forget. Suppressed —

Birth Chart No. 10C

— anger when continued for years will crystallize the bile in the gall bladder, which will have a tendency to form into small stones, causing intense pain while they are being eliminated. The Judge suffered from these stones for nearly twenty years. About 1894 the progressed Saturn neared an exact square to the radical Mars, which may have set the time for the beginning of the forming of these stones. This patient passed into the higher life on January 1, 1916, when the transiting Saturn had reached the square to its own place at birth.

No. 10D

   Female, born December 14, 1855, at 10 A.M.

   This is the horoscope of a woman who has Capricorn on the Ascendant, and the ruler, Saturn, is in the 5th house, square to the inflammatory Mars. We have noted from a number of horoscopes in our files of patients who have suffered from gallstones that they have had Saturn and Mars conjunction or square. Saturn in this horoscope is in the house ruling children, the 5th, and square to Mars in the 8th. This woman's troubles were caused by aggravations by the children of her husband's first marriage, the stepchildren. Note how clearly this is shown by Mercury and the Sun in the 11th house, which rules stepchildren, square to Neptune, ruler of the 2nd house. Anger and inharmony arose in her home on account of her husband's finances, and as usual the Capricorn nature would not forget and forgive, holding resentment within until she paid the penalty in 1903 when she had the first attack of gallstones, followed by another attack fourteen years later, about 1917. The progressed Moon was in Sagittarius in 1903 and in Gemini in 1917. The exact time of the illness is not given, but the opposition and the conjunction of the progressed Moon with Saturn will no doubt register the exact time.

Birth Chart No. 10D

   This disease is one of the most painful of afflictions. When the stones pass from the gall bladder, pressing through the tiny gall duct which leads into the duodenum, they often get partly through this duct but remain wedged in, causing intense suffering. A very safe and often most beneficial remedy is to have ready one-half cup of olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Set the alarm clock to go off at 3 A.M.; at that time drink all of the oil followed by the juice of the lemon. Refrain from eating breakfast, and eat very little during the day. Repeat this for three nights in succession, and the third morning take a cathartic. A tablespoon of Epsom salts has been used by some with excellent results. If this does not eliminate the gallstones, try the remedy again about two or three weeks later.

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